London has gone

London has gone
Birmingham has gone
Manchester has gone
Leeds has gone
40 other towns and cities have gone
Parliament has gone
The supreme court has gone
The police have gone
The press has gone
The military has gone
The intel services have gone
Academia has gone
Industry has gone
Patriotism has gone

Britain is no more than an edifice, all the pillars have been removed, the foundations have been eroded and now we are seeing the first signs of plaster falling from the ceiling.

Get your hard hat and brace yourself, it's all about to come crashing down and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. like a condemned building it must fall, keeping it up is no longer an option.

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and still pic related is a 10/10 in bongland

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So. Hitler won. Kek.


Which one of you is this?

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The immediate anger rush high has now worn off. This is good.

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Slags are the only British institution not corrupted so far in this EU saga.

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There is only one man with the minerals to lead the rebirth of this nation

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People like you are the vast majority. It will all be fine

How easy is it to slay one of these? I've never tried but want to add more to my numbers

Put Brit/pol/ in the opening post you mong


gammon tears

Who else Joris Bohnson here?

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When do we hang the cunts. (In minecraft)

Leeds is still here. Can confirm.

well you have to gather enough wood to build a gallows first

>ATTENTION!!! If you're making threads, please include upcoming events and protests you know of, not just the msm shit that's already happening. Not everyone is plugged into social media.
>Thank you for listening.

Who's "we"?


If Dominic Cummings still gets us out by 31st Oct, then I demand a 500ft statue of him bestriding the Thames.

Why is it OK for you to use ethnically derogatory words, leftie boy?
Or are you just tacitly admitting that all your high-ground posturing is just that?

gammon isn't an ethnicity you seething gammon


Dominic Cummings is a fucking snake.

salty gammon tears

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Globo homo kike tears incoming when bo jo and cummings have realised the extent of the kikery by the elite and sit as a lame duck pm trying to push for a general election knowing it won't be granted and saying nothing else, meekly handing over the letter asking for an extension at the eu summit and all but orban agree to it orban blocks it Boris gives him 10 billion special aod package as a thank you takes on the next election having shown the ultimate levels of kikery going on wins a super majority installs himself as suprememe leader and starts executing remainers media people judges and cunts

Oh yeah, and Nigger doesn't mean big black monkey-looking basterds, 'course.

Takes a gammon to know a gammon

What's actually going to happen, though? Big protests? Unless a mass street movement physically takes over - which I highly doubt - your only option is relying on charlatans like Boris. The "crashing down" will most likely just be everything slowly getting worse and worse until the UK is 50% Muslim, at which point they'll take over.

This is the new thread get the fuck out of this one

"Waah, only I'm allowed to be racist"
So, are you a Kike, a Nigger or a paki?
If you're a socialist by the by, that falls under the banner of being a Kike.

Come home British friend
Don't forget to vote Yang

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gammon isn't a race you retarded SEETHING gammon

We all wish Hitler had won. The Jews definitely won, user.

>orban will save us
lol the international fantasy facist league

nothing like a tall glass of gammon tears at lunchtime

England has a population density higher then India, but there is no sign they are going to stop importing more brown people anytime soon.

Come say that to me at my local

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White brit population is both ageing and shrinking, the population explosion is entirely due to third world immigration. We have already passed the point of no return demographically, within 15 years white British kids will be a minority in the under 5's age group, once that generation hits puberty all bets are off.

Your local off-license?

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy...And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast." Revelation 13:1,3

This had to happen for prophecy to take place, the wound had to be healed. Nothing personal kid.

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the scourge of easily offended gammon-folk trying to censor free speech is the true menace of our time


Well, maybe the UK shouldn't have been completely irrelevant for 60 years.
Not our fault you dumb cunts erected a stupid as fuck government.

Tbh i would still give all of them the dick.
I like plumb faced lasses.

Of course it would be a shoot and scoot, gotta secure the heir and a spare :)

Yall would think I was a brit.

The Southwest US will secede from the US after the Mexican majority successfully agitate for secession all faciltated by the (((media))).
The Northwest US will be colonised by China so as to completely undermine US hegemony in the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver is already 43% Chinese and San Francisco is being used as their base in the US.
Australia and New Zealand will be vassals of China after it successfully colonises its major coastal cities via the unregulated student visa program in both countries.
Canada will be sold to the highest bidder, however Vancouver will be secured by China as part of its strategy to undermine US hegemony in the Pacific Ocean. The demographic push will then head south into Seattle and Portland linking up with the Chinese colonists pushing north from San Francisco.
The complete loss of the West coast by the US will turn it into a banana republic and global US hegemony will be over. This will be the signal for the Sunni muslims to implement their own colonisation program, specifically, Western Europe, where the population has been demoralised by the (((media))) and the massive casualties and destruction of the European wars of the 20th century.
Eastern Europe will unite to oppose the Sunni muslim takeover of Europe, leading to nuclear strikes on Istanbul, Riyadh, Islamabad and Cairo by Russian nuclear forces.

My cousin with friends are coming to me to London in next week
They gonna get a free house on my neiberhood and free money
thank you british working scum

Succession is impossible, you are retarded.
Mexicans in California and Arizona don't want succession.
>Colonized by China.
Yeah, ok retard.
>Aus and NZ willl be vassals to China.
Yeah, the craziest, most fightiest whites of all will bow to china, ur dumb af bruh.
You know why there are so many Chinese in Cali, Aus, and NZ? Because they know China is about 3 steps away from getting bitch slapped back to the imperial ages by the US's vastly superior military.
Is out fucking buttbuddy and would never in a million years go against us. To much shared identity.

In conclusion, you are a retard of the highest order.
Go analyze geopolitics when you get out of high school civics retard.

t. jewish faggot

Stfu retard

Funny since Im planning to kill all of you anyway
In minecraft of course

t jew

>falseflagging as a muslim
kek this place has become a paranoia den

Are you really going to argue the UK has been at all relevant since the end of WW2?
My state could destroy the EU 10 times over with just the carrier groups that make port on our shoreline.
The UK gave up the crown a long time ago.

London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Athens, and DC are not white cities any more.
Other major cities are soon to follow.
Meanwhile Tokyo, Beijing, Mumbai, Islamabad, Jakarta, Cairo, Tunisia, ect. are all solidly their respective peoples.

DC was seldom a white city throughout our history.
Minorities statistically lived in cities for most of history.

>London has gone
in it's place a melting pot of crime, murders, black on black violence, and a sea of unrecognisable faces and tongues

>Birmingham has gone
>Manchester has gone
>Leeds has gone

replaced with paki grooming gangs, and muslims who were awarded £250k for the privilege of chopping up a British school girl and mincing her into kebab meat.

>Parliament has gone
bought off by the wealthy who wanted to keep their capital flowing across the continent.

>The police have gone
replaced by highly politically correct diversity enforcement officers, who oppress those who go against the political narratives.

>The press has gone
Nah just the traitorous luvies at the BBC.
We still have a fair press.

>The military has gone
Not quite, but they're pushing it.

>The intel services have gone
Most likely.

>Academia has gone
it seemed to be the first casualty of subversion?

>Industry has gone
The UK has a thriving minimum wage zero hour McShit economy of service sector positions. Only those of the right ilk and right think get the cushy public sector jobs.

>Patriotism has gone
Except when England and Ngubu doing well at the World cup or Euros.

good luck, and may llah be with you, user

>Only those of the right ilk and right think get the cushy public sector jobs.
And that is the only part of your retarded ass post that should be listened to.
Who is keeping everyone down, while voting to flood the country with people who will work for less.
This whole fucking shitshow is the result of 40 years of retarded economic theory.
Thus always to Tyrants I guess.
So fucking disappointing.

Ironic really that those who puppet nativist theory are being sold out by their own established and landed racial gentry.

>Who is keeping everyone down, while voting to flood the country with people who will work for less.

People never voted Labour to flood the country with immigrants - that was never in their manifesto either.
They voting labour in 1997, because they believed the Tories were stale and believed in the growing middle class myth that Blair sold the country. In short the UK wanted to catch up with the US lifestyle.
All it did was make the middle class eventually worse off the working class a very rare species, replaced by a gluttonous, indoldent, welfare dependent underclass.


this is good news. the sooner the weak whites are deleted from the world, the strong ones can rise up and reclaim the world.

>And that is the only part of your retarded ass post that should be listened to
everything I wrote has support.
What parts did you dispute?
Not that this is the forum thorny debates.
Do you doubt murdering paki groomers were paid £250k each after they were acquitted on a technicality for chopping up a school girl into a kebab?

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not a fit body among them. disgusting how you let your woman become fat disgusting pigs.

>every company in this country is going bankrupt
>all the major foreign companies are leaving
>the banks are leaving
>the finance is leaving
>the people are divided
>nothing is sacred any more

Well lads, say what you will but I'm happy I hold an EU passport. If things go truly tits up I can leave, sorry for you native Brits.

Hey OP, just because your paymasters lost doesn't mean it's the end of the world. It just means you'll need to get a real job rather than getting paid to shitpost.

says the memeflaggot.
>considered stringing yourself up by the ballsack.

This. As an EU citizen I'll have more rights than the natives here, seeing how they're handling this whole affair.

Native Brits will be happy, if you all just fuck off.
The UK is 20 million over populated.

>add more to my numbers

Empty hedonistic pursuits that lead to nothing are celebrated, it's disgusting.

To answer your question, it's very easy if you're decent looking. Every time I go out drinking in my small town I get one girl grinding on me at the dance floor, most of them have boyfriends too. Last time I went out alone I ended up hanging out with one girl (she wasn't great looking), she facetimed her boyfriend in the smoking area ten minutes after she was grabbing me. Disgusting behaviour. That same night I was asked if I wanted to join two lesbians going at when the club closed. Since I am a moral man I say no to these advances.

>The police have gone
>The intel services have gone
you're mistaken on that part as you'll likely get a visit from them due to your post here.

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>How easy is it to slay one of these?
Couple drinks and $20 .

I am very depressed.

Shitty place, shitty people, they get what they deserve.

Second from the left is turning blue,

The return of Jesus is real.
Those are four horsefaces of apocalypse.

based burger.

gay and overused copypasta

cmon now be fair, don't be posting trannies

>London has gone
>Birmingham has gone
>Manchester has gone
>Leeds has gone

>Using Has instead of IS
>claims to be a nationalistic Brit who founded the English langauge
>cannot even grasp basic English


This is all one needs to know.

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Just listen to what the politicians say...

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