User you're not going to eat that steak right? Think about the climate... think about me

>user you're not going to eat that steak right? Think about the climate... think about me.

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I’m not eating bugs

I am however gonna eat your pussy out

Eat my dick whore

Lmao is that greta with a beautify filter OP?

lmao yea

you will eat the bugs

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Who the fuck are you this steak costed me a whole month of work bitch

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even with makeup greta looks like tranny

>think about me
>not thinking about how you tenderly patted the meat dry, sensually rubbing sea salt into the grain, and lovingly wrapped it in wax paper to age overnight
>not thinking about how you laboriously stand over fire, the manliest of all elements, and listen to the steak moan in pleasure as you place her into a cast iron, the aroma of her dancing around you as she beckons you to flip her over, begging you to watch her perform face down this time
>not thinking about enjoying her on a plate with steamed broccoli and baked potato, smothered in butter and bits of bacon, rounding out a meal only you deserve
>not thinking about how savory and buttery your steak is, every chew releasing a burst of flavor, as your tastebuds thank you graciously for the almost sinful pleasures they are receiving
>not thinking about how a woman could never satisfy you in ways only a steak could

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>think about me
Actually worked. I just threw up the 1/2 lb of bacon and 1/2 lb of sausage I had for breakfast...
Nordcucks were a mistake.

You live in Canada?


Why the fuck do Americans fetishize food like this? No wonder you are all low t fat cunts

You better dont wanna make me cooom

I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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Why do kiwis need strayans to do their job for them?

Global warming is real in the sense the earth is getting hotter and in a few million years it will get colder.
But the human race is destroying the world in a way that makes it unlivable for ourselves but if we were going to do something about it it was up to boomers and Gen X to sort it in the 70s and 80s. It's now already too late.
This Swedish girl has her heart in the right place but her parents are definitely con artists

Are you trying to incite something, user?

Also show flag americunt

Every. Fucking. Thread.

This post will end with a zero.


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This image confirms to me that Greta is a boy pretending to be a girl

That's what you think

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You can’t be pro environment and pro immigration

I'll eat your little steak instead then.

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