The Sinking of MV Wilhelm Gustloff

>1,500 people died
>107 children on board

MV Wilhelm Gustloff
>9,400 people died
>5000 children on board
>It is BY FAR the largest loss of life in a single ship sinking in history. Mostly women and children and non-combatants.

Why have I never heard about this before in my life? Why isn't there a blockbuster heart-wrenching film about this unspeakable tragedy? Are German women and children simply not humans if they happened to be born in a specific time period?

This is a tragedy 5x bigger than the Titanic. No one knows it happened what the fuck. There should be huge monuments commemorating it all over Germany and the former Soviet Union.

Please, some German anons, tell me you get taught about this in school and that this is a vital, tragic part of your national history?

370 of the 373 women on board were instantly wiped out by a single soviet torpedo (there were 3 torpedos in total). The vast majority of the 5000+ children on board (without their parents or family to console them) froze to death in the icy sea. How is this not a more heart-wrenching story than the Titanic

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>How is this not a more heart-wrenching story than the Titanic
It was certainly more avoidable. This ranks alongside Dresden, alongside the German explusions from the East, alongside the mass Soviet rapes of German women in occupied terriroty (and subsequent genetic genocide of Germany) as an act of genocide towards the German people. A REAL, DOCUMENTED genocide. Not a fairytale upheld by legal threats of imprisonment for questioning it, the Hollywood propaganda system, and the corrupt (((academic))) system.

No ship can hold 10000 people on it

They are Germans, why should I care?

Titanic was far more culturally relevant then some literally who steam ship. Also there's kike conspiracies surrounding Titanic, what happened to the gustuv whatever the fuck? Just plain bad luck.

You gotta admit, "Titanic" is an awesome name. You think "MV Wilhelm Gustloff" would catch anywhere near the interest regardless of what happened to it? Come on.

>No one knows it happened what the fuck.
nice link faggot

Titanic was a luxury liner promoted as unsinkable.
Wilhelm who? Just a bunch of dead Nazis by our faithful ally the Soviet Union

It's in the title and if you're on this website you have access to wikipedia.
The coddling of the American mind (by hook-nosed bastards) has been a tragedy, perhaps second only to the sinking of this once great shp.

And what? It was legit military target. Ship was requisitioned by the Kriegsmarine and wasn't marked as hospital ship.

>Are German women and children simply not humans
>checks flag
You know the answer my melanin rich brother.

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>children are legitimate military targets
subhuman slav logic.

There's a book. I'm sure a movie will eventually happen

Wow. I didn't know about this. This is tragic. Why was it torpedoed?

>nonwhites speak
not for long

Oh shut the fuck up. You literally burned to ash non-military target, a city of Dresden. You killed over 25 thousand Germans (some sources say over 300 thousand) Get off your fucking high horse.

And Russian was right, it WAS a fucking military targer. And yeah, krauts kinda had it coming. They were literally showering London with V2 right up to late March of 1945, when it was clear that they were losing this war. They were doing it to murder as much English as they could. I am not even going to mention how they planned to slaughter and burn down an entire city of Prague AFTER 8th OF MAY WHEN THE FUCKING WAR OFFICIALY ENDED. Only rapid arrival of Red army prevented that from happening.

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And besides, krauts had no compoction against murdering children on the eastern front. They were acting like fucking sub-humans themselves, they literally gassed over 6 million people in concentration camps, and murdered over 20 million in Eastern Europe.

But why I am even trying, this thread is prolly some shitty bait.

cool word
>anxiety arising from awareness of guilt


OP truly flush out the kikes with this one.

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You mutts are taught to care about the same kikes that took your foreskins. This shouldn’t be much of a stretch.

>they literally gassed over 6 million people in concentration camps
oy vey

Slav logic is spot on as usual.

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The book was literally written to remove sympathy for Nazi German civilians and try and justify the criminal act.
>"Günter Grass said in an interview published by The New York Times in April 2003, "One of the many reasons I wrote Crabwalk was to take the subject away from the extreme Right."

Hollywood is run by Jews, this will NEVER become a Hollywood film. Trust me.

Yeah, Churchill is the most evil man of the 20th Century. Stop with your whataboutism. Britain was the most criminal party of WW2 (it happened really thanks to them). I'm not a patriot so shut the fuck up and stick to he topic at hand.

Well because they want you to be communist now that they have all the money.

>>It just sank guys!

In all honesty lad, London getting annihilated isn’t such a bad thing, and the reason Germany decided to go so hard on them at the time of the war was, because of what they did to German cities via carpet bombings, and the fact that they shit on every peace offer.

nothing at school, my senpai. told me about . little children of bolchewist murder live in misery and I have sent them a letter telling them to enjoy their rats & kikes ("pls gib food to starving commiblock ppl " )

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How submarine captain could possibly know it? From his point of view it was just german military transport. It was german fault to not following rules of sea warfare.
>As Wilhelm Gustloff had been fitted with anti-aircraft guns, and the Germans, in obedience to the rules of war, did not mark her as a hospital ship, no notification of her operating in a hospital capacity had been given and, as she was transporting military personnel, she did not have any protection as a hospital ship under international accords.


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If those things are true, then the soviet captain could not know and did nothing wrong.
German Uboats sank several passenger liners as well during both wars as well, as they are often used for troop transports.

It remains a tragedy none the less. The iceberg hitting the titanic had no bad intentions too.

As we are talking about passenger crafts sunk, don´t forget the ships sunk by the RAF in Swinemünde, hours before the city was captured. Anglos thought them full of germans, many thousand died.
But these ships were full with concentration camp prisoners evacuated from the east, mostly jewish ones.
They should have put anglo POWs on ships as well if you ask me.

Interesting question.

why the silence? same reason as flight 587?
the 58 thousand Germans murdered
by Polish kikes in 1939-40? if its all so

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Honestly I don't give a single shit about the kikes, but Nazi treatment of Slavic peoples was absolutely abhorrent and just for that Nazis and Germans alike deserve a thousand years of Muhammeds cock in your assholes.

Following on:
>"Crabwalk might also imply a more abstract backward glance at history, in order to allow a people to move forward."
> Grass's work has tended to divide the critics into those who have considered his experiments and style to be sublime and those who have found it to be tied down by his political posturing. Particularly American critics such as John Updike have found the mixture of politics and social critique in his works to diminish its artistic qualities.[39] In his various critiques of Grass's works, Updike wrote that Grass had been consumed by his "strenuous career as celebrity-author-artist-Socialist" and about one of his later novels that "he can't be bothered to write a novel; he just sends dispatches ... from the front lines of his engagement".
Found some more hidden atrocities too:
>On the night of 9–10 February, just 11 days after the sinking, S-13 sank another German ship, General von Steuben, killing about 4,500 people.
And the Captain of the submarine that killed all those children sounds like a swell guy:
>Before sinking Wilhelm Gustloff, Alexander Marinesko was facing a court martial due to his problems with alcohol and for being caught in a brothel while he and his crew were off duty, so Marinesko was thus deemed "not suitable to be a hero" for his actions. Therefore, instead of gaining the title "Hero of the Soviet Union," he was awarded the lesser Order of the Red Banner of Military Valour. Although widely recognized as a brilliant commander, he was downgraded in rank to lieutenant and dishonorably discharged from the navy in October 1945.

No high-level Nazis behaved like this. Slavs are just disgusting. And their denials that any crime was committed in this thread just disgust me further and prove my point about their lack of humanity.

Altho after reading about how every German woman 8-70 years old was gang raped under slav occupation, no further evidence was really needed

"The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone else, and nobody was going to bomb them. At Rotterdam, London, Warsaw, and half a hundred other places, they put their rather naive theory into operation. They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind."

Not to mention that Dresden was a valid strategic target. There WERE factories fuelling the war and the city was a major transport link to the eastern front. The krauts deserved every bomb.

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You literally had competitions of how many serbs you could slit the throat on and disgusted even the SS, way to shift blame.

Allies and Soviets had cracked the codes the Nazi hierarchy were using to talk to each other. You knew. Just like we knew Dresden was a historical refugee city and no military threat, yet we still decided to annihilate it.

This bloodthirst and annihilation is absent from the German side (remember Dunkirk)? From 1939-1945, under and objective lense, the Allies and the Soviets behaviour looks so bad compared to the "bad guys" (Nazis) behaviour that you had to invent a Holocaust in 1946 to try and justify your excesses.

"Faithful allies" that we immediately went into a half century cold war with after the end of ww2.


Where the fuck did they even "evacuate" them to?

Like there was a place a kraut was safe back then. The Germany was already all but overrun by that time, they should have just sat tight and wait for all the shit to blow over. Instead Hitler stuffed them on a military ship like fish in the can and send right on the Soviet submarines.

Maybe Hitler just liked dead krauts and that's why he started the unwinnable war in the first place

implying cold war wasn't military-industrial complex psyop

I guess Hitler gang raped every German woman and female child as well? Did Hitler reject also reject his own 15+ peace offerings to himself? Hitler Hitler Hitler. All the crimes committed by the winning side is the fault of Hitler.

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90% of german females are unfuckable even for a drunk russian man

btw east germans were better looking than west ones (literal ogres) already in 1974

And now you are an islamic policestate

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Women are unfuckable but 12 year olds are fuckable?
Women are unfuckable but 8 years olds are fuckable?
I repeat: subhuman slav logic.

No better than muslims or pakis.

Russians are proof you don't have to be black to be a nigger

Yeah but the author was later revealed to have been in the SS, which is based

The ancient Greeks built a boat with 4000 rowers to see if they could. Pretty sure modern ship builders could build a 10,000 capacity ship.

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Sounds like a fantasy

>underestimating German engineering

wow two cases that's proves it

t. cockhole Brody pocket refugee

>MV Wilhelm Gustloff
talk about hidden history! wtf

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>sinking German engineering

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that's because westerners are ignorant pigs

Who cares about dead krautniggers. They destroyed europe, nobody would have died anywhere if they hadnt sperged out.

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>Why isn't there a blockbuster heart-wrenching film about this unspeakable tragedy
because it happened so fast. its hard to make a 3 hour film out of a 5 minute sinking.
there are no stories or drama. they simply fought for a lifeboat that they couldn't get to because it was too crowded and drowned.

Because the Titanic happened during peacetime and was touted as "unsinkable" by the press (the architect never claimed it was unsinkable) This happened in 1945 after years of war, and it was Germans so it didn't get the headlines. The story was never really known about in the west until much later.

A similar thing happened in 1865 to the riverboat Sultana, where over 1600 union soldiers were killed but it happened at the same time Lincoln was assassinated so it went widely unknown.

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I read about something similar this in my WW2 Atlas which has the battle maps and geopolitical background printed using NATO symbols for each force.
Also what isn't mentioned by the majority of (((educators))) is that Admiral Doenitz oversaw the largest sea evacuation in history with 1.3mn+ people evacuated via warship,fishing boat,gunboat,cruise liner, rowing boat,trawler,cargo ship,hospital ship etc. 99.4% of all people made it through and out of the Courland pocket. Over 110,000 German soldiers sacrificed themselves to get the civilians and their wounded comrades out of the Red Army's path after widespread eyewitness reports of mass rapes,mutilations and burnings of civilians by soviet troops and brutal executions of German soldiers captured.

MV Goya(google it, one of the worst sinkings in history) a hospital ship carrying 6700 civilians was sunk by a Soviet sub(Sub L-3 now in a museum)
Only 183 people survived the sinking but 9 died a short time later from hypothermia or internal bleeding. Most died from the freezing temperatures of the Baltic Sea or drowned in the sinking but a significant died when the steel masts fell on them as they slept on the top deck after the torpedo hit in the early hours of the freezing morning. The ship cracked in two within a few minutes and sank.

Operation Hannibal. An unsung heroic operation by a desperate shattered army protecting its people.
Defeats the (((Hollywood))) narrative as does the heroics of the 12th and 9th army remnants during the battle of Berlin. Evacuating 300,000 civilians from Berlin over the Elbe river with the Soviets on one side and the western Allies on the other.

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Never heard of it in my entire life

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Die jew
Right now, die

Shills are desperate for anything better than the shit they have know I guess

An unanswered Allied war crime by the Russians

>being this much of a kike
>being this bluepilled in mentality

Brush your teeth nigel

Technically the ship was armed and had no hospital or humanitarian markings on it. Not that it really would have mattered to the Russians.

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Not to mention that London was a valid strategic target. There WERE factories fuelling the war and the city was a major transport link to the UK. The bongs deserved every bomb.

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The first 40 minutes would be their lives during the war. The next 30 minutes would be parents tearfully giving away their children in the hopes they could be saved. Then the parents get shot by Soviet soldiers. Cut back to the boat and as hope is almost reached and it looks like we're going to have a happy ending for the gets torpedoed and everyone dies.

The film writes itself. It would be a classic if the Jews had any motivation to make it.

Dude, shut the fuck up. You are a subhuman. You are literally retarded and created by some wizards. And drop the act, you are Russian.

Thanks for the information.
That is absolutely disgusting. In my opinion you are still an occupied state, if you education system doesn't tell you about one of the greatest tragedies in your history. And the occupiers are still the victors.

>muh 6 gorillion dead chosen (((people)))
kek, nice b8.
The holocaust never happened
>protip: i wish it did

Because there would be no selfish Rose to not let jack on the fucking plank of wood.

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Pols are Zionist lapdogs, always were. Trying to decieve the world they arent Russian. LOL

maritime nerd here, I've obviously always known about the Gustloff. Its definitely buried by (((them))). I have never met another person IRL who knows about it.

In terms of the lack of film, its simply less romantic than the Titanic, the fact it basically sank immediately dosent give time for the story to flesh out when compared with the Titanics 2 hours from iceberg impact to sinking.