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>meme flag
>hey guise do this for me

oh com on

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Let's agree that we keep the pretty ones and get rid off only the freakshow basket cases.

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Based. Printing this and putting them up everywhere

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is that a tranny ? holy shit my sexuality is confused


This guy gets it

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yeah this is completely better than islam is right about women , because islam is right about women can have different interpretation

>Memeflag and burger instantly agreeing.
Posting from pc and phone?
Go turn your head left or right till you hear a loud crack in your neck and everything goes black pls

you know I hate retards like you , can we agree on something

Yes, and this one too.

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Hey sex is sex, idgaf. Besides I'm not a virgin and already fathered a kid too.

what is his name (research purposes)

Current social media.

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dude I cannot believe that there are people who are like that , men becoming women such a sad miserable world

I wont blame him in a western society he will get so much privilege above other people

Saudi arabians will probably make him feel welcomed if he went there

Well most look like shit irl and have compounding mental illnesses too.

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I believe you 100%

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a Saudi arabian friend of mine when I was working for an oil company once told me that he payed a tranny similar to that in the picture a 10000 dollars for a week if he stay with him in his palace

he wanted me to find such cuties for him , those fking arab would do anything for sex with such a "Kind "

Be my guest. Prostitution is legal here if done one-on-one. She's post-op too, has a neovagina.

I will probably help him , manuiplating arab is easy just make him feel amazing about themselves , my Saudi boss took me to a feast when I took him to a tour in Thailand , he just could not resist

for me I would never fk a tranny , it disgust me most f the time , I relooked to the picture and he/she has a penis yikes

But the penis only makes it better.

islam is right about everything

nope not everything

monotheism does not equal the worship of a statue that has been dedicated to a pagan god

retard Czechian

how ?? I see that arab like to fuck tranny's as it makes them feel dominant .

One God user, if it's only one where and how do you pray to him should be irrelevant.

Dude look I am german believed me or not , lived in multiple middle eastern countries , currently resides in Jordan , to govern wind turbines

islam is decent I don't hate muslims or arab , I hate liberals in germany so I hate most of my generation of millennials , in collage you cannot even have an opinion if you are not a fking leftie

most arab are conservative , they would kill for ther honor which is something I respect

but he truth islam will destroy everything you love about society , it will simply erase tradition , it's an Arabic culture with a bedewed theme , a whole form of imperialism

it is the opposite of everything it's claim

you should research islam on your own
get away from right wingers while doing this

Your son has a degenerate father!

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That's the thing about tranners really. You fuck the boy out of them and they can take it rough since they're physically built like men.

Fuck off your memeflaggot kike

Can't believe those threads are still getting bombarded with people posting alternate fliers.


dude porn changes a man brain , dude for the sake of your child don expose your self to it

*He's being raised by another dude because I left my ex while pregnant.

typical low iq retard , go fk ur self in the ass

What are you going to do that I haven't done myself to myself and to others before?

This has gone too far.

do you still see him ?? your brain health I also important , you should checkout yourbrainonporn , what they say scared the living shiit out of me

thnk u user blessed


oh noooooo

>currently resides in Jordan
Delete this

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>can't even post a proper tranner

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