Pre-islamic paganism

Supposedly the Kaaba was pagan, many deities and pagan symbols were engraved on it.

>b-but thats unsourced!
Sure, but do you want me to believe that muslims didnt do the same to their ancestors as christians did in Europe? Besides, this thread is so THAT people can post more knowledge on the subject, be it books, theories or whatever.

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Muslims pray to the moon god.
Also the Kabba history is stupid :
Abraham take a trip SO FAR South of Palestine? That's just stupid

Was a Pagan temple before Islam but according to Islamic narrative it was built by Abraham and his son Ishmael before pagans worshipped it.

Ramadan was also pagan:

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they had some pretty badass pagan myths before they started calling fucking their cousins a religion

Source? I find it hard to believe that jews made this

It's still pagan
Muslims are pagan.

Muslims are against paganism. Paganism is from the time before islam aka "the era before people were rational". t. Muslims

The quran says so so it MUST be true

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You're right.
I mean I believe in Flying donkey with human faces too.


>>b-but thats unsourced!
>Sure, but


>delivers nothing


That's a nice word. You can make up anything you want as long as you put "supposedly" in front of it.

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Anybody that stutter-types is a fag. No exceptions.

Muslims ARE pagan

What the fuck is it with /pol's/ recent obsession with Islam?

>user I...

Literally any biography of the Prophet (pbuh).
La ilaha ilallahu, wa Muhammadin abduhu wa rasoolu

Jews are Muslims
Christains are Muslims
Muslims are Muslims.
>oh no 3 religions are mudslimes how?
Moses, Jesus and Muhammed all brought the same message to praise one God.
The Jews and Christians then changed and subverted their message, while Islam's message has remained the same for over a thousand years.

jews WERE muslims
christians WERE muslims
otherwise accurate

no one else will reply to you cause youre right

That's alright brother, at least we know the truth.

I remember reading a long time ago that the black rock at kabbabwas part of a set. 3 stones of pre islamic worship and myth. 2 were lost, and the last one was syncretized

All Abrahamic religions kill people for no reason

I suspect it was probably some gay kabbalah subversive shit rather than geniune local beliefs. Jews and other Abrahamatics had dominated Arabia centuries before Mohammed was born.

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Sounds like a credible, academic source

Abraham wasn't from Palestine, he was from Mesopotamia, which is modern day Iraq.

>Muslims are pagan
How? Paganism means not being monotheistic.

kabba = saturn / vagina of baal
allah = satan / the devil / baal
muhammad = false prophet / schizo / pedophile

>dude just make shit up and repeat it over and over again like a delusional authoritative jew lmao
kaaba does have the vagina idol on the outside though

Read OP

>kaaba does have the vagina idol on the outside though
Housing the stone Allah sent from heaven to guide Abraham in the location of the first temple.
>dude read my totally unbiased source

you guys never get into good sources, it's always Pam Gellar JIDF BE MAD ABOUT 9/11 GOY tier shit

seethe more faggot, kabba is the vagina of ba'al, thats what its been known for. just like the obelisk is the phallus of baal

allah your moon god is a pagan idol and his name was adapted from the pagan arabs,

muhammad himself is a pagan because he kissed that black stone and said the stone can forgive sin LOL

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no like you honestly don't know your history and are spouting factually incorrect things with no regard

t.not schizo boomer

this, and it's not fooling anyone with a brain

haha islam isn't an abarahmic religion, thats a mainstream lie. it was created as a branch from the catholic church as a way to unite the pagan arabs and it has nothing to do with abrahamic religions, allah himself is moloch

dont forgot muhamad said allah had 3 daughters, this was the moon god of hte pagan religions and muhammad stole everything and had to retract this part but it was mainly done to help the pagan arabs convert to islam

not an argument faggot, enjoy hell with your pedophilic prophet

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did your prophet not kiss the black stone???? because he did, and that makes him a pagan
gas yourself

>muhammad himself is a pagan because he kissed that black stone and said the stone can forgive sin LOL
>muhammad said in this thing that was written 200 years after he was dead
I don't give a shit if it's Sunni Talmud, did he ACTUALLY say it and further more do you give a shit (no)
hurr durr lie to the goyim about islam yes that will keep them from investigating

>it was created as a branch from the catholic church
watch out guys he's read Jack Chick and he's not afraid to use it!


hahahahahahahahaha more non arguments from satan worshippers

enjoy hell , your pedo prophet is waiting for you. imagine letting your love for a 6th century pedophile keep you from heaven

remember folks, without Christ you will die and burn in your sins.

have fun retards

take your seroquel

Today I was walking out of the local Al-Meera when a group of muslims approached me and noticed the Al-Uzza talisman around my neck. They questioned me again and again about numerous off religion questions which was pretty much what I was expecting and prepared for from them, even questions like "catch the game last night?" It was like they were trying to engage in a friend styled conversation with me which is exactly what I didn't want from them. As I walk back to the car one dares to put his hand on my shoulder (which I quickly snapped at him for) and he says "Name one thing Allah can't do, Pagan." So I quickly shot them all death stares from my eyes and swiftly replied "stand toe to toe with Dhul Khalasa and live to tell about it." I've been waiting so long to use that line, it felt so good. After my response they all left pretty quickly. Gave them all the finger on my way out too! It was priceless.

can we go back to this kind of trolling instead of jew schizophrenia? Please?

but im not like muhammad, i didnt get bewitched by satan and recite satanic verses that told me allah had 3 daughters who can be prayed to (in order to court the pagan arabs into following him) and then reversed what he said (to not piss off muh monotheists)

your prophet needs the seroquel.


like i said, enjoy hell. you're headed there as long as you keep listening to a liar named muhammad

What happens inside that building? It looks just like Epstein's building.

>arguing with schizos

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your ignorance is going to send you to hell

you've been warned


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>watching hour and a half schizo videos

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>cannot compute information and evidence which says prophet bad and prophet liar
you're in a cult. good luck


>posts jack chick shit
>"you're in a cult!"
o im laffin

Saul of Tarsus wuz a good boy who dindu nuffin

yea, you know, like these

• Muhammad is the last prophet (Qur'an 33:40)

• Beheading non-Muslim captives (Qur'an 8:67; 47:4)

• Allah has no sons (Qur'an 4:171)

• Angels in Islam cannot be named after females; only non-Muslims do so (Qur’an 53:27)

• Allah has no girlfriend (until the time of Muhammad), (Qur'an 6:101; 72:3)

• Allah has only ONE leg (a single shin) (Qur'an 68:42)

• Allah’s two hands are both on his right side (Allah has no left hand), (Qur'an 49:1). Note: Based on Islamic teachings, the left hand is the defiled one (e.g. used for toilet). Only Satan has and uses the defiled (left) hand (Sahih Muslim, Book 023, Hadith 5007). (Even though supposedly Allah doesn't have human features)

• Allah has a face (Qur'an 55:27)

• Allah does not like to have female children (Qur'an 53:21-22)

• Allah knows everything, as long as you do not ask him questions and no one is allowed to ask him questions (Qur'an 5:101-102)

• Muslims cannot take the non-believers (non-Muslims) as friends (Qur'an 3:28; 4:139; 5:51, 57, 81)

• Satan is a friend for all non-believers (non-Muslims), (Qur'an 7:27; 30)

• Non-believers are friends to each other only, but not to Muslims (Qur'an 8:73)

• Muslims cannot even take their own family as friends if they are from the non-believers (non-Muslims), (Qur'an 9:23)

• Allah sent a prophet to every nation, but yet Muslims cannot name one prophet for nations such as China, India, Japan, etc. (Qur'an 10:47; 16:36, 84, 89; 23:44)

• Allah sent a prophet to every nation speaking to them in their own language (Qur'an 14:4). I wonder what the book of Allah is in the Russian language?

and thats just a few.... theres many more you can try to address and you never will because you cannot explain your book. Thats why you guys dont read your book you only memorize it in song because its not even a real book you can read without thinking WHAT THE FUCK lmfao

• Allah will make an ugly behavior look like beauty to the infidels in order to make them go further astray! (Qur’an 6, Verse 137)

I like that one, allah is a true deceiver

>having to post his jew synopsis of a (((Saud))) translation when he could post the verses instead of this schizo c/p
whatcha doin' rebbe

• The ones who die for the sake of Allah are alive (Qur'an 2:154)

• Allah is the best of deceivers

(Qur'an 3:53; 7:99; 8:30; 10:21; 27:50)

• To Allah is all the ownership, and he is the Master of Deception (Qur’an 13:42)

• There is no guidance for the one Allah deceives (Qur’an 4:143; 6:39, 125; 7:178, 186; 13:27; 16:37, 93)

Allah truly is the best of the deceivers.

"No really guys, he WAS god, hear me out..."

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OHhhhh its the translations! the translations are actually clean up of the original arabic LOL They make it look better than it really is

Go to any scholars interpretation of those verses, you will see I am right.

>Satan is a friend for all non-believers (non-Muslims), (Qur'an 7:27; 30)
curiously this is the same thing schizoleaf has been screaming in this thread at people who disagree with him

who translated (((Sahih International))) then? waiting.

Abraham built the Kaaba, polytheists corrupted it and started using it for their idolatry and danced naked around it. Thank God this degeneracy was cleansed. Pagans in Jahiliyyah make today’s West look tame



Meaning those who can give life (God) are way above those who cant give life (non god)

Who in the Quran made life besides Allah? Jesus lol, so even according to your quran (who is described as 3 in 1 in your book), Jesus is higher than Muhammad

>muh schizo
>muh translation

You dont need a translation, the original arabic (of many of the verses) is read out here on many of these verses I pos, and its worse than the english translations,
In front of your muslims and they have no response when confronted with arabic

Just like you right now playing the "MUH TRANSLATION" game. Its cope

I always thought the schizos were contained mostly to the christian threads, it's good to know I haven't seen the last of them since my reversion.

>Who in the Quran made life besides Allah? Jesus lol, so even according to your quran (who is described as 3 in 1 in your book), Jesus is higher than Muhammad
What??? Are you illiterate? Both Jesus and Muhammad are just normal men chosen as messengers. The only special thing about Jesus is that he will return and defeat Dajjal before Judgement Day and the 3-in-1 lines are polemics against trinitarians. I don’t understand how you can mangle it so badly

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the only schizo was your prophet

didn't he stop giving prophecy because he had a dead dog under his bed for a long time which he hadnt noticed?

Or how about when he bathed in dirty sewage-type water with dead animals in it and said the water was clean?

even your angel jibreel is a schizo, couldn't enter a house because of a dog that was black in color LOL

So Jesus never created life from the mud?

He's talking about when Isa(pbuh) made the bird from clay. What he doesn't understand is that no miracle happens without Allah -- Isa(pbuh) was not acting of his own power.

>muh miracles
haha but Allah said the one who create is not like the one who create not. Isnt Jesus still alive while Muhammad is rotting?

Isnt Jesus the final judge in islam too? Who better to judge the world than God himself?

Your cult is a deception and its main goal is to keep you from believing in the crucifixion of Jesus, which is the biggest insult to GOD.

Enjoy hell. I think im done here, anyone who actually reads the information and things I posted can see the truth.


have fun

Mohammed never did any miracles (if he existed). At best he wrote a theologically incorrect poetry book which most of it predates islam, It probably came from bediun poetry.

>So Jesus never created life from the mud?
I was reminded by another user that you are referring to the clay bird. Read 3:49, it explicitly says that this happens by the permission of Allah. Allah gives all of his messengers different signs as proof. Another example is Moses and his staff which turned into a snake.
Ah I’m stupid. Jzk, and you’re right with what you said

>Your cult is a deception and its main goal is to keep you from believing in the crucifixion of Jesus, which is the biggest insult to GOD.
if it wasn't obviously a jew to (you) by now, here you go
the Vatican has installed an Osirian phallic idol at its center but here we are having a chimp out over this

hey retard, the lecture I posted earlier exposes both CATHOLICISM and ISLAM and shows how the two are related to each other.

Jesus is the only way to heaven. Not some church or cult.

>splitting the moon
>jumping back and forth between thought patterns this much
dude take your meds
As much as it pains me to say it, the churches of Rome and Constantinople are more correct than the protestant "make your own theology" smorgasbord. All are wrong, of course, but there are degrees of wrongness.

>written in Muhammad (pbuh)’s lifetime
Even secular scholars accept the traditional narrative of Qur’anic revelation. It was revealed over 23 years, memorized by those around him and later put into written form. This illiterate man revealed an irreplicable work with zero contradictions, statements in line with modern scientific fact that no man could have known back then and the most beautiful language. 1400 years ago disbelievers were challenged to recreate a single sura, a single ayah and they have never succeeded because it is impossible alhamdulillah

>claims biggest insult to God is denying the crucifixion (lol)
>'I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me.'
>before me
Good God what are you doing? You're going to burn in hell!

Its true Allah was the male god idol and he had three daughters Al lat , Al uzza and Manat. Woke atheist arabs know that but others have huge cognitive dissonance and can't accept that islam was just a way to get power over all tribes. Qoran have a lots of fails one of them is that Mohammad was illiterate but he grow up with his uncle that was very good poet and literate man.

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low iq "whites" love sandnugger religions.

>against fornication and adultery
>against alcohol and drugs
>pro-modesty for men and women
What is not to like?

"It's not polytheistic enough for me! Waaahhh!"

Can you give me some sources on this? Books?

Fucking hell why are Muslims so cringe men.

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Know some good books on it?

Not an argument, kaagir dog

Watch this lecture, its full of all the information you need and the books are named in the sources on each slide:

> Nothing against pedophilia (it's okay dude if she's just 9)
> Nothing against incest
> It's a Jewish legacy just like every (((Abrahamic Religions)))
> "Yes cut your foreskin good go... I mean my brother in faith"
> Even their most holy place Mecca is a shithole where people are getting killed by other Muslims Every year

So yeah fuck (((Islam))) and fuck every (((Abrahamic Religions)))

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You are the tool of israel

>so let's all worship trees and fuck each other in the ass!

>a tool of Israel
The biggest shills for anti-Islamic rhetoric are Zionist Jews who want to construct greater Israel. By fighting Muslims you are directly assisting Jewish efforts. Don’t be a golem

Also for a book about Islam doctrine itself and why its false and why Muhammad is a liar, see book "The Deception of Allah" (pic related is one of the pages)

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>>b-but thats unsourced!
>Sure, but do you want me to believe that muslims didnt do the same to their ancestors as christians did in Europe?

So it's true because you want to believe it's true?

>b-but OP is a fag!

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>see book "The Deception of Allah"

That sounds like an objective, unbiased source.