When did you realize class was the only demographic that matters...

When did you realize class was the only demographic that matters? In the end it doesn’t matter what color you are if you aren’t part of the capitalist ruling class.

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I don't give a shit, because I don't live in a shithole.

What race is the capitalist ruling class?

Without that guy in the castle they'd be dead. They're lucky enough to have the rich fuck around to provide jobs, and hopefully he will protect them when the time comes to defend their land.


Class is an artificial construct created by Jews so as to divide European society.

That's why my nationalism is social.

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You forgot to mention the other landless peaseans who want to come in, and it's the lord who want them in the village to lower the price of labor and increase the price of housing.

That's a gigantic strawman.
No one says 1 country is rich because of a single person in it. You wouldnt call north korea rich even though Kim probably has tons of money. Countries that we call rich are places like Switzerland or Norway where the average person is quite wealthy.
Second, border provide the citizens with exclusive access to some resources which benefit them too. Just think of oil rich countries like Saudi Arabia or Norway. Even though the average person can't just go to some random oil spot and drill for himself he still benefits from having those resources inside his country's border.

>class (something that is changeable and arbitrary) is more important than race (your permanent identity, everything that makes you who you are)

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>its class
>its nations
>its communities
>its families
>its race
the wheel keesp on spinning, and everyone thinks they are special because they think the wheel finally landed on one of them for a reason. Collectivits are always so laugable, when the times are good, they pretend to be on the same side, when the times are bad, they make silly distinctions between one another to hide their very own insecurities


this. people who agree with OP's epic meme actual brainlets who can't think any further than the information given to them. 6th post best post

t. rootless cosmopolitan

yup, checks out

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but how do you explain 13 and 50?

>its all race, but don't you dare have a diffrent option then me! Then il make a new category for you! White infighting is proof that this idea too is silly. You are only permanently yourself. Everything else changes by how you want to define your in- and out-group. Nothing is stopping you from seeing only your genes (your family) from the true true self. And race is merely a competition beyond the family too.

If only lol.

IRL oligarchs hate borders of any kind, only in deranged leftists fantasies international bankers "fuel nationalism". They hate nationalism because its a form of lower class solidarity that actually works unlike abstract gommunism based on "workers solidarity" between Britons, Somalis, Pakis, Poles, Bangladeshis, Ukrainians, Nigerians and Hindus all working in the same factory in Luton for mr Goldstein. They want to maximize the labour pool to drive down wages thats why they support feminism and immigration.

I would absolutely love it if the Rotschilds, the Koch brothers, Soros and the likes were building borders in the west and pandering to "racists and bigots". Irl they do the exact opposite

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>white infighting
>trust me on this, if we where to focus on one issue, we would solve all problems
:^) but your a mutt, maybe you don't see it as infighting

With nationalism you can have socialism and public wellbeing because it's in their best interest for their home to be prosperous. The international capitalism we have now means the (((rootless billionaires))) aren't tied to anything or anyone and can't ever be held responsible to deliver public good

>its true unifiction
>sends his own faimily to the concentration camps because they disagree with state ideology
nazism, and fascism is a contradiction in terms. They supposedly fight for 'race', but all they can do is fight for their very ideolgy. Offering everything else on the alter

I remember when natgeo were magazines with picture of nature when I was a kid waiting for the doctor.

we white people can change class, you commie, OTH you can't change your nigger genes

>white people disagree on things too, thus the entire concept of race doesn't matter
> if we where to focus on one issue, we would solve all problems
ad hom

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>begining with a meme strawmen, and being butthurt when someone anwsers the same way. Cry more faggot
good luck, sure hope you won't have to decide between your family and the state one day, so you can live in your blissfull fantasy world.
>in nazism we manage to unify the nation and the family somehow :^)
physical reality works against you, just as it works again the liberals for race. Too bad you won't see it mutt. Cry more about ad'hominen, when you where the one to post it first.

Having camps is not contradictory to breaking the oligarchy. Historically its the regimes with camps that actually rekt the 1% and thats why they are afraid of it and not supporting it. I commented on the stupidity of the pic and my comment holds. The way things are going someone will either send the elites camping or they will just genocide us. Personally I gave up on libertarian fearmongering and embraced nazbol mindset already after what I saw during the migrant crisis. I dont advocate any political violence ofc, I'm just a bystander waiting for it to happen anyway.

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What do you do for work, gomrade?

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WTF, I love Commies, niggers and pakis now

im making a point that collectivs will always have do make sub-cultures regardless. And having an ideology thats as self-serving as nazism or fascism is abound to come into conflict with any individual who values their faimily (the prime collective, and one you really can't choose) and the state. Just as with the commies, there have been stories about nazis telling the state about their very own faimily affairs, and losing family members to the state. So just like any other ideology, you have to be prepared to give up something for the ideology. But whats worse then in communism, is that fascism isn't consistant on its take on 'genetics' or 'race'. As they always focus more on unscientific 'race' lables rather then protecting the family itself, which is more akin to your very own genetics.
Its all a mess, what a incoherent mess of an ideology

>national pride is based entirely on wealth
How big is your nose?

True, I also wish we had a normie, secure free future like Fukuyama predicted. The elites wont let us tho, they will continue to push anti white racism, trannies and millions of niggers until we are gone. They will keep doubling down. Libertarians seem to be in the way of people fighting back and actually winning anything because that may require being "collectivist". I used to be quite libertarian before the migrant crisis myself

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Classes don't empirically exist. Race however does

bullshit. here's a pic of tenured harvard university professor henry louis gates jr being arrested for mouthing off and saying "yo momma" to the cops

the lesson? social class means nothing. race means everything. no matter how rich niggers get, they're still niggers

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Im saying you will be fucked regardless, so choose your poision wisely. Im not libertarian, as they too are contradictory just like the fascists and commies. I can't seem to buy into these 'solutions', as most people seem to. Its way to hard to close ones eyes to contradictions, but i guess others can. Good luck in the upcoming conflict between the elites, the commies and the fascists. I will try to survive regardless, i can't let society and collectivists absorbe me into their fight. You have to have your own quest in life, or just kill yourself as an individual. But as a collectivists, you can always give your life to a 'ism'

That dude's artstyle looks 100% like Andrew Dobson's.

Maybe you didn't notice, but the government's money is spent on things for the benefit of the people.

Lol maybe in Canada. Americans get overseas wars, corporate bailouts, tax cuts for the rich and foreign aid for Israel.

Arrested doesn't mean tried and found guilty. I'm sure the police were talking to him for a reason and were going to arrest him anyways.

>(((capitalist))) (((ruling class)))

Lol especially not in Canada at least not federal tax dollars

Federal tax dollars go to welfare for the eastern provinces and refugees and then the rest goes to foreign countries so the prime minister can virtue signal over it


Except I’m not a dirty fuckin peasant.

Lol and globalism is supposed to fix that how?