Be honest pol,would you date a single mom with a mixed child?

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With one stipulation.

Racebait slide thread made by a jew

I wouldn’t date a single mother.

Lol? Never

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Slide thread. Sage.

Somebody post the story of the German guy who met this girl that he thought was great, got back to her apartment and saw her black kid and then left - then she went berserk and murdered them and he posted the news article proving it.

Oh, and sage.

I know which story you mean but can't seem to find it.

Hell no, I'm not dating someone who already has a kid, period. Let alone one where the father of the child isn't going to contribute to the child's upbringing

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Be honest kike, would you remove your memeflag?

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I don't date women who make bad decisions. Thus, any single mother. Even a widow, because at best, I'd have to deal with her being obsessed over her dead ex and deal with his family being around for her kid.

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Please kill yourself slide thread nigger

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I'm not fixing others peoples life problems and bad choices.

Don’t worry, she’s no longer with the white guy. She is single.

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My GF married a black guy right out of HS & has two mixed teen boys. Poor choice? Yes. Does she regret it. Yes. I don’t really interact with her kids or go anywhere with them because I don’t really like them in the first place. She has admitted she wished they were white & seems kind of embarrassed to be out with them.

>Be honest pol,would you date a single mom with a mixed child?

nope. never. no exceptions.

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die plz

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He looks like no beta, look at that cheeky smile. When she is old enough she will be raped by her white stepdad. And that's actually a good thing.

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Depends on how hot the child is.

Yes if the mom was already mixed and the kid was half white