The man, the myth, the legend

The man, the myth, the legend...

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Good guy. Flaggot OP.

vegan gun grabber.
what he a Democrat?

>drug user
Aah Cuckdolf Shitler, destroyer of Europe

Not a vegan, he was vegetarian. He lessened the restrictions on guns from the Weimar period

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The anti-tobacco vegetarian was on painkillers after the assassination attempt that almost killed him. The OSS claimed that Morel claimed that he gave Hitler nine does of Vitamultin at the end of the war. That's literally all you have.

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Like with a snap of my fingers

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Hitler was a socialist.
enough said.

JIDF needs to try harder

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>caring about your people bad
>wasting away for scraps from Mr Shekelsteinberg good

>Hitler was a socialist.
Not a marxist Socialist. He defined socialism definitely. Read a book

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Poor man's Stalin

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go vote for Merkel for the 10th time

He had a good run, but alas, It's over.

As if he didn't had the power/means to get drugs unnoticed. He was basically a junkie by modern standards.

>Poor man's Stalin
Stalin was the Jews bitch

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>He was basically a junkie by modern standards.
Debunked garbage. It's allias lies. Churchill was the junkie

Blonde Aryan girl: thank you for killing my father Cuckdolf Shitler.

They were both elitist scum

Hitler was a broke young adult who fought in the trenches of WW1 winning medals and both of his parents passed away. Hitler lived sometime in a homeless shelter. Fuck off

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What happens in March kike?

Go ahead with your jewish meme, you either move to Israel or you'll be hanging for a tree or killed in the streets.

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So he spends his youth like an average German at the time and then becomes an elitist junkie mass murderer?

A dutch cunt! Fun. Make sure to keep a diary for us when you're hiding in the cupboard. LOL.

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Literally not a Jew, also I thought the consensus here was that the Holocaust didn't happen?

What is wrong with the (((Dutch)))? I've already addressed this

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Let's investigate: Balfour Declaration and sending Trotsky into Russia in 1917. Bolshevik Revolution, Latvian War of Independence, Estonian Civil War, Lithuanian Civil War, Soviet Polish War, Artificial Terror famine in Ukraine 1932-1933 better know as the Holodomor. HAAVARA AGREEMENT, Spanish Civil War assassination of Ernst vom Roth, Katyn Massacre. Lend Lease in Korea and Vietnam in 1943. Paraguay Civil War, Greek Civil War, Assassination of Folke Bernodotte ---> yeah you're a kike.

> get off 4 chan and plan your escape.

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Hates modern aet whitout a meaning,cares about the one friendly whit animals cus they are worth more than jews and gipsies.

10/10 would give my rights and indivduality away just to lick his boots and be called a traitor in the end when his stupidity lost us a war that wasn't needed in the first place

>Stormfag bullshit
Lmfao, take meds

>take meds
You forgot your tranny pills

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Spend less time slinging jewish ad hominem and trying to push your phramajeuticals, kike. You display the unique depravity and arrogance only found in kikes. What's best for all of us is they get to you and exterminate you before you get a chance to flee. Die slow, subhuman.

The moustache man

>10/10 would give my rights and indivduality away just to lick his boots

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thats how we fascists roll

Still think I'm Jewish?

was Hitler gay?
all points say YES!

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>was Hitler gay?
>all points say YES!
JIDF try harder

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That sentiment was held by him only during the war, as he got some financial benefit from Solomon Mikhoels efforts and from the Yiddish(i'm skimming a lot of details, but basically they were eastern jewrdy who fled to soviet Russia and were Loyal commies ) Community in general who spread Russian good treatment of the jews, at least during the war, after the war was over Stalin was dissapointed that the Jews wouldn't share their shekels with him so he dismantled The Anti-Fascist Committee in '48 and yeeted all of its members to the shadow realm, Solomon Mikhoels very much included, Basically Stalin killed a lot of jews(admittedly not as many as Hitler), the only reason we about Hitlers victims is because some of them survived and wrote Diaries in their attics, while Stalins jews were allowed to publish anything that might sully the soviets name.The world perceived him as a good goyim, but in reality he was just as shitty to jews as to all the other citizens of the USSR

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Oh no.. wait

Evidence is little that Stalin purged the jews

Stalin's Jewish affair,7340,L-3450203,00.html

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Wow didn't knew that thanks user.True, but like i said it might be because the soviet regime managed to control the flow of information and thus didn't allow info about dead jews to surface, that's why we only have little snippets here and there, I looked up an old quote from Solzhenitsyn that i read long ago which refers to the Jews that were locked up with him in the Gulag "If I would care to generalise, and to say that the life of the Jews in the camps was especially hard, I could, and would not face reproach for an unjust national generalisation. But in the camps where I was kept, it was different. The Jews whose experience I saw - their life was softer than that of others", which is what prompted me to believe that Stalin Prosecuted Jews.

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may he one day return.

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I can tell you're jewish, here's some advice -- when you get schooled on world war 1 and 2 -- know that we are someone who hates jews and boycotts everything jewish, we would never touch jewish meds, you talk like a boomer. I told you kike, plan your move or they'll kill you in the streets, which would be preferable.

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Du kehrst mit eisernem Besen aus
Und schaffst allen Unrat raus,
Die Gauner und die Taugenichts
Und was sonst faul und ranzig ist

Was it all even real?

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