What will Boris do now?

What will Boris do now?

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Besides getting a haircut.

Prorogue again. The libshits will have the smiles wiped off their faces very quickly.

Have a cup of tea and a wank.

Ask the queen for consent to have parliament and the supreme court executed for treason.

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Oye, yeah majesty can aye murder the government
>wot, I'm getting me gash worked on wotever

Wouldn't the court again rule it as null as they did this time?

I have a feeling he does that every day, regardless.

I got a funny feeling, ya know.

Even if they did, it will take time for the process to happen. There's nothing in the judgement to say that he CAN'T just prorogue again. He can easily keep parliament tied up in legal purgatory for the length of time that he desires. He will win and the globalists will lose.

War is bloody.

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die in a ditch perhaps

what's the current deadline ?
from what i understand they made it illegal for him to just wait until brexit and have no-deal but they cant really do anything to him without getting an election in which the anti brexit people get crushed in parliament.
so basically now he has to sacrifice himself by breaking the law they just made until you're out ?


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what's happened this time?


Brexit was cancelled and Boris Johnson will be arrested for treason this afternoon. It's over. Remain has won.

The British supreme court of diversity ruled that the people voted wrong

>What will Boris do now?

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depends on what he does next
if anything the parliament committed treason, it's their duty to uphold the referendum but they passed the law which gives the EU control over whether UK can leave.
if anything calls for violent revolution its the parliament handing over control to a supernational organization.

General election

Accurate post

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RIP Brexit, those numbers are too powerful. Unless my get can overpower them.

kek that sounds about right

Off by 1

Well, not really.