Well. She isn't wrong

Well. She isn't wrong.


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What should be bigger news is the $75 billion the Fed is pumping into the internal bank lending market (the market in which banks borrow short-term from each other) every single day for the next couple weeks.

We've also doubled revenue for 2019 in customs to almost 75 billion, from 41 billion. A net 8 billion profit.

She isnt mad that Drumpf just gave 30B to the hooknoses for holocaust insurance claims?

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Imagine fucking her in the ass while she eats AOC's pussy

Farm subsidies are less socialism and more national security

What is it with communists and hating food?

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The real headline here is she hates socialism when Trump does it

These farmers are literally getting paid to not work. Imagine owning acres and acres of farmland and getting paid to not do shit.

Owning land is the way to get rich always will be

>Socialism is less socialism

>imagine fucking AOC while she eats her own pussy
Someone needs to draw this because it’s hard to imagine

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>We've also doubled revenue for 2019 in customs to almost 75 billion
Thanks to Trump's tariffs (taxes), we're all paying for it.


Fuck you

Came here to post this. It's aways a war on food with these idiots

she's right those 28 bil should go to israel

Trump is literally AOC and Jow Forums is fine with that.

I'm against so called right wingers or individualists who support socialism and rdistribution of wealth when it comes to farming but not anything else.

Be consistent or expect blowback

Haha, good.

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I've reduced the impact of those tariffs on myself by specifically looking for a "made in america" label on things I buy.

>the socialist who wants reparations thinks buying votes is bad.
Every time she opens her mouth, I think it won’t be as dumb as last time. It’s always dumber.

>$28 billion in taxpayer money to rescue farmers from his ongoing trade war with China, saying it's never called "socialism" when billionaires are buying rural voters.
She just confirmed what everyone knew about American “socialism”.

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she's completely wrong.
A nation must be self sufficient in food production, manufacturing, culture and resources in general of its people will fall victim to foreign manipulations.
so these "bailouts" are fore the nations security and not "billionaire socialist handouts" as her retarded understanding makes it out to be. She is incapable of seeing the bigger picture.

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>Keeping food prices down for the working class and poor is a bad thing
Also this

This is not about food security it's about votes in rural America.

Nah man, subsidies and bailouts are wrong. But that's just scratching the surface. The FED is bailing out the banks and wallstreet with policies like QE/rate cuts at the expense of savers and devaluing the dollar, raising prices of assets like homes, preventing deflation that should occur. Subsidies are just the tip of the iceberg, the elitist class and rich invested in the "markets" have socialism, for us plebs on the ground , we have capitalism. The entire system is so FUBAR that the capitalism vs. socialism debate is only being waged in an ideological stance. In practice and reality socialism is already here, it's just that it mainly benefits the rich and connected. Keep stocks elevated in this everything bubble is now considered "national security".

Why not subsidise everything that would help poor people? This is in the context of having the fattest population on earth BTW.

I’m admittedly a big dumb, but doesn’t the government use farmers as leverage in their trade wars/deals? If so, it seems only fair that they cover for them when they’re harmed by those deals. Someone could explain this to me, in idiot lingo pls.

Well, instead of the FED conjuring up money out of thin air and handing it over to the banks so they can buy stocks and those same banks buying treasuries at a mark up, then selling it to the FED and charging us with interest, it would be nice if we had QE for the masses instead. I am against socialism but since we're on the hook for all this "printed" money anyway, they might as well just give is straight to us, QE for the masses if they are so scared that deflation is occuring.

am i the only one who feels like i'm having a stroke reading that?

The bottom line is that "muh socialism" is a buzzword for dumb boomers to rally against. Socialism is inarguably a smart move, but it must be tied to nationalist endeavors and not for providing gibs to immigrants.

>Socialism is inarguably a smart move, but it must be tied to nationalist endeavors and not for providing gibs to immigrants.
Don't worry, with socialism you don't get immigrants. Most of the time people end up leaving because of it

You have to be some sort of retard to allow your food production to be completely outsourced to foreign powers. If war ever breaks out your population is going to starve to death. That's why farms in every Western country I can think of are subsidised despite being unable to compete with import prices from the 3rd world.

Vote Trump for bribes to rich rural people

Right or wrong, this is suicidal politically for the Democratic party.

>socialism is what I say it is
No, she's wrong. She's the kind of moron who see's a society do what societies do, and says that such a basic function is really the early stages of the terminal cancer that is bolshevism.

Farm subsidies and protection are a necessary evil. If you lose your farms you lose all of civilization.

>subsidies ≠ socialism
american politics is a trainwreck

>reee its not true communism

how the hell did that happen