Welcome to Germany

Hahaha, how can they even recover from this?

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they can't.
the sons will pay for the mistakes of the fathers. germans will become extinct in our lifetime.

I shall personally make sure israel goes extinct in the next 13 years. In minecraft.

Your country is next. But nobody will miss your people.

youv'e been larping for 70 years now making jokes while we control all media everywhere by now, importing the most savage on earth to rape and breed you out of existence in your own countries while brainwashing your women into accepting it, all of this while painting sick ass murals of said things below your moay priced monuments. its in the open and you cant do shit about it.
for all of this... I can take being called a kike. it really hurts. awww.

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get niggerd kikeboi


Slavics will still win. This panet beliongs to slavic space master race.

And a german will come and say:
>Oh, i-it's just X city. Other parts of Germany are fine, relax.

>in Scheissenberg where i live all peole are white! and 70 years old

We slavics will cut your noses and drown you all in acid

In the end you will be standing against final boss slavic space master race and u will loose. You are just weak jude and your daughters will be impregnated by indians. :)) Just wait for it and watch your steps.

Imagine this, you are the direct siblings of the strongest men in human history, you manage to kill 6 million people just because you can and you give no fucks to the scum you slaughter while you do it. 50 Years later, your grand son is a fat, stupid, an atheist, crying on her window while sending nude pics of her fat pussy to black immigrants

We should reopen Auschwitz and send every single german to get killed inside of it

Keked, thanks Marek.

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they can not

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>pooland still mad 70 years later

>50 Years later, your grand son is a fat, stupid, an atheist, crying on her window while sending nude pics of her fat pussy to black immigrants
>We should reopen Auschwitz and send every single german to get killed inside of it

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pay debts Mahmud

This bitch better take the cool wine aunt pill quick

We need to keep the blond and blue eyed girl to bread, but most of germany is autschiwtz material to be honnest

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or the marocan red pill

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Canada is way worse

being honnest most white country are good concurent

Kek and check mein frens

Shut the fuck up Pepik, you should take an example from what your countrymen did to krauts after WW2.

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No, its not fine, most parts are like this by now, and we are going to do something about it.

This happens every year. It's some shiite tradition. Sometimes they beat themselves bloody.


>we are going to do something about it
Such as?

throw them out. The german right is growing strongly

Do what, invade Eastern Europe and try to murder us all once again? Stay the fuck away from our country you psychopats.

it really is though
we need to balkanize Germany

While you are at it, give Eastern Germany back to Sorbs.

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you can not give something back to someone that never owned it

You can't throw out your own citizens Mahmud :^)

There is literally NOTHING you can do

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LOL :D this made me laugh, i can imagine how they are screaming Podpalte tu kurvu!!!!

Fuck Israel, fuck Poland, fuck Greece and fuck everyone else. I'm proud of what my country did to these countries and their people. They can all go fuck themselves crying about it. Better learn how to fucking defend yourselves this time.


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Shame that every single village east of Germany wasn't laid to waste.

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to be honest Germans are too liberal and anything too liberal deserves to go extinct.

U people r vile

You got three world powers to do that for you, but you couldn't defend yourselves when we and Russia took your country, because you are all a bunch of pathethic cowards. Your nation isn't just a joke, it had always been a joke.

?? They owned it and they will get it back.

>You can't throw out your own citizens
humans can do whatever they want
citizenship is just an abstract concept that holds no real value
I have hope that Germans will wake up one day

>They owned it and they will get it back
Are you making untrue statements on purpose?

Podpalte tu kurvu!!!

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Polish women in Germany need to stop converting to Islam and shitting out brown babies.

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even as a cool wine aunt she can be a single mother. Thus it is obvious that the marocan red pill is the only pill that fix her.

Nukrauts being krauts doing kraut things

Sieg Heil Deutschland!!!

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See? Poland is so powerful it gets three world superpowers to do its bidding by removing the illegal krautoid squaters.
>call everybody around you subhuman
>call yourself superhuman
>to prove it start a massive war

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Its not untrue. You murdered, genocided and robbed the land of Slavic people for over 1000 years.

Einsatzgruppen were fucking murderers and nothing more, you fucking piece of shit. And no, you did not ''shoot partisans''. You went to Russia for the sole purpose of murdering/exterminating and enslaving the population. You starved millions of prisoners of war.

I can easilly say that all those kraut children that died were partisans too. And you too had your own fucking partisan units, like were-wolf who were murdering Allied officials fucking years after war ended.

You are hypocritical, disgusting pieces of shit. I don't understand how Russians did not erxterminate 10 million Germniggers, just as you did with Russians. You are a nation of destroyers, who have contributed fucking nothing of value to the world.


Tesla Model S beats Taycan at Nürburgring, and Musk says more to come

Slide thread.
Stop being faggots, anons.

better learn how to discipline your women and how to have closed borders. Also: I want my money, mahmud, go to work, you lazy son of a bitch - i want my gibs from the eu.

>Its not untrue. You murdered, genocided and robbed the land of Slavic people for over 1000 years.
Yea, but that wasn't true until some slavic congress of the forelast century made it true.
History, however, looks different.

You can't ''throw out'' over 1/4 of your population, you fucking cretin. Its over. The karma has taken its course.

No it means you are weak and can't fight for yourself like Germans.

Also literally everything in that greentext is false, pic related here's Hitler taking pictures with his subhuman slave before he put him in a gas chamber for not being German

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>You can't ''throw out'' over 1/4 of your population, you fucking cretin. Its over.
They are less than 1/10th of the population
You can do everything, you just have a narrow view

> that wasn't true until some slavic congress of the forelast century made it true

Okay. So I guess 1000 years of systematic Drang nacht Osten was not true as well.

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the polaks are the niggers of europe


whiter than you, my german friend.
also poland may exist in 50 years, germany will not exist in 20.

Jesus christ

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yes, also cockroaches are said to be able to survive nuclear war

do you know what karma is, ahmed?

We CAN fight for ourselves, and we took Berlin from krautniggers togeather with Russians.

You lost this war against people you deemed sub-human, and we proved that we are superior to you. Your whole fucking nationhood has been given to you by Balto-Slavic Prussians for fucks sake.

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>So I guess 1000 years of systematic Drang nacht Osten was not true as well.
It absolutely was not true.
It exists in your mind only. and in the mind of millions of other slavs who were indoctrinated into it.
You can believe whatever you want though - but your ideology is comparable to negroes thinking they were Pharaohs
You have so many fallacies in your belief that don't get pointed out, and that's the problem
You think every -au is a "proof of Slavic ancient rule", when in reality they are normal endings even used in the netherlands
No wonder your ideology is also know as the "slavic legend"

No, non-Germans are now 1/4 of population.

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>do you know what karma is, ahmed?
Karma is not something that exists in reality
It is fremd to European philosophy
Do you want to teach me about Buddha next? Who is the Ahmed here

Honestly fuck Polish people. Family of mine before WW2 even started got taken away and put into a foster home as children near the German-Polish border to a Polish family. The mother would often ask them if they were German or Polish, and when they said they were German, they would be slapped on their faces. No fucking wonder we invaded Poland you fuckwits, Polish people fucking hate Germans to death. Well they got what they deserved in 1939. I spit on your country and your people, I look down upon them as they come here and behave like literal white niggers, cleaning toilets for 1 euro an hour and drinking beer on the streets. Curse upon the Polish nation

Oh so you are complaining that you are a mammoth and the polish are tigers, how nice. Good luck with leaving some archaeological evidence of your existence so future polish scientists write about the lost race of the Germans.

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polshits aren't white

Lmao you didn't do a single thing you fucking liar, you hid behind three world powers and 2 Poles jumped in right at the end when there were no Germans left to get that small taste of what you call 'victory' truly pathethic. We did not deem anyone sub human.

anyone could be an untermensch, German criminals were deemed untermensch.

You are a fucking liar, and a retard. I have posted you the quotes of your fucking leaders. You have taken Eastern Europe from other people for over 1000 years. Its a fact.

You speak of ''legends'' when your own larping in WW2 was so fucking ridicolous.

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>when a non-white subhuman attempts to talk to you

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Its not funny anymore. On that map i see my city Pressburg when it was still austrian and just civilised people like my austrian oma lived here. But slavics stole it and now its poor as fuck. Worse living standard in 2019(with slavics) than in Pressburg 1919(without subhuman slavics)

We have won the war, you dumb fucktard in 1945 we were winning by ourselves, while you sub-humans were already surrendering in droves.

>You speak of ''legends'' when your own larping in WW2 was so fucking ridicolous.
I don't believe in any ridiculous larps
So can you stop making up slavic etymitologies for cities with obviously German Names?

Fuck off muttshit.

then stop complaining and close your fucking borders, you retarded green-voting liberal scum. Clean your own damn toilets for 1 euro per hour and don't let some chad come from outside your retarded country and replace you.

Don't be so sure serpent spawn. It is you who will become extinct within our lifetime and Israel will be colonized with Germans.

>polchink calling me a mutt
that's rich.

I am whiter than you Mohamed. Also your siblings are probably fucking turks or niggers.

Germany is my favorite faction in strategy games, you guys are the best, I love zweihander and mg42, please keep on fighting.


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You invaded Poland because you are destructive, murderous dogs who need to be finnaly put down.

You dare to call my People sub-humans when your filth has infested, destroyed, and infiltrated Europe just like the Jews you supposedely hate so much? When it infiltrated royal families, from Winsdor to Romanov, and when its people created Vth collumn in literaly every fucking nation, you cockroaches have spread to, from United States, to Russia? Jews could fucking learn destruction, theachery and sabotage from you. And they fucking did. It is no mistake that 90% of fucking kikes have German last names. You taught them how to destroy nations, how to spread propaganda, how to undermine traditional values.

A Pole....

Yet another thread devolved into a polack vs kraut thread, fuck off you shitters.

We are in this together.

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you're genetic trash

I think it's jews trying to keep brothers apart.

The hilarious thing is that poles are closer to kraut than russian.

There will be ethnic viruses in our lifetime, we will kill all you kikes without even leaving our border. You can't do the same to us though, because we are your host and you cant survive without us haha

Google battle of Bautzen
You Polaks couldn't even win a battle in the last days of war. Total Losers. Sad.

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Show your flag achmed

at least i will be able to have kids with other so called "genetic trash" by you. You will be lucky if you marry a nigger.

I know Jow Forums usually just sees one color but it’s not just brown people but also white foreigners. Ethnic white Germans are a minority in their own country.

Germans will go extinct? You memed your own holocaust into existence by lying about it for 70 years. Only this time when it happens for real, people will laugh and celebrate.

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I fucking wish we could do anything, but we are occupied and we don't get to choose our own leaders. All of Europe is fucked just because Germany lost the war. If we had won the war, your country and every other eastern European country wouldn't still be a complete shithole in 100 years and your people would actually have a purpose instead of cleaning toilets for Übermensch Germans.