Her departure also stands in contrast to Disney CEO Bob Iger in a New York Times profile on Sunday promising to put...

>Her departure also stands in contrast to Disney CEO Bob Iger in a New York Times profile on Sunday promising to put more women in top executive positions at the Hollywood studio, with an eye to greater gender parity.

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Holy fuck it’s real.


Shame it wasn’t Kathleen instead.

And this confirms that the Disney World launch was a failure as well. That's the biggest part of this.

is the sole reason the park isn't doing well the stupid high prices? Like if everything wasn't so fucking expensive for bits of plastic and average food they'd actually get people in there

Why do I get a warm feeling in my belly whever Disney or Star Wars fail?

Cuz they deserve to die

the attraction looks boring af

every aspect of the park had a woman at it's head, be it designing the "rides", the robots or even just the overall look.
until they all get the boot star was is doomed

how much is harry potter land?
because that place was fuller this year then ever before

slow and steady boys we'll remove these gentrifying scumbags one way or another

don't give up the fight

Weird how every time a disney fuckup gets discussed a woman was in charge of it.

Pure life fuel that Star Wars is failing. Sad that Mark had to come back for this shit.

pretty sure thats universal

gunn will give him a good role in gotg3

I got just the man for the job!

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so how much more expensive is it compared to disneyland?

nothing to do there

oh yeah trillions of dollars from the stupid movies theyre doing sooo bad dudes

Wasn't the guy who fucked up the park called Bob Chapokoense or something?

b-but it was a lie! those were rumors! that user told us that it was a success and you have 4-5 hours line because it was so full!

Its the patriarchys fault!
She would succeed, if it wasnt because of all these incels and the patriarchy structure in Disney!

u salty disney tranny lmao
c o p e
d i l a t e

No real hobbies or hope for the future.

It's about 20 bucks more for Star Wars according to google.

The Wizarding World of HP seems so much better though. Food is a big part of HP. Can't really think of a butterbeer equivalent in the Star Wars universe.

lol that shit again
You're not fooling anyone stupid shill, Force awakens toys are still rotting in discount beans, Solo tanked, that shit park sucks and tanks too, fuck you, corporate commie.

>can't really think of a butterbeer equivalent
blue milk

this, for a second i thought it was here and got excited

Pulled porg sandwich

Now is Jenny's chance!

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It’s pretty interesting how different the design philosophies behind HPLand and Galaxy’s Edge are. Disney wanted to make a new Star Wars locale, and have it all connected to the canon of the films. Universal, on the opposite hand, made their park full of iconic locations that look almost 1:1 with the movies, plus you can do a bunch of really immersive stuff like the Wand Shop.

they have space coca cola

This is a bullshit, dick move on Disney's part.

We all know the REAL reason the damn addition failed: because no one cares about Star Wars to the extent they'll spend that much money on it (especially hardcore fans), because Disney totally alienated the general public. Sure, the films THEMSELVES reliably make money, but the IP has lost virtually all its cultural capital. No one wants to go to star wars land after Luke Skywalker tried to murder his nephew in his sleep.

It's so fucking obvious, yet - at least in public - they're STILL pretending the apathy on part of the public is rooted in this or that or the other unrelated thing. Powell here did the best she could when dealt a crap hand, INCLUDING her own higher-ups telling her to ditch like half the content they originally plannned for the addition.

They're firing her as an easy fall-girl while doing nothing to fix the actual problem, because the actual problem is unfixable.

why do women get handed jobs automatically instead of just hiring the best person?
>but they hired the best woman
the best woman isn't fit to take care of herself let alone anything else

Didn't Disney just break even post-Solo? A six-year investment with a return of 0% is pretty shitty, and the future is not looking bright.

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schadenfreude nothing wrong with that

every time I see some corporate face of Disney they're scarily soulless. they look like they sell children rather than entertain them.

So women should never be fired even when they fail miserably? But then they say they should be treated equal to men.

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>average food
You mean trash food, right? I only went to the Disneyland Paris (France) resort and everything was absolute trash in the country of gastronomy.

why do underage twitter niggers be afraid to say fuck
they say it every other word in real life but for some reason online are afraid to

The World Showcase in Florida has some of the best food at any theme parks, mostly because each country’s food is managed by an international company, not Disney lmao

galaxy's edge still looks boring, kathleen. you fucking fraud

No, they flat out lost dozens of millions of dollars.

If you earn back the full price of your investment that’s a 100% return.

>underage twitter niggers are afraid to say fuck
>get called out
>accuse everybody of being kathleen kennedy
what the fuck is your problem you god damn nigger

sorry about your latest failure, kk

She's a croporate cunt like Kathleen Kennedy who turned everything into wahmen this wahmen that, you go girl, you can do it. And then the parks are a total disaster of epic proportions. Fuck feminists Fuck Disney, I'm glad they're tasting their own medicine.

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She seems like a nice enough woman, why fire her for Kathleen Kennedy's failures?

>Everyone fired except Kathleen

Whos dick did she suck?

Men have penises user, and dick is so good they have to have no rights to break even with women

Why didn't they just buy all the tickets??

Cause kk has blackmail of the board haveing fun with some blackmale(s)

Funny enough I actually do want to go, I like SFX and production design. Looks like you're basically on a movie set.
Too bad I'm not their demo, I wouldn't give them money etc.

It's not the same. Euro disney sucks balls in every category

she can't keep getting away with it

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I went there last year (invited), it was full of spanish, just like the US ones are full of spics too. I don't know why.

>is the sole reason the park isn't doing well the stupid high prices?
If it were something that simple and easy to change, then she would have and the park would have quickly turned around. It's systemic.

What the fuck?

The gay people have really taken over Disney. Took my kids there about six years ago. Back then it was creepy gayish, I could only imagine the place in 2019.

Why the fuck was this moved to Jow Forums, fucking mouth breathing mods

that's fucking hilarious
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>disrespecting womyn
Sweaty, pls.

they didn't really give her a lot to work with
>shit on the fans for years
>shit movies with shit boring characters
>jacked prices of park
>1 shit ride
>only use new characters which nobody cares about

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Did this thread come from /tv/?

Here's why the park is failing, and so are the movies
>Lucas sells to Disney under contract
>Contract states even though Disney is using the IP they're not actually allowed to use assets from any of the original films UNLESS a portion of said income is given to Lucas
>Disney goes out of their way to not only not use original assets as much as possible, but goes as far as to kill off all remaining characters/intellectual property pertaining to the original films
>This is why Disney has made a plethora of OC DONUTSTEAL changes in the IP
>This is also why Vader only had a limited time in Rogue One, and why they killed off Han,Lea, and Luke
This doesn't just equate to the movies, and toys though. This also is included with the park. If Disney were to use any original assets in the park they'd have to pay a portion to Lucas;making him MUCH dosh. It's the real reason the park is failing. Kikes do not want to bend, and they'll blame anyone but themselves. It's pretty funny. The majority of their toy profits stem from original assets, and the biggest reveals of their films require the use of original assets. Lucas is going to make bank off the Fett series, and the Kenobi series that will come after.

>Clapping noises

fucking bigot piece of shit nazi

I should have known
like you sneedposting fucks didn't have a tab open here already

Cheaper then Disneyland.

>they say
Well, I used to be a brainlet too. Women don't "speak", they signal social cohesion, resource management and most importantly, turing test for men.
If you're a retard who takes them seriously, you'll break yourself by using logic. They test whether or not you can apply yourself to a social situation without the use of the logical mind.

Orlando user here. Word is they are losing a ton of money due to Shanghai Disney as well. They have to send Americans there to try and get it up to standard and they are paying out the ass to put them there because no one wants to work in fucking China. Star Wars land will be more succsessful after the new ride opens though. Hopeful they dug themselves a big enough hole that it won't matter. Universals new park will be a huge succsess because they will have Nintendo world. Not that Universal is Jow Forums approved either but Disney is obviously enemy number 1 as far as the entertainment industry goes.

The films have actually lost tens of millions per year relative to what they would have earned by just parking all the cash in blue chip stocks. From an investment standpoint the films are actually colossal failures.

Boomers starting to fade away, the young generation of la creaturas can’t afford to drop thousands on white people Fantasyland.

Another mistake is that huge fans of HP and immersion can dress up in Hogwarts or wizard outfits and go to Universal for fun while Disney despite furnishing the area to larp in banned costumes for anyone older than 16, even if you buy an actual adult Jedi or Sith robe inside the park itself. They even had security telling teens and kids enacting impromptu plastic light saber duels to knock it off, even if the kids were only three and weakly tapping their sabers in a fake fight.

so they really only used new star wars movie shi? none of the original 3? the classic starwars? they wouldnt be that stupid would they?

universal also has horror nights, and that shit is legit fucking crazy. I've gone twice, and it's the only time I ever go there.

That's a jewess.

People's discretionary income is lower and lower every year. Prices are inflated. I'd wager all attractions are faring poorly.

any adult attending a theme park in a costume who doesn't actually work there should be dragged into the street and beaten.

Another win for le resistance!

>>Disney goes out of their way to not only not use original assets as much as possible, but goes as far as to kill off all remaining characters/intellectual property pertaining to the original films

That explains why everything seems like a copy of the original star wars.

What board was it meant to be on?

Literally no good reason. Other boards just dump their shit off here and Jow Forums mods allow it.

>a butterbeer equivalent in the Star Wars universe
romulan ale

Word is Lucas still gets royalties from any OC character use. Thats why they are killing them all off and desperate to flood the scene with new marketable side characters and aliens like those shitty dog penguins.

wouldn't happen;it's an asset taken from the original movie;they'd have to pay Lucas a portion of the profit every time. expect to get thala-siren milk, before you get romulan ale.

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get woke, go broke. just like yahoo and that Marissa Mayer bitch.

I want kathy kennedys head

The second a woman is in a high position and is not constantly reigned in everything goes to shit

God I want to fuck the absolute brains out of a jewess, and force cram non-kosher foods into her mouth hole as I double dip in her holes, and finish in her mouth.

The highlight of the park looks, from the pictures, like it is having a conversation with some sneaky black lady in a Michael Jackson outfit. Not only is that EXTREMELY boring, but how do you possibly find enough monkey looking black ladies who can stay in character while 40 something “cat-uncles” grill you on every aspect of the book series?

>Lowering prices
>Simple and easy to change
You forget what corporation this is, the word "discount" is fucking alien to Disney execs, just look at how much they jacked up the price of the Disney seasonal parking pass in just the last 5 years, I'm pretty sure it doubled since then. Lowering prices even by a few cents equates to admitting defeat to them, so, they double down.

same reason they invented shit new aliens for ST, put a red arm on C3PO, changed vehicle shapes and colors slightly, so they can say they are new and deny Lucas his cut

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As a kid I wanted to go to Disney Paris for a long time with my older brother and younger sister.
That weekend was pure shit.
Most parks are average, but Disney is stupid in how they think fun works.

/tv/ mods aren't paid disney shills, no sir

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I mean who doesnt

you will drink the thala-milk, and like it goy

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They do sell the blue milk there.
Its made from all sorts of artificial shit and onions. No dairy. But you can imagine a lot of people buy it just to say they have had it.