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Some shit about politics or something or other happened:
Footy on tonight too lads

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Boris is a goner.

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how much does ukpolitics pay you per hour?

>ATTENTION!!! If you're making threads, please include upcoming events and protests you know of, not just the msm shit that's already happening. Not everyone is plugged into social media.
>Thank you for listening.

Yeah sorry here's the fixtures pal

Calm down and remain calm.

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leader ov da footie shud be da rulin' parteh.

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>John Bercow will chair the proceedings in the House of Commons tomorrow at 11.30am.

Why doesn't Joris Bohnson just get on with it?

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we don't use certain words

Dunno who that is lol

basdid. tek me tew yer leader.

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There's no way out of this without large scale violence, I think this what ((they)) have wanted all along. If Jeremy Corbyn shoe horns himself into number 10, that will be it.

James Flynn, the most prominent environmentalist in IQ research, wrote a book and the publisher decided to refrain from publishing due to legal concerns especially in the UK jurisdiction.

From the rejection e-mail:
>There are two main causes of concern for Emerald. Firstly, the work could be seen to incite racial hatred and stir up religious hatred under United Kingdom law. Clearly you have no intention of promoting racism but intent can be irrelevant. For example, one test is merely whether it is “likely” that racial hatred could be stirred up as a result of the work. This is a particular difficulty given modern means of digital media expression. The potential for circulation of the more controversial passages of the manuscript online, without the wider intellectual context of the work as a whole and to a very broad audience—in a manner beyond our control—represents a material legal risk for Emerald.

Flynn asks:
>If the book is sober and responsible, and if Emerald’s letter is correct, that poses a question: Does Britain have free speech?

So does Britain have free speech by any definition of the term?

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Why's that twat got Japanese on his shirt

I only support West Bromwich Albion, desu.
Dingles suck my dick.

However, we do.

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fookin luv mars fc
'ate earthlings

free speech is a yank LARP

Peter Sutcliffe : The Early Years

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Are we Norf yet?

>does Britain have free speech by any definition of the term
Obviously not

It's true I'm afraid.
Better to blend in with a "peaceful Protest" and try to tip it over the edge than try to organize an out and out violent demo though.

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You've never even met an American

>there are people who STILL have hope for the future of this country

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GET FUKT user (You)

GET FUKT user (You)

>Bercuck wants to recall parliament tomorrow

So now every Tory MP has a choice: that den of rats or conference.

Piss off you big gay Scottish Paki SNP voting shartlord.

In the last thread i asked a few times:
Why do (((they))) try so hard to remain in the EU, why do they prevent Brexit to happen?
It took a while to get through the shills and baits but here are some answers:

>Because the European nation states must be destroyed and globohomoised. If Britain leaves, and it fine from leaving, or dare I say prospers from leaving, it'd be the end of this century long plan.

>Because our political class are bought and paid for.
>National politics has been subverted by international politics; Tony Blair got a fatter paycheck as fake-arsed peace envoy for the EU than he did as PM.
>It's pure venal gain; they get into it for the golden handshakes after all.

>International Jewry? If not can you just say what you're thinking

Now that we have started the thought process, let us dive deeper!
You see, the answers are based on Opinions! What we need to prove of what was said!
International Jewry? Any source on this? Because if we had source on this, Brexit would happen immediately
Becausse our political class are bought and paid for? Again, need source on this!
European nation states must be destroyed and globohomoised? Source?

I know you are all right, i can see the fuckery of the clowns myself. The think is, you have to find the answer, the source. Without, you can't force them to Brexit! They will continue with this derail, clown show and what not. You know this is true! And only when you start to understand this, and only when you start to focus, and only when you start to enforce your autism and dig into that rabbit hole, you will find the answer, the source.

(((they))) know this too! Keep this in your mind! (((They))) know this too! They are very well aware of your autism, and thats why nobody every started to think about this one simple question, to prevent this thought process! To prevent you from digging into this rabbit hole!

Find the answers, the answer you already know

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goodo. don't know what everyone has got against being in a united states of europe anyway. would really be something to be patriotic about instead of living in the past.

fucking hell mate, I just want to watch football, have some kids and go on holiday a couple of times a year, why the fuck did this have to happen to us?

what for?
Civil Contingencies Act
>The Act empowers ‘Her Majesty’ by an Order in Council (in ordinary times, this means senior cabinet ministers) to issue sweeping emergency regulations in any event that ‘threatens serious damage to human welfare’ or ‘serious damage to the environment’ or ‘war or terrorism, which threatens serious damage to the security of the United Kingdom’ (section 19).
>Emergency powers can be triggered whenever the governing authorities, acting in the name of Her Majesty in Council, are ‘satisfied’ that an emergency has occurred, is occurring or is about to occur. The regulations can suspend, modify or override any other Act of Parliament, with the sole exception of the Human Rights Act 1998 (Walker and Broderick 2006: 44–5). Even statutes regarded as essential to civil liberties and basic constitutional rights – such as the Magna Carta 1297, the Bill of Rights 1688, the Parliament Acts 1911–49 and the Representation of the People Act 1983 – can be swept aside (Walker and Broderick 2006: 192).
>Regulations can last for up to 30 days, and can be renewed. They must be laid before parliament ‘as soon as is reasonably practicable’ and shall lapse after seven days unless both houses of parliament approve them; but in the meantime their effect is immediate. Moreover, even these limited provisos would mean little if parliament could not or did not meet. Moreover, the Secretary of State has the power to rule whether an event or situation poses a threat to human welfare, and to amend the Act itself, subject to subsequent parliamentary approval.
>Although the Blair government presented the Act as one concerned primarily with responding to disasters, the 2003 Queen’s Speech specifically referred to terrorism, and the proposal was also driven by concerns about civil unrest

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Time for team picking for round 2: cavalier or roundhead? And why?

Now would be the time to use it

You guys seem rather upset. It's a good thing all the loose bicycle tires have been rounded up, what for the public safety innit

Why do you claim to know anything about Americans if you've never even met one?

So you are admitting they did it for political reasons?

why not today?
lazy cunts

How many times has an American won the champions league?


Space Raiders

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Well that's democracy dead. It was nice while it lasted.

the what?

bloody moonspeak

How many times has your team won the champions league?


Problem is, I can't even remember where I gleaned this shit from.
It was all too long ago, and there's so much media buzzing around that good citations get lost in an ocean of yellow journalism and clickbait.

And besides that, I think half of the shit we "know" is just stuff we've subconsciously picked up from the psychic gestalt that surrounds and permeates us.

So you're admitting an American has never won the champions league?

I don't need to interact with some yank pleb to read history books

how many people in this thread identify as gammon

But you don't even know how to read...

I have no idea what it is

I can't imagine having such a fucked court system and I fully know well how shitty our judicial system is and how corrupt our judges can get.
How the fuck did you people let it get like this?

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I wouldn't be nearly as mad if the Remainer politicians would just be honest. Just come out and say it.

>We recognize that the citizens have made their decision. But given that it is a bollocks decision, we are electing to ignore it. Sod off, you bloody wankers, we don't care, we are staying. End of story.

>It was nice while it lasted.
no it wasn't

How many times has the UN won the champions league?

Court ruling changes nothing, we're leaving on the 31st no matter what. Labour do not have the balls to set up a coalition and revoke article 50, Boris will not attend the negotiations for an extension and even if he does, one of the council members will veto it.

Screencap this

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Was sarcastic, lad.

Lads we have been proper cucked, and corbyn lives in our minds rent free

We don't play girls sports

reading is for gays

>It was all too long ago, and there's so much media buzzing around that good citations get lost in an ocean of yellow journalism and clickbait.
this is called smoke screen, they do it on purpose so you forget it and stay derailed.
And everytime an user like me start to force the bread to focus, they, the shills start to attack.
Gamnig rule nummber one: followe where the monster come from to find the exit.

If you can't do this, than you can help to focus the bread! There are many ways to help.

There's nothing more lush than curry sauce on chip-shop scraps.

This is a great opportunity for the UK. The people are animated about something. Serious civil unrest is becoming more and more likely today. Canada is almost as fucked as you are, but we haven't had the fortune to watch our government unequivocally betray the will of the people in real time.

Trust me. Democracy is real. You are definitively in control. Now go watch some foot ball like a good little goy.

Every time

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If they try there will be no recourse but to suddenly assemble outside the houses of parliament, force our way into the building, and kill every living thing inside, from the PM down to the tea-lady.

>We don't play girls sports

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Why are you interested in politics then?

Get away from me you dirty batty boy

Paid shills are trying to wreck every Brexit-related thread, don't reply to any of it

But if the court ruled against him on this then it means he will be taken to court if he leaves on no deal oct 31st

just pulled out a long stringy bogey and it felt fantastic

Unironically pissed of that im working tommorow morning instead of being down the pub drinking lager watching england v usa in the ruggers


>Coburn: will the SNP call a vote of no confidence in Boris
>Cherry ignores it

anyone notice how fast Nigel sperg'd out on twitter about it? and who he specifically sperg'd out at? seems to me Nigel KNEW this was coming weeks ago and he's said fuck all to the people about it in his many speeches around the uk. and we also had literal commies demanding a socialist government yesterday at their clown show and NOBODY called them out on that shit.

so, if BoJo does not declare the Civil Contingencies Act in effect by tonight we'll know we've been sold to the EU for the price of a pension.

But how did it taste

england v usa is on thursday

its a language originating from a planet orbiting the norf star

democracy is a yank LARP

fuck off yank

Who's top of the UN league then?

This, desu.

Some dindu nuffin complaining that blacks don't get notified at lelbour conference, speaker saying how she's East Asian or something.

Friendly reminder to civic cucks that you could literally spread your arse cheeks to these people and give them all your women to rape and they would still hate you and call you wacist, so don't even bother trying to appease them.


dunno lad. i tasted a bogey once and it was fucking foul

kek they're gonna brick it again

I'm not even British and this shit fucking infuriates me. A bunch of gay judges are ordering around the Prime Minister. It's open oligarchy.

Just do what US politicians do.
>I don't believe the result. It's that simple. Sure the referendum showed people want Brexit but other polls show they don't. Why should I believe the referendum? My constituents tell me they don't want Brexit and I've got to represent them.

My bad meant Thursday self employed so any other day would be fine but said I'd do some work for someone else Thursday without realising

Britons need to start executing treasonous remainers

I think the time for theorizing may be drawing to an end.
Now is the time to whet the blade and count your allies.
Tony Blair's pay at any rate, is a matter of public record - that in and of itself is a good argument for the way the EU subverts national politicians into betraying their states.

What kind of civil unrest is a society of fifty year old skinny-fats in sandals capable of?