Yea bro its china and India who is destroying the world, us whites are pure heavenly souls who would never ever do wrong

Yea bro its china and India who is destroying the world, us whites are pure heavenly souls who would never ever do wrong

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>per capita

Are you implying that the majority brown population of the US is destroying the world? That'd be pretty racist bro.

>us whites
You've become a parody of yourself.

>Countries chosen based on nominal gdp

So why in the world are the white countries importing so many nonwhites? They go from having virtually zero environmental impact while they're in their 3rd world shitholes to being a major drain on the planet.

>100 people using 1000 plastic bags is bad
>20 people using 750 plastic bags is good

>nooo it doesn't COUNT it's those FUCKING BROWN'S FAULT

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Kys memeflaggot.

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>korean logic

the environment doesn't give a shit about how many people are using it

>South Korea
Not anymore

stop the brown on brown racist you fuck

>per capita
>mattering here

LMAO, stay mad you filthy chink.

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>Chinks and Pajeets are treated like human insect colonies so whitey bad

Based North Americans.
Stay mad Europoors. I'm going to go turn my central air down to 50F.

> its china and India who is destroying the world, us whites are pure heavenly souls who would never ever do wrong
unironically this

>pic related is calling them brown
>b-b-b-but it's still not browns' fault
I thought Jews were meant to be IQ...?

We are not white, we are suomi master race

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> Yes, I increase my carbon footprint as hard as humanly possible in order to change the climate and make my cold land a tropical paradise. Got a problem with that?

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>us whites
hello rabbi
I guess we just need to breed more until those per capita numbers line up with China's

In the end the mass and wholesome emissions are important.

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>France not even in the top 20
WTF Macron !? Why am I paying taxes for ?


And there are more gases to change our climate than CO2. CO2 ist just the buzzword, becaues everyne knows it and produces it by cars or heating.

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>the total amount of plastic bags doesn't matter!

Yeah bro its not like theres ten times as many chinese and indians as americans and canadians

You statistically illiterate fuck


Because there is more than only CO2.
Do you mean gas tax?
You also emitte dioxide or produce tire particles that are bad for the nature.

it's because three quarters of your power comes from nuclear

Us whites.

The US is close to being a majority brown population, and will be in just 20 years. Take that tactic somewhere else.

This What this graph shows is that they produce low CO2 for their population. But if you consider how many there are, their footprint is insane.

>per capita
13% commit 50% of crime, but that doesn't mean that the remaining 87% are guilt free. They just commit less crime.
For brainlets:
>Less pollution per person in China/India/Africa
>The main sources of pollution therefore contribute astronomical levels of overcompensation

>implying anyone outside North America, Europe, and Australia are worth the same as people within them
Get fucked poo poo pajeet your people shit in your own holy river


750 < 1000

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>What am I paying taxes for?
Check, you might find interesting shit. For example the UK taxpayer was still paying off debt from the campaigns to end the global slave trade until 2015. Kind of funny given that we must simultaneously accept dispossession for (((our))) history of slavery.