How can a homosexual reconcile being Christian...

How can a homosexual reconcile being Christian? You’re talking a good chunk of the population that is either gay or bisexual. Trannies are mentally ill, you can never be a women if you’re a man, vice versa. Physically and mentally it does not compute. But sexual orientation on the other hand is more serious matter all together . There are numerous cases of happily gay married couples, some who are Christians or at least believe in god.

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by stop being gay

They can either be Christians where they self-reflect on their gay behavior or they can be atheists that reproduce homos through child molestation

Everything is forgivable in Christianity, son. It's the old testament that has the wacky injunctions,

That’s equivalent to asking a straight person to be gay. You don’t think much

I'm a lying, thieving, blaspheming adulterer. I've received forgiveness and stand righteous in God's eyes through Christ's sacrifice.

Faith in Christ, repentance from sin - all are welcome.

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Love thy neighbor

No such thing as a gay gene It's a degenerate fetish

Also, you basically asking someone who been in a long term relationship to end it because they’re both gay. That’s legit retarded. It’s like a gay person going up to a married couple telling them to end their relationship and stop being straight

Nobody said genetics had anything to do with it.

just be celibate

Anal Sex is inherently harmful to human body.

I respect and tolerate gays to the extent I won't throw them off a building. All sin is equal in God's eyes. We are all sinners.

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Sunk cost.
Homosex is literally a biological error.
Why continue in it?

Biological error? I thought there’s no such thing as a gay gene

>There are numerous cases of happily gay married couples, some who are Christians or at least believe in god.
>Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

What if you used a condom?

God's elect will answer His call. Those who turn away will suffer the consequences.

I read the whole thing. Basically some self hating fag became a massive slut in the 80s and 90s with no since of monogamy eventually got his anus ripped. He didn’t even use any lube. I don’t understand how this couldn’t happen in a heterosexual scenario involving a whore.

You’re going to hell sinner.

Believing in God is not enough....even the devil believes in God. Obeying God's commandments and what he inspired the Bible writers to record are what counts. Homosexuality in incompatible with being a Christian. They are committing fornication and thus cannot inherit God's kingdom. The Bible is very clear on this. That doesn't mean that they can't change though. Many have.

Those who wanted to become Christians in the first century came from various backgrounds and lifestyles, and some of them made significant lifestyle changes. For example, the Bible speaks of “those who are sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, men who submit to homosexual acts,” and then it adds: “That is what some of you were.”—1 Corinthians 6:9-11.

In saying “that is what some of you were,” does the Bible mean that those who stopped engaging in homosexual acts never again experienced any homosexual desires? That could hardly be the case, because the Bible also exhorts: “Keep walking by spirit and you will carry out no fleshly desire.”—Galatians 5:16.

Note that the Bible does not say that a Christian will never experience an improper desire. Rather, it says that he or she will choose not to carry out that desire. Christians learn to bring such desires under control, not dwelling on them to the point of acting on them.—James 1:14, 15.[6]

The Bible thus makes a distinction between inclinations and practices. (Romans 7:16-25) A person who has homosexual leanings can control what he allows his mind to dwell on, just as he would control any other wrong desire, including leanings toward anger, adultery, and greed.—1 Corinthians 9:27; 2 Peter 2:14, 15.

Religion is for the sheep. That said, gays should accept that they are mentally ill, and treat themselves and stop acting like animals.

How about you stop thinking about sex for a couple of weeks? Is that impossible too?

>can't do whatever he wants

It is just orientation. It arouses you. It does not matter that you should let those impulses take control. You know what is wrong and what is right dude. If you sit with your wife watching TV and think "I could strangle her to death right now" is that anything else than just a thought? Same with your sexuality. You think you are gay, its up to you if you want to go down that path

How can liking someone of the same sex be considered animalistic? Faggot culture run by insecure women and their interests is barbaric because they’re forcing it on people. The flamboyant, transhuman, postmodern Art is evil. Some fag wearing a costume with dildos attached is vulgar, so is the furry shit, so is the shit shown to kids. But this degeneracy is not defined by a sexual orientation. It’s just outrageous degenerate behavior that is expressed out in the open to an extreme. It’s motivated by attention seeking.

I'm the only person in the thread with the correct answer, everyone seem to be brainlet regarding this.

Sodomy is a sin. Don't commit sin, don't be a hedonist.

Homosexuals have TWO simple choices:
Become Celibate, exercise self-control. (instead of being pozz-pig sick fuck demonic creature.)

Or option two
Get a wife, have kids. Yes you homos probably dont like the sex, but even homos can impregnate woman. Raise family.

or you can go with s*tan and snort meth, get on grindr, be a fag, and destroyed by aids

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Celibate or Marrying girl, start family. Only two proper options.

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Blasphemy isn't forgiven. Ill save you a seat in hell, bro

I never said I was gay bro. Pedophiles fucking kids wrong considering their immaturity and mental inferiority, they don’t know better. Beastiality is wrong because of multiple reasons, etc. But two consenting adults that have intelligence to them, that can think logically, but are attracted to each other sexually is not wrong.

Homosexual activities can never lead to the creation of life. God, natural law, biology, and Muh Science, all dictates that life can only be created through the union of man and woman.

Homosex does not create, matter fact, it destroys. Look at aids rate. Look at how sodomy leads to trannykids/pedophilia. Look at gay bowel syndrome.

This isn’t Hollywood. 50% of the population isn’t gay as they make it appear. Closer to about 6%

You’re saying being a homosexual means you’re going to do all immoral shit you just listed.

>I’m the smartest in this thread

Just because someone is a homosexual, doesn't mean they must commit sodomy. Unfortunaly, pride is one of the sins, and they refuse to admit that sodomy is evil, and that's how 50 million homosexuals died while fucking each other, seeing all their sodomite friends die off. Did it stop them? No. Because once these people engage in sodomy, the demons get firm hold of them, and they have trouble stopping.

You can be homosexual and christian, you just can't give in to your urges and commit sodomy. Even homosexuals can fuck women and have kids.

They secretly push for pedophilia. Once 15% of all children get molested, they will grow up to become pedophiles + homosexuals, and then the next generation of abused children will be up to 30%, after that generation its game over. 4/5 teachers, 90/100 cops, 40/50 doctors will all be pedophiles, and cover up for each other. Then the purity of children will be destroyed due to sodomy, and God will be forced to reset the world, like he did with Sodom and Gomorah.

Sodomy always lead to pedophilia eventually, it's the nuclear bomb of humanity.

>Look at aids rate. Look at how sodomy leads to trannykids/pedophilia. Look at gay bowel syndrome.
I don’t know where you’re getting this information from. How can being gay lead to pedophilia?

>Homosexual activities can never lead to the creation of life. God, natural law, biology, and Muh Science,
Yeah that’s the whole point of being a homosexual. You can’t have kids with the person you’re with unless you adopt or impregnate a woman and she gives you the kid

Thats not entirely true. The Bible even says that the Lord gave them over to their vile affections. Fags are not welcome in Heaven.


Soft Christianity has allowed this. Pastors get less attendance and start bending the rules. Vatican gets some faggot in charge and it gets even worse.

You can't. Read Romans chapter 1. God hates the gsys

If you're a fag you are going to hell. Rest assured.

Dude. What the fuck is with this molestation shit. There’s plenty of homosexuals that were never molested. And say for sake of argument they had a gay experience as a child that somehow made them go towards that inclination, well couldn’t that considered nurture instead of natural, couldn’t that child have a straight experience that made them straight?

Sorry, I worded it wrongly. What I meant is they should stop acting less than human. They should stop acting like faggots, like what you said.

A lot of correlation though. Ask gays if they were touched as a child and the numbers are incredible.

Yeah the reprobate mind. Since being gay is a choice we’re committing sin. But it never says in the Bible why it’s bad.

Homo wet dreams are ok

>How can being gay lead to pedophilia?
"Slippery slope" is real. Tolerance to homosexuality, lead to transgenderism, which lead to brainwashing of children with genderconfusing. Now little desmond and other trannykids are conveintly placed in the hands of the pedos within the lgbt.

Look up sex offender prison statistic. 80% of all perverts, pedophiles and homosexuals, got molested as kids. Look up how many homosexuals and trannies have history of being sexually abused, which screwed up their natural orientation.
Hello reedit, statistics don't lie. Sodomy is evil and must never be tolerated. Sooner or later children will become victims. And even if children magicly would never become victims, homosexual activities is highly damaging by physicly (gay bowel disease, read it) but also spiritually. These homosexuals sometimes act like they are possessed. Never shake hands with a homosexuals, they litterly cannot be trusted - Eastern European proverb lol

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I don’t know if that’s true. I think that’s just speculation and a myth made up by gay haters. “ If gays are disgusting, there must be a reason, oh I know, they were molested!” it’s far fetched in my opinion

I tried doing it even I was younger by myself when I was a teenager (16ish) and didnt know better. Back then I was curious about if that would be enjoyable as wanking had gotten boring. Never liked dudes as its honestly fucking pointless as they don't have vaginas or boobs and can't bear children and are fucking pedantic.
it just fucking Stung and wasn't enjoyable (and realized I definitely didn't want to do anything else.)
I derived no sexual pleasure from it and there's definitely no mythical "G spot"
Why do people claim anal has any form of stimulation when receiving?

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>>some who are Christians
>No, they're not.
>>You’re talking a good chunk of the population that is either gay or bisexual
Narrow is the path to heaven, wide is the road to hell.

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Homogay is a homo-lie.

Repent or perish, faggot.

Do some research if you're gay. You may not like the results.

See it as a serious flaw of yourself
Do not fall for the temptation but know you'll be rewarded if you reject your corrupted staye.

46% of faggots report being molested by someone of the same sex as children

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Slippery Slope is bullshit. An idea created by leftists tranhumanists is one thing, being gay is another.

>I stuck a pencil up my ass with no lubrications, it hurt, the end

>How can being gay lead to pedophilia?
Ask Harry Hay, gay rights pioneer

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Don’t have sex before marriage or you’re going to hell

Nowadays going on 20 in about a year the only inherit sin im having trouble overcome is adultery. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs but goddamn wanking is the only addiction I have that I can't shake (only real pleasure I get from it are those contractions you get as you nut.) The coomer meme is real and i need to conquer this addiction I have.

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Did you know the first person to die of GRIDS in America was a 16 year old that first showed signs of the disease at 13 years old? What do you think that says about the gay "community"?

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There are more straight pedophiles than gay ones. Oh wait, straight people can’t be pedophiles, i forgot

I remember you sodomite. No matter how much statistic being dropped on you, your tiny brain refuse to accept that sodomy goes against natural law. Not even when 50 million homosexuals die from aids, do you stop and think "hey wait a minute... this destroys us!" Nope, you are such hedonistic animals you keep doing it.

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Pretty much except it wasn't a pencil. I don't really regret it as I won't get curious about doing anything like it again.


COPE is off the charts. Almost like you know most gays were molested including yourself. I feel bad for you fwiw you didn't deserve that.

Don't strawman me, I never claimed that straight people can't be. It's a matter of proportionality, when you see multiple gay rights activists and pioneers coming out as having preyed on young men, it's a problem, when you see nearly 50% of the gay community self report being molested, you have to recognise there's some correlation here.

Abuse and trauma in childhood, both sexual and non sexual lead to elevated rates of homosexuality and bisexuality. It's a lifestyle born of abuse, that perpetuates abuse and then seeks to normalise it.

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I recognize this poster. There is no changing this sodomites opinion, but we can all warn the zoomers who is bombarded with lies and gets confused, about the dangers of sodomy

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Quads check
Stuck stuff in my ass once when I was younger and didn't know better just to see what it was like, now I never want to do it again. Still haven't had sex with any girls yet but I'll certainly not do anything until I'm married.

Yeah let’s resort to ad hominem when you got no argument. AIDS literally doesn’t exist anymore outside of 3rd world countries that don’t have access to modern medicine. If that was the case fags should be dying like flies, but statistics say they’re not. I’m too lazy to post shit just do a simple google search.

extreme projection. it's in the past buddy. forget about it.

You claimed it was speculation and myth, respond to medical studies that have said the same thing.

Bro you’re not gay, don’t stick things up your ass, plus you didn’t even use lube. But anal sex feels really good, that’s why lots of women enjoy it.

Damn ad hominem ad hominem ad hominem

The homosexual union does not create life. It doesn't further the species, it causes detrimental effect on the people involved in it's inverted lifestyle, and also innocents. There is historical reasons why your mentally ill kind has never been tolerated.

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Ask the priests who diddle the kids.

What do you say to the other 50%?

Except for the gay communities in the west of course!
>in 2016 gay and bisexual men accounted for 67% of the 40,324 new HIV diagnoses
Isn't it strange that gays spread diseases that are common in 3rd world that have little to no access to medical facilities, incredibly poor hygiene practices and backwards social practices. Wow, that must be because it's so natural and just like what straight people do, right? There's no difference, one results in 3rd well diseases at epidemic rates and the other results in children and life and families. Totally the same thing.

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HAHAHAHA. What the fuck kind of response is that? I literally just cackled out loud. What do you say about the 46% that were molested, you were claiming there's no correlation, it's all speculation and muh gay haters.

What do you have to say now that homos themselves report INSANE levels of being molested?

You resort to ad hominem when you are losing an argument with simple logic. I’m not claiming I’m an expert on the issue just that logically your position doesn’t make sense.You don’t even know if I’m gay also why do you care

I think anal would be enjoyable if you were on the giving end but I learnt the hard way on my own that putting stuff up your ass doesn't feel nice so no one should worry about me repeating it. Honestly I just wanna shake my habit of jerking off nowadays as im pretty much clean except for that.

I’m saying shouldn’t the gay molestation correlation should be universal across the board?

>when you are losing an argument with simple logic
You've rejected or ignored every single statistic you've been shown, don't pretend you're trying to argue this on any facts. You're coming from an entirely emotional place.

>You don’t even know if I’m gay also why do you care
Yeah, we do, it's quite apparent, and don't go playing the victim, you raised the subject.

Nearly 50% of all fags were touched by another fag as kids. It has a devastating effect.

People would rather normalize pedophilia to make gays comfortable rather than kill/prosecute pedos bc there might be less gays.

Take a single line from this thread of my text that proves I’m gay. “It’s apparent” go fuck yourself you emotionally projecting retard. Yeah that’s an ad hominem I don’t give a fuck like you do it’s the internet bitch

Name me another community that has a 50% incidence of childhood molestation. Those are insane fucking rates and you know it. You should be fucking ashamed for trying to pretend that it doesn't exist, these are clearly very damaged people.

And no, not necessarily, but it also can't be ignored the insanely elevated rates of molestation. As other studies have found, childhood abuse and trauma of a non sexual nature can also lead to elevated rates of homosexuality, seeThen we know there are elevated rates of homosexuals coming out of homes with single mothers.

So if we add all this together, a large portion, most of the gay population are the products of molestation, child abuse, neglect and broken families, the correlation is certainly there. Is this not reason to be alarmed?

Let’s say that rubbish statistic is true, what do you say to the other 50% of the gay population that weren’t molested? Did they just magically turn gay?? That’s all I’m asking

>you emotionally projecting retard.
You're not original, that's not in any capacity a reasonable statement to make. You've been defending it emotionally, getting upset and refusing to address the factual points or statistics people make that refute your claims. You're acting like fags online i've spoken to before, noting that pattern of behaviour isn't projection. Now address the facts and statistics people have refuted your points with, I couldn't give a fuck about your ad hominem , just address the facts like an adult.

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>rubbish statistic
Why is it a rubbish statistic? That's from a medical journal, from a poll where guys SELF REPORTED that molestation, so the answer is AT LEAST 46% of them were molested, more probably didn't want to talk about it.

What you’re doing is not honest. This argument was based on just asking logical questions. You bring in a statistic that nobody has fact checked, so we all must assume it’s true.

50% didn’t want to talk about. Damn you’re so full of shit

People can be gay and good of course. We can't ignore reality though. If you have a gay uncle don't let him babysit your child. Don't relax around blacks either. Reality.

>ou bring in a statistic that nobody has fact checked, so we all must assume it’s true.
Then please provide me with the pre-approved set of statistics and factual resources that you would be comfortable with me using, because apparently citing a fucking medical journal directly relating to the arguments you've made isn't good enough. This is dishonest, you know it, you're not being fair. How dare you try to push the bullshit manner in which you're conducting this exchange onto me, I haven't lied nor have I sought to deceive anyone, i've cited nothing but medical literature including the CDC.

Once again with the strawmen. I never made the claim 50% didn't want to talk about it. I said, since 46% readily admitted it, and it's such an unpleasant thing to talk about, the number is most likely higher since there will undoubtedly have been people that didn't want to talk about it, so the number is AT LEAST 46%. NOWHERE, NOT ONCE, did I make the statement that 50% didn't want to talk about it.

Stop being emotional and address the facts and statistics people raise.

If you know the gay uncle and he has good morals I don’t see why not.

So you at least agree about not relaxing around blacks?

The Biblical definition of a Christian is someone who believes in Jesus Christ, is born again, and follows Him. A practicing homosexual does not follow Him, and thus is no Christian.

But this brings us to the heart of the matter, what is your definition of a homosexual? Is it someone who has homosexual desires or someone who gives in to those desires?

Having homosexual desires is fundamentally no different from having other sinful desires. Those who have such desires simply need to deny themselves just like everyone else has to deny themselves.

It's not about 'being' that gets you to hell. If it was, then everyone would go to hell, because everyone is a sinner in one form or another. 'Practicing' the sin is what gets you to hell. Practicing the sin (meaning periodically and purposefully sinning, or "living in sin" as some like to call it) is incompatible with being a Christian.

>two consenting adults that have intelligence to them, that can think logically, but are attracted to each other sexually is not wrong.
So if the people involved are able to think logically and are able to consent, then whatever they do or feel is good?

>equating normal behavior and degeneracy

>How can a homosexual reconcile being Christian?
Ask one of their priests. They can also tell you how you can reconcile being Christian and a pedophile too.

They were absolutely people here implying that

all you need to know is that the next time jesus comes to earth he is bringing a sword, and everyone who carries the mark of the beast shall be slayed