Can we all agree that Asian women are the best women in the world?

Can we all agree that Asian women are the best women in the world?
I feel if more western women accepted this that there would be less political anxiety from western women.

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Hey trying again I see. Why don't you try again tomorrow?


i dont understand the deal with asian women, they all have ugly faces, you should get one of those latinas

I prefer white

The ones that are attractive are very attractive and the average ones aren't bad either. To a western male (and perhaps to others, I wouldn't know) they tend to appear very innocent, which lends to this attractiveness. But of course, that's an illusion. They're women just like all other women and are thus evil cumdemon whores. It's like you see some picture of a Japanese girl in a bikini and you think, "Man she looks so cute and innocent," but she's some fucking slut posting slutty pictures of herself to the internet just like western whore trash. If you can get past this fucking illusion that they create you can see them for what they are, which is nothing special.

go back to china chang, nobody will buy your cousin

>why yes I have an Asian wife
>n-no I could get a white one I j-just don't want one

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Race traitors be like

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k-k-kill it with fire!

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I can smell you insecurity even here

Lol no.


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Again with the same fucking thread.

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I guess you guys never been around Asian women... this meme needs to stop, they are greedy and even more lazy then white women !

No. Just no.

Only those that are not good enough for good white women have to settle for asian girls.

We could instead understand that beauty is subjective (WITHIN REASON) and that what you think is very attractive is not what everyone thinks.

That's right. Don't race mix.
Frankly, if you're a boomer white Aussie, you've probably been to Thailand or something for the lady boys.
At least zoomers do it less because the Asians are already here.

Going to Asia is literally the best way to cure yellow fever. I am still learning their languages but I would never be in a relationship with those bugs.


Checked, but definitely this.

Yes. They’re ugly but they have high IQ.

I realized IQ is the most important trait you can pass on to your kids. They could join medical school with their grades and never worry about unemployment or money. Doctors are also swimming in pussy, even the unnattractive ones. Life is very easy when you have good genes for learning.


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I would zoom inside Jessica Alba though. Not kidding.

Nah, sorry.
>doesn't support make up kikery
>speaks the truth on jews even in her twilight years

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>top 1% of ethnicity x is insanely attractive

No shit

When I was a teenager I lived in Egypt for a year due to my father having a job there, and I've seen chicks from the upper class there that were more attractive than any woman I've ever seen elsewhere, like it wasn't even close.

However that still doesn't mean that the average muslim woman isn't a goblin wearing a fucking trashbag.


Hapas are retarded... have you all ever met one?
>inb4 but muh keanu reeves
Hapas are also ugly af... have you all ever seen an average hapa? Yuuck!