Brazanons, what's the best source of daily news from Brazil? (I've tried O Antagonista...

Brazanons, what's the best source of daily news from Brazil? (I've tried O Antagonista, but I don't like their format with those short notes, I would prefer something with longer articles thay are more accessible for someone who often doesn't know the context of a given issue).

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Got none, either they are talking shit about our president, or praise his morning shit he took.

Best would be if we started a /pbg/ thread all big media is leftist shill and we have no real neutral one. Best to give you right now would be to say to follow Bolso on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube he posts frequently.

O Antagonista is good for keeping up to date with day-to-day political news. It's only normal that you have a hard time understanding.

Perhaps Jornal da Cidade, this one genuinely conservative, will help you sort things out:

Probably, but for me their news notes are too cryptic and their videos often have poor sound so I don't understand them very well.

I think Gazeta do Povo :

muito obrigado pela recomendação!

Carta Capital

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Probably the antagonista already or pingos nos I’s from jovem pan radio.

Provei alguamas artigas e este jornal parece interessante, obrigado!

carta capital, brasil 247, estadão, el pais are pure trash

Spotniks is really good too + you can see Paulo Kogos packing a 9 inches dick

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As I wrote, Antagonista is great, but it's not for foreigners, I mean that the way they provide news using those short notes is rather for people who know the context, eg. they write like "Haddad this or that..." but a foreigner needs some additional info what's this name about, like - a surname, then at least a function of a politician etc., especially since reading in a foreign language is already more demanding.

I found the leftist faggit

Slavnigger why do you care about Brazil?

Oh, I see that someone's sopa de macaco was too salty today.

Conexão Política is probably the best option if you want news about the day to day politics without a leftist bias.

Crítica Nacional and Estudos Nacionais are also pretty good but they don't update as much as Conexão Política and their best content are their opinion articles.

Brazil must have the 5 star dragon Ball

TN has the 3. Where are the others?

Senso Incomum. Not really daily news, but I like when they release a long article.


Oh, Renova Mídia is also good for day to day politics.

I just want to know if you are not a muslim planning a terrorist attack in Brazil before giving you any information

>in Poland


O Antagonista is controlled opposition by the way, although admittedly much better than anything mainstream.

Implying Poland has no muslims

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What do you think by "controlled opposition"? That they are neo-con-ish or something like that?

All these are good.

O Antagonista is run by three centrist liberals with no party loyalty. They're staunchly hostile to establishment corruption.
Senso Incomum generally releases good articles, specially Flavio Morgenstern. They're mostly conservatives.
Jornal da Cidade Online is genuinely conservative and pro-Bolsonaro.
Spotniks espouses anti-establishment libertarianism. One of the finest right-wing sites.
Crítica Nacional is run by Paulo Enéas, a conservative political scientist and author.
Gazeta do Povo is mostly liberal but also has conservatives. It's generally neutral on Bolsonaro's government.

Carta Capital, Brasil 247, El Pais, The Intercept, etc. are communist outlets.

Well, we basically shared the border with the Ottoman Empire or their proxies for several hundred years, but yea, statistically speaking Muslims are irrelevant here, there are like 2K Polish tatars and probably 10-20K of newer immigrants per 40 million people.

thx, saved

They're anti-establishment globalists, as strange as it may seem.

They unwillingly supported Bolsonaro in 2018 to stop the communist Workers' Party, against whom they have fought so staunchly, from returning to power.

You seem like a nice guy, so here comes a tip: you cant never know what is happening if you are not there. News sources and social media are manipulation machines.

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I forgot to mention Terça Livre's Update Brazil. Allan dos Santos occasionally talks with Jeffrey Nyquist about Brazil and the world (in English). Sadly they've been making fewer videos together.

Aha, ok, I get it
It's like saying that there is no point in reading anything, because you can only know things superficially - I simply don't agree with any similar anti-intellectual approach
thanks, I know Terça Livre someone recommended it to me some time ago

You can trust science and make your mind about shit you read, but never trust what you see in the news. If people can get money from something they will probably lie about it, this applies for everything that has politics.