/leftypol/ BTFO

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When you control all of europe and still manage to get btfo

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>outnumbered 5 to 1
>checks KDR

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Read Communist Manifesto
>Altogether collisions between the classes of the old society further, in many ways, the course of development of the proletariat. The bourgeoisie finds itself involved in a constant battle. At first with the aristocracy; later on, with those portions of the bourgeoisie itself, whose interests have become antagonistic to the progress of industry; at all time with the bourgeoisie of foreign countries. In all these battles, it sees itself compelled to appeal to the proletariat, to ask for help, and thus, to drag it into the political arena. The bourgeoisie itself, therefore, supplies the proletariat with its own elements of political and general education, in other words, it furnishes the proletariat with weapons for fighting the bourgeoisie.

>Finally, in times when the class struggle nears the decisive hour, the progress of dissolution going on within the ruling class, in fact within the whole range of old society, assumes such a violent, glaring character, that a small section of the ruling class cuts itself adrift, and joins the revolutionary class, the class that holds the future in its hands. Just as, therefore, at an earlier period, a section of the nobility went over to the bourgeoisie, so now a portion of the bourgeoisie goes over to the proletariat, and in particular, a portion of the bourgeois ideologists, who have raised themselves to the level of comprehending theoretically the historical movement as a whole.

Both from Chapter I

I have it right by me

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Also I guess it's too hard too spell bourgeoise?

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Post pic

Working class

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And "supplying"

Who makes these man come on

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Jow Forums meetup

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Diversity is our strength

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Sourcr: Ukranian ministry of kulak affairs

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The three people held chiefly responsible for famining six million Slavs throughout the 1930's are kike Kaganovich, kike NKVD head Yagoda, and kike-married Molotov.. who would take over the position of foreign minister from kike Litvinov.

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Based memeflag.

When even the biggest anti-communist in history thinks you're full of shit

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He also said this

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That's the point genius. The fact that even the biggest anti-bolshevik liar of them all is telling you to stfu about muh holodomor. Most Ukranian use it as a anti-russian cudgel for pro-EU propaganda. It doesn't mean what you think it means.

Leftypol needs to go back to plebbit. They cant win!

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It happened. The numbers were maybe skewed but it happend. The same way the US sanctions countries to cough up that's what the kikes did in that situation.

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I am not saying the kulaks didn't deserve punishment

It is because the Golodomor (original spelling, they changed it to "H" in English to look more like "Holocaust", guess why) was not an isolated incident
It was part of a great famine that affected Northern Kazakhstan (majority Russian region) and Volga basin region just as bad as the Ukraine
US and Ukranian politicians weaponize it today as anti-Russian propaganda, instead of anti-Communist propaganda (as it should be)

Russia has a lot of problems. What a victory!

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Hello little shill, why did you not adress anything in my comment and just posted your irrelevant to the topic pic?
The Oligarchy in Russia hasn't been relevant since 2003

It was faggots like you who caused it. In the name of Stalin all bourgeois maggots will be purged from the earth I swear it

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Oh yah cause the Russians are just innocent fairies who love peace

What an awful map

but first get your panties schnuggi

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Russians are getting replaced quicker than the French. Hard to find a Russian who isn't a druggie, alcoholic, or has an STD

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I wish Stalin purged you, then we would've had our based Nazbol empire
Soviet Communists killed more Russians then any other ethnic group
15 million Russians died in a war to stop Russia from falling to Communism
Only 1 General Secretary of the USSR Communist party was a Russian, Gorbachev
Lenin and Andropov were Jewish, Stalin was Georgian and Nikita and Leonid were Ukranians

Today the Russian Communist party is only popular with nostalgia blinded boomers, with the Nationalist LDPR and Putins United Russia taking the lead

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He's fine
Tuvans are more civilized then Ukranians

Che,Stalin must be so proud lmao

Russian communist party is literally controlled opposition for Putin. They go along with whatever he tells them and feign opposition. All the real communists died in 93 resising Yeltsin's and Clinton's iron fist.


They'd be fascists and nazis today

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>"real communists"
>real socialism
this meme never gets old

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It's not good you moron. You'd eat shit to spite a communist.


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It'd probably taste better then Communist canned crap

Oh yeah, those kike bolsheviks were real Russian patriots

I love Solzi, but this pic is so fucking old
Get some new quotes

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It is true tho, American Communism is a joke

Based muh nationalize everything bro
>falls behind other countries
>gets invaded

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It still btfo's all ultra-Capitalist modern commies.
They support open borders, racebased-ideology, and faggot movements.

Communists are the reason Hitler got into power


Mongoloids like you will never understand. They didn't really want absolutely everything to be nationalized you moron. They had no choice in the matter.

Yeah that summarized It quite nicely. It's a good post, I suggest spamming It to make fun of the /leftypol/ failed psyops going on here.

>dude im so hyped about a jewish form of power i cant contain my larp boner!
Just gice every cent you have in your possession to the ADL you little buttfucker

>russian patriots
You have shit for brains, or havent lurked enough.

Funny how 3% of the American population are "communist-socialist" aligned, yet 70% of that exact movement are ultra-Capitalist.
No wonder Nazism Is on the rise. Everyone Is making fun of you. lmfao

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Capitalist being scum and placing Hitler into power is the reason he got into power. And the failure of capitalism in the great depression. It's not the Bolsheviks fault those lunatics started the deadliest war in history to preserve that shitty system.

Quite literally being CONQUERED In the "culture war". lol

Won't work forever. You're lucky as hell America helped you fuckers. And time was on your side. Had Germany had time to build nukes we wouldn't be in the mess we are in today. Look at the status of every nation who participated. Commies BTFO

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You realize 70% of your movement supports ultra-Capitalist policies?

>when you think you fight for the proletariat, but you cant even wake up in the morning without paying less than a living wage for your morning coffee.

The cuckold will have no choice but to join us or be watered down and have to deal with spergs like antifa

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The Kikes got purged in 1938, afterwards the leadership was a Georgian-Ukranian mafia

Commies are cucks

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Actually they had chances, IF.. If a civil war was to break out I think their "gene" should cease to exist.

hungry boi

It is so easy blowing out /leftypol/ they think their shit can work here

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>pic of German revolution
>Putin talking about Soviet Union Gov
Info is true, but pic is retarded


Nazis have always been puppets. You outlived your usefulness 80 years ago and just never realized it. When capitalism collapses again the people chosen to preserve it won't be racists and reactionaries. That time has past. It'll be the socially progressive LGBT types.

What a shit argument, literally every capitalist Empire was fighting against the Germans and aiding the Soviets

>When capitalism collapses again the people chosen to preserve it won't be racists and reactionaries. That time has past. It'll be the socially progressive LGBT types.
You sound like you're baiting
Do you believe that limp-wristed faggots will be able to lead a class war ? Don't you see them as the useful idiots that they are ? What can an ideology that hates strength even accomplish ? Are you delusional ?

gotta love how lefty scum still uses this word for their propaganda, just like their Uncle Joe taught them

The germans were funded by wall street. Chamberlain was sucking Hitler off and handing him free real estate left and right because they wanted nazi germany going after the communists.

>International bankers didn't fund Trotsky and Lenin
>They didn't stop funding Hitler after they understood what he was going to do

Yeah and Stalin was giving him Oil and Grain to fuel and feed his war effort until 1941

You don't even believe this, do you?


>Schiff's gripe against Russia had been its anti-Semitism. At home Schiff had never shown any sympathy for socialism, not even the milder Morris Hillquit variety. Schiff had declared victory for his purposes in Russia after the tsar was toppled in March 1917 and Alexander Kerensky, representing the new provisional government, had declared Jews to be equal citizens. In addition to repeated public statements of support, he used both his personal wealth and the resources of Kuhn Loeb to float large loans to Kerensky's regime. When Lenin and Trotsky seized power for themselves in November 1917, Schiff immediately rejected them, cut off further loans, started funding anti-Bolshevist groups, and even demanded that the Bolsheviks pay back some of the money he'd loaned Kerensky. Schiff also joined a British-backed effort to appeal to fellow Jews in Russia to continue the fight against Germany.[15]

Realpolitik nothing more.

Your goalposts are on wheels, faggot. No one is listening to your subjective idiocy anymore.
Commies and lamp posts.
The next big thing.

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>The most diverse white supremecist group around.

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You truly are the most delusional retards in politics. You honestly believe Rockefeller 2.0 is gonna come along and start funding right wing death squads in the modern social and political climate the next time shit hits the fan? It'll be the antifa types gunning the proles down, and they'll be waving LGBT and trans flags as they do it. That's the new national socialism.

>It'll be the antifa types gunning the proles down


also, why modern commies so much love fegits?

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