Let's CANCEL Greta

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She’s achieved more in her short life than anyone on Jow Forums has

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i want to FUCK greta's assburger cunny while force-feeding her beef

recycled chinese is phase 2 thats why she isnt saying this to china

>"muh better than you Jow Forums"
oy vey

noooo nooooo you can't attack a child we're using to promote all our talking points.

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first post tranny post

Anyone who has worked a day has done more then her.

She hasn't achieved anything on her own. All she is is a puppet with very rich powerful people telling her what to do.

Honestly, this goblin is the first person ever whom i wish to commit suicide
I so fucking hope that she won’t stand the pressure and kill herself

>She’s achieved more in her short life than anyone on Jow Forums has
We could achieve a lot too if we had globalist backers and plenty of funding

Jewwwwww DETTTTEECCCTTED woeloeloeleoleo


Bitch looks and acts like a female version of Isaac from Children of the Corn. I mean, did they actually try to find the creepiest kid they possibly could?

Yea but she's just a forced meme and a fake. There's no way she's doing this alone, it's clearly all staged. Not long ago nobody knew of Greta then suddenly out of nowhere she's making all the news headlines and even inspired the climate strikes that happened in multiple countries, it's suspicious.
She's not that special, she's no different than any other environmentalist organisation or tree hugger hippie that has protested the government in the past. Why is she so special?
(((Thunberg))) ahhh yes that's the reason why, she's a fucking Jew, a Jewish plant and they are just hyping her up in the news. They even got this little cunt in the UN doing a speech. It all makes sense.

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It's okay now young Fritz, we'll deal with them.

Captain Greta, she's our hero,
Gonna take pollution down to zero,
She's our powers magnified,
And she's fighting on the planet's side

Captain Greta, she's our hero,
Gonna take pollution down to zero,
Gonna help her put asunder,
First Worlders who like to loot and plunder

We're the Gretateers,
You can be one too!
'Cause saving our planet is the thing to do,
Looting and polluting is not the way,
Hear what Captain Greta has to say:


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bump for cancelling

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Hurry up please. Theyre invested in our institutions too. Dont be tricked this time okay?

I'm tired of this Lisa Simpson knock off

I feel so bad for her and I hat her parents for pushing her to do this shit, it's all just sad. Why is the left so soulless? Forcing her into the limelight for what? Just to virtual signal about climate change? It's just sad all around and a true testament to the times we live in.

I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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