Why Jow Forums does not love her more?

she's a white kid from an affluent family from one of the richest countries in the world. she spoke to the UN and said that they had stolen HER dreams and HER childhood.

she said that to the world representatives in UN, according to which there are more than 200 million slave children, more than 250000 soldier children, more than 150 million children suffering malnutrition, all of them mostly in shithole places. she said that to their face!

those are BALLS!
if that is not white supremacy at its best I don't know what is. those are big fat balls that no one here in Jow Forums have dared to have. I admire her. Jow Forums should be proud of her.

I claim, Greta is the greatest supremacist now alive and she is getting along with that. Jow Forums should praise, not diminish her.

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Understanding climate change requires an IQ above 80,which is the reason so many here don't believe in it.

So we can finally turn her into a white supremacist icon?

Gal has chutzpah, ja?



something others are not: she's effective

she is listened to



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so, you're saying she's trying to secure a future for herself and her race?

and the reason you don't understand it is the niggers chinks and street shitters putting far more CO2 in the air than white people.

oh yeah and neckyourself you beaner faggot

nice try kraut

not per capita, and china is the only country that achieve its Paris accord goals

She looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome, she's 16 and looks like she's 10 year old. And her family are idiot swedish progressives. Why should i like her. I consider good swedes my brothers but her i don't even give two shits about. She's nothing but a brainwashed prop for this bullshit. She needs to go back to school.

Danish comedian using dolph the fascist rhino to play 'this pavement tile is greta thunberg'. A miffy swedish child who will say anything to get out of school.

Nobody give a shit if she come from sweden, when she is soiling swedish reputation, same as with the other swedish progressives. Actual decent swedes would love to throw assholes like that the fuck out of sweden and send them to somalia or something.

Fuck this stupid bitch and her school skipping climate bullshit.

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Sorry fascist hippo.

her entire family are actors. she was nobody a year ago and now a nobel laureat. so now shes a world renowned nobody in a world of nobodies where enemy #1 is fucking smoke

what is this.

>something others are not: she's effective
She's not doing anything, she is used as a prop by 'environmental activists' who are actually bullshitters who don't know the first thing about what environmental problems there area or aren't. That's it. End of story.

I care about environment is why i hate assholes like these. plastic contamination is a problem for example, co2 isn't. Always they talk about co2 emissions. This stupid autistic fetal alcohol syndrome progressive 16 year old who look like she is 10. Doesn't have a fucking clue what she is talking about.

yes her parents and people who indoctrinated her HER dreams and HER childhood.

Her childhood has been destroyed, she should start protesting for climate after she finishes school, after she gets a job...

the actual message is irrelevant, be it climate BS or whatever. what's important is to make clear the priorities. all that UNICEF stuff, fuck them all!!
I want more IKEA things.

we may later discuss if that CO2 thing is more or less important, the issue is: important for whom?

clearly for HER, as a kid from us, white nordic and nearby people. we should determine what the important global issues at UN and elsewhere

No little 16 year old shithead is going to sit and lecture me about anything. Anyone who is 16 year s old and saying this shit would literally want to invent a time machine and go back so they could kick their own ass when they are in their 30's.

You need industry and these things, co2 is not problem and not driver of environmental changes, the environmental changes are natural and is solar cyclus. We need industry and the idiots can talk nothing else than deindustrialize the west. When the real actual polluters are china india and other shithole countries around the world. including with plastic and other things, and actually western countries are the most clean and less polluting on the planet.

All these god damn faggot kids need to shut the fuck up. They speak like 5 year olds. Look at this for example. thecollegefix.com/video-college-students-think-world-will-end-in-12-years/
This is us college students. They sound like retarded 8 year olds. America is completely fucked.

>. A miffy swedish child who will say anything to get out of school.
im sure just walking out the gate when no one is looking would work

>those are BALLS!
obvious mtf tranny is obvious

what part of the usa being number 2 in co2 emission are you too much of a dumb nigger to understand

>clearly for HER, as a kid from us, white nordic and nearby people. we should determine what the important global issues at UN and elsewhere
My priority is that this stupid bitch shuts the fuck up untill she understands what she is talking about. There's no need for some autists fetal alcohol syndrom cunt from sweden who want to be celebrity because she realize she looks like quasimodo.
It's a complete joke to pretend that reducing pollution is not a priority whatsoever. Here's the real problem it is that the actual culprits like china india and other countries are never told to do anything. It's always western countries who are told, who don't need to do anything about it really compared to the others.

And greta turdberg is saying the same thing, so fuck her.

How did they steal her childhood?
She's 16, only 2 years to be considered an adult.

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if shes a (((play))) to appeal to eco-fascists then i have some bad news for you
>there are no nazis
>there are no eco-fascists
>board of peas
>its literally called politically INCORRECT... its always been a larp board
>we literally pity jews who act like DPRK (suicidal)
>Jow Forums was and is and always will be neoliberal weaboo neets
>hail hortler 1448

What part of co2 being irellevant for weather patterns do you not understand?
China emits like 50x more co2 anyways. And co2 is not even the issue. You know what the issue is. ACTUAL POLLUTION FAGGOT. you know who does that.. everyone else than western countries treat their environment like a waste dump. You try find out why plastic end up in ocean for instance. Because shithole countries that you god damn braindamaged and defective burger leftie zoomers never talk about pile up so much plastic on their beaches that in some cases there's more plastic than sand. It goes out to see because these other countries people are disgusting assholes who never clean up for themselves.

I'd fuck the shit out that little white clam

Because she doesn't stand for anything worthwhile. If she wanted to preserve Western countries as white then we'd bee in business.


oh hi it's the king of Jow Forums nice to meet you now go kys.

Lmao OP I agree

I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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>What part of co2 being irellevant for weather patterns do you not understand?
I understand its. wrong.

also I am well aware of most plastic in the pacific garbage patch coming from Asia. doesn't change my mind about the need to stop so much c02 in the air. we need to move away from fossil fuels

For now. China is building 180+ Airports thousands of Kilometers of streets, new trading ports. Everything right fucking now.
Nearly every 5th person on earth is chinese.
Still those lefty fuckers dont Talk a single second about this.
If your house burns you dont start with extinguishing your woodshack

Look at these burger retards. It's college students with the mind of an annoying 8 year old. America is so fucked if they don't reign these people in.

These people are what creates morons like thunberg. Who her and her family should be thrown out of sweden for being embarrasment.

She is a method actor. She uses the anger and sadness of her parents taking her childhood from her to make herself cry. Pretty smart actually. But I think most people see through it

>some foreign rich spoiled obnoxious little shit(think Varuca Salt) bitching about how bad I am and how shit my country is despite being a complete welfare queen to me and my military
Gee, what's not to love?

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yes Claudius

Why does she look so retarded?

Are you implying we should hook into her popularity and use it to point out how internationalization, modern imperialism and multiculturalism is responsible for the decline of living standards?

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>being a complete welfare queen to me and my military
what? how?

Nah, I have confidence in you Fritzl. You'll be able to orate it. Disgustingly so.

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I think by gigawatt their one of the largest producers of renewables, unfortunately it isn't enough both they and us need to do more, this shit flinging won't help us

The elites just try to tap into meme magic.
She's just meme worthy.

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Western Euro countries lack military might. The US takes care of defense via NATO, which is 90% funded and operated by the US with our assets and bases and all that fun.

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This little bitch is a puppet of her opportunist parents who work together with a professional PR agency that has close ties with globalists and George Soros personally. This so called climate outrage will be used as a segway to push for more taxes, more immigration (this time it will be "climate refugees") and more state control. All while appealing to the better nature and higher moral values of the western world's population.

Or did you honestly think that all the major publications, media figures and political organizations suddenly became woke about the dangers of unregulated capitalism and coal mining?
Obamas buy a 15 million dollar mansion on the sea coast after giving a speech about melting ice caps, UN officials fly their private jets to partake in climate conventions, established media publishes articles about eating bugs to avoid the emissions.
It is all the same shit but under a different story. The rich and powerful get more rich and more powerful while we, the cattle, are the ones that pay with our work, our blood and our countries.

The truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

You faggots from whatever NGO hired you or whatever jew NGO you work for keep shilling this pig on this board keep up your bullshit. See what happens to her. None of your e-celeb communist pigs are going to be safe in 2-3 years.

but taxing white people will

Wow....I wonder why the jew jannies allowed 5-6 threads on Greta totally not a jew puppet for her parents and an NGO Thurnbergstein? Keep it up jannies, we will dox all of you not just Shiflett.

She's not even attractive. Maybe she has a pretty pussy, but I just wish her face was pretty.

No one wants to hear an ugly 16 year old girl babble about anything much less "climate change."

I do respect her, a lot. I agree with her stance on climate change, and what makes her even better is the amount of vitriol she is generating from boomers. FUCK and FUCK climate deniers.

It's honestly absurd reading the reaction from boomers and conservative morons in the comment sections of Greta Thunberg content. Almost all of them are having literal meltdowns over her.

Climate change deniers are fucking stupid. What is more stupid are people that unironically oppose green policies/sustainable energy purely because they hate le crazy lefties and libtards.

People should stop pretending to be outraged over a kid that has strong opinions and resorting to moronic conpiracies about rich elites using her as a pawn. Everyone who builds a massive audience and captures the world's attention is going to help push someone's agenda. It's not always something sinister.

People should also be mindful that she's still a young girl. She might appear to you as being melodramatic, but it's just how she feels about climate change. Most young boys and girls learn public speaking cues from TV and movies, which is probably why their speeches sound tropey and cliche.

nobody stole your childhood, greta. you have aspergers syndrome and your parents should have gotten you the proper help from early on. THEY failed you.

No, going full solar wind and nuclear and building a bunch of electronic trains will

I agree that we have to be more careful about our impact on the climate but this girl really does make me want to pollute even more.
Everytime I see her face I know I'm watching pure propaganda, propaganda spoken by a stupid child.

Greta Thunberg is a cover that hides a succulent business on account of climate change.

The movement led by young Greta is neither casual nor improvised. There are great business and economic interests behind the activist.

The Times has published a devastating article about the links between Greta Thunberg and various business and environmental power groups . Signed by Justin Rowlatt, a BBC correspondent for climate issues, the text calls into question the alleged spontaneity of the protests commanded by Thunberg and links the activism of the Swedish girl with the interests of different organizations.

The rise of Greta Thunberg starts, a priori, from the anger of a sixteen-year-old Swedish girl who insists on demanding politicians to take action against the climatic emergency facing the Planet [...]. But the phenomenon starring Greta also involves to the green energy lobby , to publicity and public relations professionals, to certain elites of the environmental movement and to the think tank of a Swedish Social Democratic ex-minister who finance some of the main energy companies in the country.

Ingmar Rentzhog is the founder of We Don't Have Time , the platform that has popularized Greta's various protest actions through social networks and other communication channels. Asked by The Times , Rentzhog acknowledges that he met Malena, mother Greta and opera singer, about three or four months before it all started. In fact, she also admits that the strike that the Swedish girl starred in her school and that catapulted her to fame was coordinated at least a week before, put that Rentzhog was informed of what was going to happen previously through an email from another climate activist, Bo Thoren, says Rowlatt.

Rentzhog and his pr company called we don't have time, is responsible for popularizing Thunberg.

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She's a hero...

Shes funded by the elite.
And I care not, for the opinions of a child.

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Fuck off and die disgusting jew.


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We don't have time and his founder Rentzhog has gone through Al Gore's environmental organization, the Climate Reality Project.

He and his partner, David Olson, have gone through funds and financial companies such as Laika Consulting or Svenska Bostadsfonden:

Among the investors who have worked with Rentzhog and Olson is Gustav Stenbeck, one of Sweden's greatest fortunes.

Now, in his role as an activist, Rentzhog directs Global Utmaning , a think tank linked to the wealthy former Social Democratic minister Kristina Persson, who inherited a great fortune and later launched into leftist politics, "details the author of the investigation.

The Rentzhog organization also has the active collaboration of Anders Wijkman, former president of the Club of Rome , Petter Skogar, leader of one of Sweden's leading business organizations , Catharina Nystedt Ringborg, a manager with a long career in the sector of the energy ... That's the kind of people Thunberg has developed his career with, Rowlatt concludes.

Greta's mother acknowledged that no one else wanted to support the strike , so that her daughter was left alone, but remained firm.

Everything was coordinated , since that same week a book of her own parents went on sale in which Greta's parents claim that working for the Planet helped them save their family.

The editor of the work, Jonas Axelsson, acknowledges that journalists immediately asked them if the strike was an advertising act of the book, said the correspondent of the BBC for climate issues.

Part of Greta's work is being channeled through Daniel Donner , who serves as the girl's press officer. Donner works in the office of a Brussels-based lobby known as the European Climate Foundation, " funded by major business groups and financial, also concludes the research article, which expands the information advanced in its day by Standpoint magazine and casts new shadows around the climate activism campaign led by the young Thunberg.

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Fuck off kike. Last warning.

>Amphibious assault ship
I know what it means but holy kek

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I moved to kebabland because of her

1950s were still fucked, go back further. 1890s was peak humanity.

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Attention!. Jow Forums is deleting any post that criticize greta thunberg and only allowing posts like this one in which encourage people to like her.

Censorship has started in Jow Forums most likely paid by sweden.

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>calls a 16 year old girl, who wanted nothing but a more sustainable form of living for humanity, a white supremacist
>probably feels cucked since OP is 40 years old
>is probably alt-left

youre an idiot

based. all hail greta thundercunt

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>t. dies of dysentery

I pledge to penetrate her three holes in order to calm the climate gods. No more global warming after that only cum and chill

Is she going to unleash a holocaust on the goyim?
I don't want to eat bugs.

It's more like:
>Kid learns about climate change
>Kid becomes ridiculously passionate about it, starts protesting
>Parents are rich, connected
>Because she's their kid and it's a noble cause, they help her by using their money and connections to give her a platform.

Any parent would be incredibly proud of her if she was their daughter.

if you keep talking like that i'm gonna assault your amphibious ship

And yet, the ONLY weak ass pussies to EVER invoke article 5 and DEMAND that NATO cover their pathetic asses in war is, yep, you know. Deep down in your kike-controlled yellow belly gut you know.

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So many greta ops are from Germany


Just like St Paul marched throughout the Levant spreading a holy ideology, young Greta has made her pilgrimage to the capital of the world. She is making her voice heard and reminding evil wh*Te boomers in suits just what's what. The younger generation have been recruited in large numbers and we demand action now! THE ENVIRONMENT MUST BE OUR TOP PRIORITY AND WE'RE ALL BEHIND YOU! GUD HASTIGHET, YOUNG GRETA!

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You are a faggot.

Because she's retarded and her shit is retarded.


This, my brother.

just look up of howmuch of india will become unihabitable till 2099

Because she doen't do anything good at all. Regardless to her race/skin color.
She wants all people to more difficult, more expensive, more restricted, less independent life.

That's why she is never anything more than an enemy to me.

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>china is the only one who met the Paris accord goals
Maybe that’s because their “goals” were to increase their carbon footprint for the next 20 years because they are a “developing” nation dipshit.

Чтo этo зa хyйня? Дaвaйтe oбъяcняeтe мнe, чepти бля.

Tyпыe eвpoпeйцы, в poт вac вceх выeбaть. Пидapacы. B жoпy вac вceх выeбaть.

Кcтaти eбaть oнa вcpaтaя, я бы дaжe зa дeньги eё нe выeбaл.

>understanding it
>believe in it
Good to know yours isn't above room temperature.

Real Talk, based Swedebro.

You know you're getting owned when even the memeflag destroys you.

She is a terrorist

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Sorry about the pic

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This. German CO2 taxation was decided yesterday. Only affects working people of course.

That Reddit spacing just invalidated everything you've posted itt

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antifa! sponsored by motorola!

Fat fucks everywhere are terrified of leaving the car and walking on their own legs again. The salt is palpable. Cries of [i wont eat the snaaiiiiils] rise up plaintively among the sniffles.

0/10 bait