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>Remember when Rudd/Gillard caved to the Greens Auspol membas

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need a 15 year old girlfriend

You forgot this.

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I love it how you make memes that try to steal the thunder off my redpills.
I'll have you giving classical latin lessons soon enough

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Anyone watching The Masked Singer? A LOT of freemason Illuminati shit going on desu

asio already here

And this

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I just watched all of Jojos bizarre adventure and now I’m bored

That's a raging hapa, there's like 3-4 of them. 2 are in a homo relationship.

t.literally doesn't even work for asio

Based nog knows how to treat the lugenpresse
Anning should have done this.

Scomo finally put flak on China today lads
Maybe he can now withdraw foreign aid from Isreal as they are a first world country with global responsibility

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Well use the recipes to make some neat crystals

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>need a 15 year old girlfriend
What YOU need is a fucking gaol sentence.

The farmer was actually pretty based.

Some nosey hippie faggot from the government trespassing on his land to spy on him knocking the odd tree down.

**Gets is fucking head blown off**

>cunt goes apeshit and starts shooting
Hes on the inside shooting out, not outside shooting in.
At least he shot a journo.
Backwards land

just want to eat teen ass


>In front of those endless crosses, in front of those dead soldiers lost in forgotten wars, my despair turned to shame,my shame to guilt,my guilt to anger and my anger to rage.

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Does anyone have a link to the video?
Asking for a friend.

Hahaha you dumb fucks are always parroting the shit I say and trying to bend it.

We're going to have better communities and people and country and you're going to seethe forever.
I genuinely feel bad for you that you didn't get a choice in being a hapa.

Hahahaha wanna here something sick? You could get some real asian acceptance if you went and fucking immolated yourself.

FUck lads. How long has Jow Forums been unbanned from Optus? It's been a hot minute

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Its your frens lucky day

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You can tell by the quality of the posts.


Seeing as that moll wants to ban sites hosting it, do you think the cunt will ban bitchute?

You pay you pay

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How cruel fate can be. Imagine being an Australian man in the pub with his mates in the early 20th century or before. Despite the dust and the heat and the hardships, you could confidently say that at least you lived in a white mans land.
Now look at any Australian capital cities CBD.

Bitchute doesnt host it

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They'll ban any site that doesn't censor in favor of government bullshit and claim it is to stop extreme ideas. We have reached and passed the high watermark for information availability in the west.


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Pubs shut at 6pm then so it wasn't all awesome.

I was travelling as a tourist in Western Europe at the time, France, Spain Portugal and others.The first event that begun the change was the terror attack in Stockholm, on the 7th of April 2017. It was another terror attack in the seemingly never ending attacks that had been occurring on a regular basis throughout my adult life. But for some reason this was different. The jaded cynicism with which I had greeted previous attacks didn’t eventuate. Something that had been a part of my life for as long as I could remember, cynicism in the face of attacks on the West by islamic invaders, was suddenly no longer there. I could no longer bring the sneer to my face, I could no longer turn my back on the violence. Something, this time, was different.

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true blue.

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>school age girls walking around in see through black leggings and all you can see is ass cheeks and thong

fuck my life

The kvetching in this article is turned up to 11. 'You can't make stuff up about our made up story!'

Why are all politicians and journalists in Australia such faggot's? Why do all journalist and politicians love to talk about muh democracy? We don't have fucking democracy. We have no control over anything that happens. Is that democracy? ... alcohol tax goes up I didn't vote for that? Tobacco tax goes up i didn't vote for that. They took our guns I didn't vote for that they took our property rights through the sustainable development act. I didn't vote for that. My taxes keep going up I didn't vote for that. My town is being replaced by shit skin's and dog eating chinks I sure as fuck didn't vote for that......muh democracy muh fee speach. There is not one journalist politician or social commentator in this country who doesn't deserve have them and their families rounded up and executed via guillotine.

As for police well all police should be forced back into colonial uniform from the 1700s and take away their fucking glocks and BMW'S and replace them with a musket and a fucking horse.

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>That difference was Ebba Akerlund.
>Young, innocent and dead Ebba.

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Its like this because the system is working exactly as intended.

We used to be a country with a government, now its the other way around.

What can be done?

It has become a monster. It's taken a few decades but it's finally become tyrannical.
What can be done ?

Ebba was walking to meet her mother after school, when she was murdered by an Islamic attacker, driving a stolen vehicle through the shopping promenade on which she was walking. Ebba was partially deaf, unable to hear the attacker coming.
Ebba death at the hands of the invaders, the indignity of her violent demise and my inability to stop it broke through my own jaded cynicism like a sledgehammer.
I could no longer ignore the attacks. They were attacks on my people, attacks on my culture, attacks on my faith and attacks on my soul. They would not be ignored.

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I have no good ideas. Just about everyone is on some sort of welfare, even well paid people get money for childcare. The education system teaches people to worship and trust the state. It's only a few non-conformists who find their way here and no normies like a non-conformist. I just stay at home and don't really engage with people. I can't even talk to family members about things as they seem to be incapable of indulging in critical thinking that may challenge their worldview. I'm in my mid 40s and it saddens me how much freedom we have lost in such a short time. You got any ideas?

Imagine getting obsessed with some prepubescent dead girl from a foreign country and ruining your life over it. What a flog.

Shit it’s looking like I might lose this cs bet I got the only map over hasn’t hit on with these teams

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Provoke some random fucktards to either go lonewoofjeehad or skoolshooter so the Feds and Spooks get to accellerate the final crash.
>whisper a few meth heads that they can go Garglehummus and run kids down for 72gerbils
>troll incels into jerking off to Tarranting
Ban more Strayan things so the mediafaces can pretend were getting safer.
Sell more things to China - houses, farmland, politicians...
>Sit back waiting to become picrelated

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The second event was the 2017 French General election. The candidates were an obvious sign of our times: a globalist, capitalist, egalitarian, an ex-investment banker was no national beliefs other than the pursuit of profit versus a milquetoast,feckless, civic nationalist, an uncontroversial figure who’s most brave and inspired idea resolved to the possible deportation of illegal immigrants.

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Australians. lol

Now beg for food money like you normally do.

I keep seeing these tall high school girls on my way home and it makes me miss those short skirt long leg days

Despite this ridiculous match up, the possibility of a victory by the quasi-nationalist was at least, to myself, a sign that maybe a political solution was still possible.The internationalist, globalist, anti-white, ex-banker won. It wasn’t even close. The truth of the political situation in Europe was suddenly impossible to accept.My despair set in.My belief in a democratic solution vanished.

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Stop going home and wearing your short skirt, tranny poove.

poor brenton, the shitskins he murdered would've literally been replaced in a few hours walking through the airport gates, he should've just spent his money on little chink prozzies

Maybe you and a few mates could learn how to drive a bulldozer and use several of them to sever the all road and rail lines that take food and fuel into a major city. It would take longer to repair than their supplies would last especially if you kept hitting new sections. The bugmen would start to eat each other,

ah, and about 5 lucky guys per year get to bang them, i was not one of those 5

The final push was witnessing the state of French cities and towns. For many years I had been hearing and reading of the invasion of France by non-whites, many of these rumours and stories I believed to be exaggerations, created to push a political narrative.
But once I arrived in France, I found the stories to not only be true, but profoundly understated.

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Pretty easy to manipulate a country when they are addicted/ dependant on welfare.
I'm probably in a similar situation as you. But I'm in my late 20s...as for my Idea well I've been thinking of leaving to America but their not far behind us.

If I stayed in Australia I would like to get involved in some type of political migration to a state. The best option would be the northern territory. Because of its Low population. We would have a better chance. Well 150k people voted for anning. 180k people voted for liberal democrats. You get what I mean the disgruntled people are out there....states can change gun laws and a lot of other things. I honestly think it's the only option. Any thoughts on that?

6 captures needed to post this

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5 guys per year starting in grade 8 mate.

I've got the manifesto but I've never read it. Tonight your posts have convinced me it is not only a worthwhile, but a necessary read.
Thanks mate.

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if they're not a faggot they lose their job instantly
i remember about 10 years ago this guy wrote about how property investors were cunts, that was the last article he ever wrote, he was a *really* good writer too

Thanks for putting in the effort to respond. But I think we need to be smarter. Drug warfare works. Target the area's that are the problem areas

the hot skanky ones were banging by year 8, then the hot normal ones by about 15-16 i think, a few of the guys in my year got to fuck em but not many at all, but i wouldn't know for sure i wasn't in the cool cliques

In every french city, in every french town the invaders were there.
No matter where I travelled, no matter how small or rural the community I visited, the invaders were there.
The french people were often in a minority themselves, and the french that were in the streets were often alone, childless or of advanced age.
Whilst the immigrants were young, energized and with large families and many children.

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Did you used to wank in the toilets at school thinking about the hot girls?

It's more like 5 guys didn't get banged before they finished high school.

Taking a leaf out of the greens book huh? Going after the school kids.

Listen kids it's easy, just tell one you like her and ask her to go out with you. Then you get to kiss them all the time.
Also, sealing the deal. You have to be "going out" with them for at least a few weeks if you're in year 10, you can do it faster as you get older. You just say "lets root" and then take them somewhere where people can't see and then you pull their undies down. But you have to kiss them for like 2 whole minutes before you try to actually put the penis in. Remember to clip your nails AND FILE THEM every single week kids.

hahaha holy fuck these shills are hilarious

The only thing you DON'T do is be a loudmouth about it in front of your friends, or her friends. If you be a loudmouth they hate that. It's fine to be a loudmouth about other things like sport and whatever, but don't be ab loudmouth about the girl you're "going out" with

nah just at home, i had a fantasy about this one girl where we banged in the school dunny tho, she became a lawyer, smart as fuck probably 150-160 iq

I remember pulling into a shopping centre car park to buy groceries in some moderate sized town in Eastern France, of roughly 15-25 thousand people. As I sat there in the parking lot, in my rental car, I watched a stream of the invaders walk through the shopping centre’s front doors.
For every french man or woman there was double the number of invaders.
I had seen enough, and in anger, drove out of the the town, refusing to stay any longer in the cursed place and headed on to the next town.

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haha sure at least half the guys were virgins by the time school ended or had banged some slam pig which doesn't count

It's school holidays, you can ask one on facebook to sleep over at your house though inbox. DONT POST ON THE WALL

Watching channel 7 with farther while having a sesh and shitposting on pol...

When will huey bring the rains down on Qld for fuck sakes... I blame the Jude.

You lads swallowed the gympill yet?

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I've thought about getting involved in politics but not sure how it would go for someone who has been a DSP neet for so long. It may be possible to create a community but it would be hard for a lot of people to just move en masse. I'm basically stuck where I am for the moment due to family and housing reasons and I don't have to work. It would be hard for a wagie to up and move, especially to a place like the NT which is drowning in debt and I bet is corrupt as fuck due to all the abo money floating around that some cunt would want to pocket part of.

I remember that also?

Daily reminder that Australia has a borderline pedopilic age of consent

yeah but if you started drinking at 6 in the morning it'd be alright, pass out by 4 o clock.

Yes mate, see this all the time and think "have you cunt?".

So have you champ?

Yeah boi if you do sit ups with your spine straight it works the back muscles and that's how you avoid the backpain meme in your 20s. Also doing it really increases the lifespan of your joints, there are many joints in your spine.
The idea with weight lifting isn't to lift a heavy amount of weight, it's to pump your muscles full of blood so they get bigger and stretch out.

Just when I have a career, car, and my own place, I begin to get too old for that. So it goes.

You need to be seriously redpilled and know all of our history from the Roman republic to the anglos and french to the renaissance to today.

Remember kids: If you get laid because of Jow Forums advice make sure you come back and tell us. It makes the shills really really angry.

Driving toward the next french town on my itinerary, knowing that inevitably the invaders would also been there, I found my emotions swinging between fuming rage and suffocating despair at the indignity of the invasion of France, the pessimism of the french people, the loss of culture and identity and the farce of the political solutions offered.
I came upon a cemetery, one of the many mass cemeteries created to bury the French and other European soldiers lost in the Wars that crippled Europe.
I had seen many pictures and heard many people discuss the cemeteries, but even knowing about these cemeteries in advance, I was still not prepared for the sight.

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who's shilling what?

>No you're shilling

See kids, he's mad it's great

Ten years ago I'd have pulled out a map of exactly which culverts to put a cratering charge in, now I'm just sitting back waiting for the IRG to close the Hormuz and all non-military trucks will be out of diesel within the week.
Yeah, even though the official optimism says we've got about 3 weeks fuel stock, thats at normal usage rates, not after they quarantine stock for the tanks to hold off the chinks and the cops to quell the foodriots, and enough jet fuel for Canberra to escape.
The only digging I'm doing is my selfsufficiency veggies, unearthing the pvc pipes is still much later.

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What do you think mate?
Depends if you're training for strength or hypertrophy.

that was *after* they voted macron and scoffed at le pen? haha poor brenton, that video was sick tho

Aren't they the same thing?

Kek, that 4g plus lad on OPtus is grouse. hope some raj working there is reading all of this.

nah you sound butthurt tho, looking to make someone mad...troll poofta


What you need to be able to do is move people emotionally. Presenting facts is one thing but it doesn't work in politics. You need to combine it with pathos. If you look at Australian society most people are rhetorical thinkers rather than dialectic, especially women. That's why lefty bullshit is so popular.

I'm gonna say yes.

Please redpill me. You can type pretty fast yeah and bust it out in like 2 minutes

I've just read the part after this.
When the attack happened my initial reaction was
The more I read this the more I agree with him.