Burn the Koran. Free Britain

>burns Koran in central Bradford
>mass chimp out police either let me be lynched by the mob on livestream or save me angering the mob
>enraged the mob of jihadis let’s loose on the town destroying all in their way
>random whites are lynched
>police are injured
>massive economic damage to the town and loss of police resources
>continue by going town to town burning the Koran in public and letting the race riots grow and divide the country
>police are overwhelmed
>eventually whites are forced to form self defense groups
If you fantasize about race war you have no excuse for not doing this. The Troubles were started by Orange Order marches in catholic areas causing riots. Burning the Koran is a more direct and easier method of getting to the civil war than any of your fantasy LARPs.

Literally no excuse unless you’re a massive LARPer

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London has gone
Birmingham has gone
Manchester has gone
Leeds has gone
40 other towns and cities have gone
Parliament has gone
The supreme court jas gone
The police have gone
The press has gone
The military has gone
The intel services have gone
Academia has gone
Industry has gone
Patriotism has gone

Britain is no more than an edifice, all the pillars have been removed, the foundations have been eroded and now we are seeing the first signs of plaster falling from the ceiling.

Get your hard hat and brace yourself, it's all about to come crashing down and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. like a condemned building it must fall, keeping it up is no longer an option

Sorry to hear that

Lol Jesus the UK is cucked

what do we do?

Go after the real enemy first, the jews, then ship the mudslimes back to the middle-east that the kikes have destroyed and you'll be free as will we all. Too bad everyone today is such a flaming jew dick sucker they don't get it

>what do we do?
You could coom?

- Have a network of reliable people that think the way we do.
- Educate yourself and others.
- Be healthy, no drugs, no entertainment.
- Learn practical skills and a job they cant outsource.
- Save money.
- Move to the country side, buy a house and a few acres of land.
- Have a family, worship your wife, educate your children.
- Connect to the people around you, join the local church, try to make it more traditional.
- Get a hunting license.
- Save more money, buy more land, have more children.
- Be patient.

What is the story behind that picture?

I just fucking told you mate we burn the Koran publicly

Race riot in Oldham last year.

typical day in London I think


You’ll get arrested for a hate crime the first time you burn one
Leftie scum will start sucking Muslim cock more because they’re an “oppressed” minority
Parliament will make it a harsher crime to burn the Koran
You will be killed within a day in the Muslim ran prisons
Your family will be demonised by the community for raising a “monster”
People on the same side will sit on Jow Forums and call it a “false flag to stir up tensions”

This is why we don’t do it, there is no ability or freedom to organise with like-minded individuals, the like-minded individuals are all pussies anyway.
The world is stacked against you and sometimes it’s just not worth the risk.

But be sure, the more we lose things, the more we lose those few comforts we have, the closer we get.


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No larpers, thread full of larping advises! Kek gets me everytime

RIP England

Just go to the Winchester and let the whole thing blow over.

>don’t do anything you’ll be stopped immediately
>there’s no hope
>just stay in doors
Either a very frightened paki or government de radicalization agent.

i dont get it why would anglos get mad over koran burning ?

It's the holy book of Bongladesh

This threads further proof 90% of you are massive LARPers who’ll sit and imagine you’ll be a hero in the race war but won’t do shit irl

Every empire falls, no need to be mad

Haha, he's right.

Finally! Some like minded people :)

Oof nice samefag virgin.


that high sudanese IQ in action
to think a paki like me felt bad for arabs killing you niggers

>same ID

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I could beat 100 pakis to death with my bare hands.

you're spineless and won't do anything except screech from behind a screen, that's why your women control you

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That’s why I beat paki women.

>thinks anyone can beat our women better than us
get in line, jim

prove your a Paki and not a larper

The government and the Army will take the invaders side. At best you died martyr and people in other countries like Poland and Romania hear about your death which causes them to move more to the right. At worst they arrest you and no one hears about your death.

if you are going to do something is stupid make sure you live stream.

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i get asked this all the fucking time and have proved it every time, this is getting boring now

Show your flag, Jew.

Prove it then


just did now do what the other bong said here

can confirm

The police and army ARE THE ENEMIES dolt

This guy gets it. At the very least, be aware that if the guy you're voting for has anything positive to say about israel, expect him to fuck you over.

>deleted it
Lol why?

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to get that exact reaction out of you

show that star of david, you spineless turd

>This threads further proof 90% of you are massive LARPers who’ll sit and imagine you’ll be a hero in the race war but won’t do shit irl

Reminder that glowniggers are confirmed to be posting on Jow Forums encouraging real world violence and real world connections.

What they /can't/ do is find and arrest lone wolves and decentralized distributed networks.

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disgusting cunt

Just doxxed you mate.

>doxxed you
ok, where's my dox then? let's see them
just my address would be enough

And then people wonder why there's so many jokes about the intelligence of mudslimes and niggers


get the fags in Charlottesville burning Korans

This place is a slide factory.
The defense is to ignore OP subject and baits, and flood with RedPills.
Fuck these niggers. Break their brains with facts and evidence.
All while constantly reminding them, Traitors and Enemies of the Aryan Race get the rope.

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yeah, there's that high anglo iq
please keep my proof image and post it around for me, i'm really getting tired of doing that every time one of you retards thinks i'm just larping

Why bother feeding the troll?

This is karma for Britain going around committing genocide for hundreds of years.

its fun to feed them bro

fair enough

Hello, GCHQ. Desperate to brainwash some poor autist into doing something stupid again, are we? Wanting to boost up those "far right hate crime" stats so you can seize more power and fuck with us even more, right?

Piss off.

Everyone KNOWS exactly what you COULD do to actually incite terror in the governing elite.
You just kill members of the elite, and then run away before you can be caught so you can keep doing it. Funny though that this never seems to happen....

This but in Minecraft

lol sure Tanaka, beacause your people were chilling in China and promting buddhism to the welcoming population of Nankin

You have a great sense of humor, don't listen those whitoids.

>deliberately get innocent whites killed
Wow yeah seems like a great idea

Charles Manson caused real terror by having his goons murder a few well connected actors. Ted K caused a nationwide panic because he managed to blow up some lobbyists. The IRA effectively won their war by bombing and assasinating MPs.

And yet, looking at all that, somehow all those right wing "terror" groups end up mysteriously following the advice of strange individuals who urge them to, say, put bacon on mosque doors, burn Korans or attempt to run over geriatric Pakis. HOW VERY STRANGE!

Is this a blackpill? I dont like the taste of this one. I feel remorse for an act I did not commit. Sorry bong bros

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its about fucking time, Britain used to rule the world and now their the U.S's fuck slaves and are treated like shit to the rest of the world. Get the towelheads out of great britain, they will no longer submit.

I know, mate. It's almost like there's a (((group of people))) out there who don't want those in power to be affected but DO want to ignite conflict between the 2 groups who are most capable of sorting shit out.

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Research how the Troubles started. It was started by riots over parades.

your idea of taking back your country is to burn a book? amazingly pathetic and soft as fuck.

How’d you lot take back your country?

>This is karma for Britain going around committing genocide for hundreds of years.

brits have become soft and weak, all brit men are short skinny femanine creatures. i couldnt detect an aura of predatory or danger among them when i was there for work last year. this is why everyone is walking all over them

>How’d you lot take back your country?

always been a 6% minority thanks. seems you don't know africas history. put down your basedtoys and pick up a book

>has gone

You can't even write your own language properly

holy shit ONIONS onions s0yt0ys soyt0ys

Lol seething

Fucking retard

truth, this saffer knows what's up.

Maybe they should have just grounded the RAF in that summer of 1940.

haven't you eaten all your books anyways? malnourished peasant

>haven't you eaten all your books anyways? malnourished peasant

yes i just ate my last book. amazing? is your skirt still in the wash?

That's a good idea but how do we avoid kosher "nationalism" in the meantime? The mudslimes will probably attack kikes, or else we attack them too during the chaos but some retarded "nationalists" will probably protect them, and i hate that idea

The same reason you get mad when someone calls you a Jew, Levi.


Get physically fit. Learn a martial art. Go to a shooting range sand learn to shoot. Organise with like minded people politically. Read books relevant to our situation.

>Get physically fit. Learn a martial art.

unfortunately that doesnt change anything. without living a life of real danger on a daily basis one still becomes timid in life or death fights. the first few times i had to kill someone in self defense there was serious hesitation which could of cost me my life. fighting is not how brits will win back their homelands, intelligence is where you lot shine. not fists.

why would someone call me a jew ?

>According to the Book of Genesis, the third son of Jacob and Leah, and the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Levi (the Levites) and the great-grandfather of Aaron and Moses.

>this is why we dont do it
Just outsource it to someone like you bongs do to everything else. Im sure theres some Irishman or pissed off German you can pay to bring in, burn a few books, and sneak out to kickstart New Dresden. Like seriously, you Brits are pathetic. Youre almost as bad as the Chinese, but at least Hong Kong and Taiwan are able to put up a resistance to governmental bullshit. How the fuck can you even call yourself a superpower when your country is being flooded and run by 3rd world, 4th class shitskins. So much to the point that you have to neuter and spy on your populace to make sure they dont assassinate you. Fuck you, you week old cold tea sipping, stale chip eating, license to underwhelm, another brick in the mosque having, apologist monkeys. Your culture is lost, your empire is brown, and you make Ireland look like paradise in comparison. Youre a bigger disappointment than my countrys healthcare policy.

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you missed out Liverpool

>>According to the Book of Genesis, the third son of Jacob and Leah, and the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Levi (the Levites) and the great-grandfather of Aaron and Moses.

Tribe Of Levi is like the Levi squad, based.

Even assuming what you say is true, being unfit and not knowing how to fight would be a worse situation than knowing how to and being in shape

It’s better to get the riot going and have real nationalists be at the forefront of the fight so civnats can’t swoop in and claim ownership.

I bet burning the Koran on film in a Muslim neighborhood in Paris would cause a civil war


how do you jews prenounce your levi? Lev eye or Lev eeee

Good riddance. Glad I left years ago. Pathetic people.

>Good riddance. Glad I left years ago. Pathetic people.

did you move to kekistan? amazing


Go get hacked by a nigger

>>burns Koran in central Bradford
>>gets arrested immediately
>>a few incel gammons and boomers post some passive aggressive seethe on twatter
>>life goes on as usual
I present you a more realistic scenario