Why are boomers like this?

Why are boomers like this?

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i wonder if his answer would be the same if a loaf of bread started costing 10k

lol bro just dont buy it lol whats the problem?

You could legislate away the greed of humanity. It results from a spiritual deficit.

Why can't you just buy insuline from Canada, or Mexico, or India, or Europe? It's a free market right? We don't pay 540$ a vial.

im glad that you're embracing globalism

We don't here either. They're lying and ignoring that diabetes rates have shot up 1000% in 20 years

Why aren't there more people making insulin so the price drops due to a cheaper alternative?

Like what? Boomer Bernie wants insulin to be cheaper. You don't like that?

Free market means fuck all when the price floor is “literally any amount of money so I don’t die”, and expensive supply chain to make insulin to fda refs to begin with.

>a spiritual deficit
It's a survival mechanism in the real, material world. None of your spiritual woo woo faggotry.

Vegetables are cheaper than insulin and help prevent diabetes you fat fucks. I'll happily pay for a type 1's medicine but all you fat fucks need to go drown in your own lard

They can charge 540 dollars because Americans are a captive market. If insulin was more easily purchasable, then costs would go down. Right now the insurance and usury tribe bat the price and drug around left and right adding 40 dollars here 100 dollars there in fees and overhead costs.

>imagine needing insulin

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Type 1 diabetics exist too user

And? They should be put down as well.

Very true. Just buy the i sulin direct amd dont by the 500 dollar drug delivery system


You want to kill every functioning member of society with a chronic medical condition?


In most circumstances, it is illegal for individuals to import drugs into the United States for personal use. This is because drugs from other countries that are available for purchase by individuals often have not been approved by FDA for use and sale in the United States. For example, if a drug is approved by Health Canada (FDA’s counterpart in Canada) but has not been approved by FDA, it is an unapproved drug in the United States and, therefore, illegal to import. FDA cannot ensure the safety and effectiveness of drugs that it has not approved.

Why not make insulin for $5 and sell it for $10? Seems like someone could corner the market.

Pretty sure nobody "invented" insulin, it's a naturally occurring hormone... Does he mean they sold the parent to artificially create it for $1?


>“literally any amount of money so I don’t die”
4 words to destroy your argument: 'Price of Tab Water'


Insulin costs less than 1$ here by the same companies that sell you for $540. Get fucked americucks

Drugs are also more expensive in the US to subsidize the lower price in the other shithole countries.

You aren't subsidising shit. Drug companies are milking you so that the CEO can enjoy one more yatch a year

Here's a revolutionary idea, don't get diabetes. It's a preventable illness, and if you get it you don't need insulin if you just change your god damn diet, the very diet that gave you diabetes in the first place. Holy shit Americans, you eat a diet that's scientifically formulated for addiction in order to generate profit, and big surprise, it makes you sick, so you go to the doctor and get prescribed shit that makes more profits, makes you even more dependent, and doesn't cure the illness. And the diet the doctor recommends, if they even do that? It's the same diet you were eating before, but more expensive, and it's still formulated based on what lobbiests want, not what's good for you. Everywhere you turn, somebody is fleecing you, and you just lap it up, because the nice men in white coats must have your best interests in mind.

Replace "safety" with "profit" and this is closer to true. Face it Amerifats, your country is run by the highest bidder. Safety is way down on the list of priorities for your government.

I'm guessing it's because you'd either get (((legislated))) out of business by a bought and paid for Congress, or you'd get "legislated" out of business by commiting suicide via falling down a flight of stairs and landing on 37 knives.

You do know that figure used for insulin is for one specific type of injector, right?

Why are all Democrats such fucking liars?

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And you think Americans can't get cheap insulin?
No, they want the easy pen with racing stripes on that costs a fuckload more yet has the same fucking insulin the $1 vials have.

Just raise guns price

He is right. Youre just a faggot

You can be the skinniest motherfucker known to man and still be unlucky enough to get an infection and have your immune system go full retard and attack insulin instead.
My grandfather had that. He was stick thin his entire fucking life. A friend of mine growing up was the same, stick thin, just had the misfortune of having had an infection that fucked him for life.

Type 2's aren't supposed to need insulin either, but you fat fucks just can't put down the fucking fork and keep chugging the HCFS.

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Because they have one example of a heavily marketed type of injector pen that costs extra and they're not going to let the chance to use that list price as a chance to make a political point.

An iPhone costs like 500 to make MAX considering the chinksects are paid cents to make it and yet they sell for 1500 and Socialist morons pay for it.

Major insurance is like that. Seriously, cases where people would save money by not using the insurance.

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You know, at some point in the future the disease can be eradicated. It just means that for future generations to enjoy their lives free of the disease, our current generation needs to make some hard choices.

It's expensive in the US because it's regulated as a drug, and not as a biological product like everywhere else in the world. It's not the fault of the market, or capitalism, or competition. Lay the blame on the FDA and the Federal Government.

t. Britbong whose parents' dog was on insulin, and it cost next to fuck all

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because they created a problem they could not afford to fix. so they are passing the problem to younger generations.

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Cope. Just stop eating carbs if you have diabetes.

>(((drug corporations)))

>bro just keep using insulin from decades ago that was tested on dogs bro
>don’t rely on the new, more effective types of insulin we’ve developed which can cater to a patients needs
>fuck innovation LMAO

Healthcare is all provincial responsibility in Canada so i guess it depends what provinces approved what medicines

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>Actually thinking the insulin itself is what makes it cost more and not the fancy injector it comes in.
Insulin is insulin. It's a fucking peptide hormone and it doesn't matter whether came from pigs (as it was at first) or created by a fucking specially bred fungus.

The real problem is that innocent kids with type 1 diabetes have to pay more for insulin because a bunch of fat Walmartians are driving up the demand. Fatties cause more problems than you'd expect

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I would open bakery and charge 5k then.

autistic mental gymnastics to justify a bad status quo is not a boomer unique behavior.

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Bernie's solution is like any other leftist: Use taxmoney to pay the corporations upfront so the silly goy can pay only a little bit out of pocket. Not fixing the problem... throwing other peoples money at it.

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boomer thread?

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i get it nothing is free, but 540? holy shit

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It is entirely possible to control the 'beetus with a proper diet that isnt 90% fucking sugar. Why wont this old kike address the real issue which is the shit diets these fat retards eat. I love how fat fucks are now a protected group

some people do go to Canada for medical treatment because it's cheaper to fly there and get treatment. You can sometimes buy drugs and have them shipped but I think there are some legal issues

It's a custom made insulin pen see this post:
In Brazil we pay around 60 to 80 in monkey leafs
Around the same as their however our median income is 100 times lower

Daily reminder that low-caloric ketogenic fasting literally cures diabetes but doctors are too Jewish and Americans too fat to do this


Remember the treason of corey booker. The canadian senator from texas voted for drug imports the democrats killed if sanders doesn't call it out he is a partisan shill.

Little known fact. You can go to any pharmacy and buy insulin without a prescription. It costs 25 dollars a vial. I know someone who buys insulin for their dog with no prescription.

Doesn't cure type 1.
But it's not a type 1 epidemic you have on your hands. You have a type 2 epidemic hitting lardasses who refuse to put down the fork.

Type 2 diabetes is not supposed to be treated with insulin since it starts out as insulin resistance, there's just so much carbs and shit in the system that the body can't produce enough insulin to deal with it and through that becomes resistant to the effects of your own insulin. When left to run amok and not changing your diet one iota, you eventually need insulin.

Type 1 is different. In type 1, your immune system literally thinks insulin is a foreign body and attacks it, and the only way to sort that shit out is by pumping in extra.

What a crock of shit. I buy my medication from mexico all the time and I’ve never been told I can’t cross that shit. I guess it depends on the classification of the drug but insuline is perfectly fine to import

I wonder (((who))) is responsible for that? (not the boomer)

It's low carbohydrate you fucking retard.

By eating minimal amounts of carbohydrates you still can achieve brain function and hormone conversion in the body without spiking blood sugar.
It's literally a 10% carb, 70% fat, 20% protein ration.
Now fuck off you ignorant fuck.

You need carbohydrates for brain function. 80% of your daily sugar needs are taken by the brain because of how much energy it needs and keto takes too long to meet this need.

By eating minimal carbohydrates, your brain instantly absorbs all of the sugar allowing you to function like a normal human.
Not to mention in lower than 10% macro ratio for carbohydrate men showed weak testosterone levels due to stress.
This level never reverted.

Just don't eat more sugar than your body needs that's all you have to do.
If you're having a particularly stressful day either physically or mentally.
Eating a small amount more carbs will not kill you or cause diabetes or break your "keto" diet. Because odds are you're burning through sugar so fast you'll be right back in the fat burning state within an hour or two.

You meant

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Everything here has to be idiot proof. You NEED a device you can tell to measure out the exact dosage required, and be able to use without causing injury. People here are that stupid and companies want to make sure they can’t be sued by a dumb nigger

>monkey leaves
>not banana leaves

Yes if they fund kikes, I also think we should kill everyone with a mortgage on anything for funding kikes.

My late grandfather had a simple pen as early as the fucking mid 80s which had ampoules you exchanged. It had a dial on the end where you set the size of the dose.
If that fucker who was nearly blind was able to handle it, your average lardass should be able to handle it.

Fatties btfo

I'm not commie fucktard but imo government funding should cover all medical research and all drug patents should be owned by the people. The money wouldn't be there to drive the research, so it's a double ended sword, but it shouldn't be jewed as fuck

If you pay full price for medicine, even insulin, you’re a fucking retard. Your local pharmacy sells insulin shots for a fraction of that price, and hundreds of government programs exist to lower the cost of medicine and healthcare to those that can’t afford it
Basically if you can’t figure out how to get your shitty genetic correctional shot, you deserve to fucking die
Fatties and weak genes will get the rope eventually

Where do you think we are?

Intellectual property law. That's the only reason they can Jew the way they do. Martin skreli taught us that with his HIV drug stunt.

Drugs are so expensive in the US because drug companies are forced to sell their medications to dozens of countries for dirt cheap, sometimes near what they cost to produce. Americans are propping up countries with universal healthcare and they don’t even realize it.

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Because they grew up in a market before we legalized monopolies. They actually could go buy another brand of insulin. Not that they ever needed to, since actual competition kept prices down.

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Well the thing is a lot of the medicine we used to day was R&D'd by the military with help from doctors, so we literally already paid for the drug with tax dollars, these filthy kikes patent the drugs and sell it back to us at 4000%.

another day, another thread full of posting in which americans talk shit about fellow americans because they have the misfortune of having a health disability.

so how do you faggots plan to have your revolution against the deep state if you guys cant find any common ground on any topic?

this place is a fucking wasteland.

Lots of stupid fucks here. KYS.

Patents for chemical compounds makes no fucking sense it's like being able to patent yeast.

you guys don't even understand what the boomer is saying
if you did, you'd listen to boomers
too late i guess

Is this legit?

I know we do that with military support and grain/food. Well why can't medicine join the party... Dollars stolen from my pocket and sent to Nigeria, Guatamala, and Pakistan... About damn tired of it. 100% needs to end, all of it. Europe can get off its ass and build its own military to stop bumming off ours.

If I pay $100 in tax 99$ goes to shitskins.

your a fucking retard if you think that you wont ever have a serious health problem. every vegetable you have ate is full of pesticides, externally and more so internally in the gmo make up of the seed to plant.

you have increasingly more pollution in the country, not from diesel trucks or whatever, but from corporations mining fresh water rivers, chemicals being flushed down toilet, meds being flushed down toilet, breakdown of city/county water pipes.

there are bacteria and viruses evolving at rates never imagineable, every door handle you touch is a risk.

Injectors cost pennies to make. It's a needle, spring and plastic case and in some cases a mechanical dose meter. All together is made for around .20

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People who buy this at 540 instead of severing heads are to blame