What is ''hate speech''?

What is ''hate speech''?

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Anything that hurt other people's feelings. Unless the people you are talking against are religious, in that case you can make a video saying that jesus was a black midget tranny.

Hate speech = I hate your speech

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Honestly almost anything can be because it depends on country and feefees.

No such thing

Antisoviet propaganda

>hate speech
in many cases it's just a truth

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I agree ''hate speech'' is nonsense, but still many people are getting banned for violating hate speech policy. What can be done to stop this nonsense?

when someone disagrees with you and wants to make you shut up instead of arguing.

Mass shootings probably

The word "Nigger" conveys no information, just abuse

Start developing a decentralized video platform and enforce your own policies or have no terms of service and make it like this dumpster fire

This nigga glowing like the sun

Free speech

Target them at home, bitch

Hate speech is whatever THEY say it is.

Making fun of minorities or painting them in a bad light. Highlighting the disparity between the number of black men raping white women and the number of white men raping black women would likely be hate speech, for example.
Rightwing people are not allowed to be funny. That's too dangerous. It might make them popular with kids. So hate speech covers making jokes at Leftwing sacred cows. The Left are allowed to make fun of rightwing sacred cows though, Christianity, white history/identity, etc. That's not hatespeech.

It’s means anti truther it’s not our fault that’s blacks think it means them

I hear you all, but what can be done to reverse the course? Mass shootings and targeting them at home are things that would discredit us, as well as reinforce hate speech even more. Making fun of them and their policy seems to be working, they don't like it when their ideas are exposed with humor. Also, using other platforms that have different policies from the left is a good option.

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reminder that jews commit hate speech every sabbath
they want us germans dead for good

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You are safe. Almost all Germans got Russian in them now.

>haha russian rapebabies
never heard of that meme before, 56%er

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Opinions that the ruling party does not like.

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Early 2000s: Sticks and stones may break my bones but words wi-


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Anything a Jew doesn't like.

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Anything the kikes don’t like.

You're just calling something by what it is

Pic related is an example, OP.

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Naming the jew

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Like a place where you can buy gas.

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congratulations, your website just got banned on paypal and the other monetary online services.

Reality is probably a combination of 1984 and a brave new world. A brave new 1984.

>Dr. "As long as niggers are catholic it's fine" Jones

"Oy vey the goyim are fighting back, shut it down!"

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Według słowników – w tym „Słownika Języka Polskiego” PWN – słowo „Murzyn” jest neutralne[2] i nie jest opatrzone kwalifikatorem „pogardliwie”, którym z kolei oznaczone jest słowo „czarnuch” (ang. nigger)[3][4]. Opinię tę podzielają m.in. dwaj językoznawcy