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Kill All Traitors



Doing it FOR FREE

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37 days 12 hours 54 minutes until Brexit

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Repeat 1605 you cowards

your country is shit lol

Is this court ruling by LADY HALE going to make you bong twats realise that us Pakis were right all along?

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Remember when the Supreme Court was elected by the people to overrule the people, the Prime Minister and the Queen?

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I miss /brit/. We could just ban pro EU faggots who switched IPs, it was great.



show that star of david

No one cares you boring virgins
Anyone looking forward to the footy tonight?

>having females judge anything ever

It's going to face a massive change from now on, clearly.

A MASSIVE cheer goes up as Nigel takes down ambitions of a European army.
>"I'd rather put the future trust and security of this country with the 5 EYES, and America with NATO than any EU army led by Brussels."

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I don’t care about anti Islam shite I hate all invaders.

I just want to see a happening mate.

fuck the people. britain is ignorant and the common people are pure scum

Based and Norf FC pilled

what is wrong with are nige

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Can you guys impeach the supreme court?




Are theyv new?

US style political court appointments from now on. Thanks Gina.

YKTD smugpost when?

>that toned stomach
good Lord.

Him and Dom are sworn enemies

Oh you're okay then, carry on

Brexit Party standing by for an election.

Let's wipe out Parliament! Legally that is, cough

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You won't do anything you nigger

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>what is wrong with nige

Nigger do you see whats happening right now?

Unanimous verdict of all 11 lefty self important judges

her death be not in vain

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>we will riot

go ahead. it wont change anything

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stay mad you lost. thats democracy.

Who dat?

So you prefer handing our military power over to a foreign government than trusting our alliance that has kept the peace since WW2?

Piss off you southern cunt

Who enjoying the chaos here?

Robert Peston is positively orgasmic

Nah, Shit/pol/ should clearly panic more like idiots.

>mfw the overturning of the prorogation does nothing and MPs waste the several weeks they just got back by being as disorganised and useless as ever

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>the uk is a foreign government

I fucking despise that our country is becoming so much like the US.
Fucking hell.

its over

almost drunk messaged her the other night. glad i didn't.

Tommy Mair had the right of it.

Kept the peace in the Balkans. Right

Apparently so because something went their way.

Cancel the supreme court

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The EU military would effectively be handing our military over to a foreign government.

>the decision of 11 unaccountable judges is "democracy"

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The footy is never over

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>has daily hissy fits about muh replacement and mass migration
>fantasizes about being a commando in the race war
>too pussy to burn the Koran in Bradford

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tories had 7 years and didn't touch the constitution

can't he just prorogue parliament again? there are no laws about how many times parliament can be prorogued right?
Civil Contingencies Act
>The Act empowers ‘Her Majesty’ by an Order in Council (in ordinary times, this means senior cabinet ministers) to issue sweeping emergency regulations in any event that ‘threatens serious damage to human welfare’ or ‘serious damage to the environment’ or ‘war or terrorism, which threatens serious damage to the security of the United Kingdom’ (section 19).
>Emergency powers can be triggered whenever the governing authorities, acting in the name of Her Majesty in Council, are ‘satisfied’ that an emergency has occurred, is occurring or is about to occur. The regulations can suspend, modify or override any other Act of Parliament, with the sole exception of the Human Rights Act 1998 (Walker and Broderick 2006: 44–5). Even statutes regarded as essential to civil liberties and basic constitutional rights – such as the Magna Carta 1297, the Bill of Rights 1688, the Parliament Acts 1911–49 and the Representation of the People Act 1983 – can be swept aside (Walker and Broderick 2006: 192).
>Regulations can last for up to 30 days, and can be renewed. They must be laid before parliament ‘as soon as is reasonably practicable’ and shall lapse after seven days unless both houses of parliament approve them; but in the meantime their effect is immediate. Moreover, even these limited provisos would mean little if parliament could not or did not meet. Moreover, the Secretary of State has the power to rule whether an event or situation poses a threat to human welfare, and to amend the Act itself, subject to subsequent parliamentary approval.
>Although the Blair government presented the Act as one concerned primarily with responding to disasters, the 2003 Queen’s Speech specifically referred to terrorism, and the proposal was also driven by concerns about civil unrest

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Brit/pol/ is seething lol.

the long march through the institutuins by radical internationalist commies was completed decades ago, whereever you turn t=you will find yourself confronted by a commie or a jew who has the opower to overrule you.

It's over for Britain just like it's over for the whole of Europe, these are your end times, we are seeing not a glorious uprising or rebellion but a pathetic show of online seething followed by real world capitulation.


It did eventually. Ironically one of the reasons the US stayed out of it for so long was because it was left to the EU to resolve, which they failed spectacularly.

>we will burn the Koran in central Bradford

Go ahead you’ll cause a massive race riot.

boohoo, have a sosig roll you fat cunt

>one kill

lmao pathetic

We still have the power to cause a race riot by publicly burning the Koran.

>handing the military back to the UK from a foreign power is giving it to a foreign power


boris can advice the queen to behead the supreme judges

>people that gammons can threaten

more like impartial :3
boohoo baby lost

I hope he does.


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Its literally twitfer and pol

Guy Fawkes mission will be completed if we're not out in November



I had to do a drunken shave this morning, not ment to be at work today but got asked if I can attend an emergency call out. I had no breakfast so just stop a Burger King on the way home and looked in the mirror and realised the shave I did is horrendous, I look ridiculous, I hate having to shave every day.

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How many southern teams are in the top 4 of the premier league again?

you wont do shit

get it through your THICK skull
brits are servile, little bitches you WILL sit and do nothing, because you never had a revolution

sit down sheep. your tantrum is over

honestly lads its time for a guy fawkes moment

What the fuck is with all the lefty trolls here right now?

>says something stupid
>gets called out for being a retard

>MFW all my uni teachers are all foreign women or gay men.
South Africans Women especially can't speak for the life of them and always come across as either, trying to have the biggest balls in the room and failing or being the most nervous in the room and can't get a single word out.
Now I've just had a Greek woman tell me that a constitution can't exist in a non-democratic state.
I want to fucking die.

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He's ribbing Cummings as they don't get along.

>boohoo baby lost
But Liverpool are top of the premier league and Arsenal are in 4th?

Soubry is fucking revolting.

No self awareness. They're convinced what they're doing is good and right

>The state of Boris JUSTson

I've noticed a lot of them in threads about British politics over the past couple weeks. Whatever it is it isn't organic.

>caring about kickball

hi gammon

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Was just thinking the same thing

Typical shit/pol/ derelict. Shambling subhuman mess. At least you have a wageslave 'job'. KEK.

Its unironically one guy from GCHQ trying to get someone to do something daft as an excuse to get everyone here V&

This fat leeching boomer cuck had to go to the jock courts for his "victory" hahahaha

Yeah, on a valid political target.
What, you think taking it out on non-political fuckheads will do anything?
Their lives don't matter one way or the other.

>It's over for Britain
But we won the champions league and europa league last season?

They probably want to gloat at losers. I usually come to The Guardian comments too when they lose in some tactical move.

So if Parliament was never prorogued, should we dock MPs pay because they've therefore been skiving for three weeks?