Thinking the elites give a fuck about how climate change will affect lower classes

>thinking the elites give a fuck about how climate change will affect lower classes

lmao. to them it's just a convenient form of population control.

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Boomer scum

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If only that bear had more snow to eat.. but alas, climate change caused it to melt.

That being said, global warming is very good for polar bears. They don't eat ice, you know.

what a cute dog, what breed is that

Look at that pathetic lanklet bear with no gains

>oh the little girl made a speech again? how cute.
>so anyways about this quarters profits...

>le polar bear on ice picture
It just old and wet. Given that it's daylight, that means it's the middle of summer.
Only very dumb people fall for this picture when they claim Earth is getting warmer.

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Taxing everything in lieu of preventing climate change is sure within the realm of upper classes shitting on the lower classes

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>The elites want more slaves therefore they push for population reduction.

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maybe the population needs to be controlled

>still falling for population control meme

There’s no reason the elites would want to reduce the population.
Our system is built on the consumption of goods. Less people, less money for the wealthy.
The wealthy barely even work and all of their wealth is directly tied to how much their investments grow. As you may be aware, the economy grows with its population (typically).

One of the reasons we have flooding immigration to Europe is due to low birth rates. So no, the elites don’t want to reduce the population.

It needs to be, but not in selected countries.

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don't worry. the un is opening more planned parenthood esque clinics in Africa than you can shake a stick at

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>inject their fetus tissues into our kids as (((vaccines)))

>Ebola survivors are immune
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>Create (((vaccine))) using it

This is literally how they make vaccines now, but with animals that can contract the vaccine, and they don't have to FDA test any of them.
Vaccines fall under a different regulation, and the DoD is involved with it too.

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they just walk and hunt on it, lucky

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Guys, you realize climate change makes parts of the planet colder and hotter, right? Climate change is more complicated then "lol ice caps are melting"

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He needs to visit Jow Forums

Climate change doesn't exist it's pseudo science bullshit.

That's the problem. The climate has always been changing. The propaganda has gone from global warming, to ozone shit to just generic climate change because none of the predicted effects have actually happened in any of the predicted time frames.
It is a half truth fear propaganda. And if the politicans and coprorations actually cared they would stop using non-renewable energy, manufacture with less plastic and research clean tech but instead they are just bringing it onto consumer level taxes and making the wporking and middle class reduce their quality of life.

It amazes me how ignorant the younger generation is. To think that climate change is a man made phenomenon that can be controlled and not a natural cycle. This illustrates how not only is science being twisted and weaponized for this agenda, but history is not being taught. The earth has had five major ice ages and several minor ones. The earth has had numerous periods of heat high enough to spawn mega reptiles, amphibians, anthropoids and flora/fauna. Places like Derinkuyu in Turkey are proof of this fact. The fact that Mayans and many others ancient civilizations were preoccupied with astronomy and calendars is further evidence. Young people must research and discover the truth so they can see the Green New Agenda. The entire climate change narrative is all geared towards giving governments more control over people’s lives and less freedoms. Coupled with the ability to tax corporations and individuals as much as they like all in the name of preserving the earth for future generations. I urge young people and ignorant people to do some research education yourself and rise above these apocalyptic shenanigans