Jordan Peterson slams Alt right!

Jordan Peterson slams Alt right!

Wow... BTFO!

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whats the druggy shekel beggar saying now?

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>that incoherent stammering
>European culture came out of the middle east

Oh boy. Guess we're done with that guy.

Take your meds bucko!

Christianity did came from the Middle East

Middle east was under Greek influence for 300+ years at that time. Even Jews were adopting Greek ideas that's why the conservative Jews attacked the liberal ones and Chanukah holiday began then

He should move to Africa or the middle East and tell them about individualism and the problem with tribalism.

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watch how fast he turns into a white man if you propose that to him

Doesn't negate the fact the Christianity is Neo-Judaism. The old testament of the bible portrayed Jews as god's chosen people so much.

>Europeans aren't from Europe, they came from Caucasus
>Europeans then came from Levant
>Europeans then came from Northern Africa
>Europeans then came from Central Africa
>ergo, European culture is Central African
Philosophical atomists and sophists need to fucking die and take their rhetoric with them

let's be VERY clear here. peterstein has been calling anyone not buying his dogshit carpets or books as "alt-right" for months now. why do you think his gay jewish pet dave ruben has stopped tweeting him love letters every day.

He's 100% right

Crypto kikes will never turn to good people.

Turns out he slams pills too.


nah he smokes meth

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Jordan Peterson tho insightfull sometimes, needs to sort himself out he is extremely beta.

Homos itt

I don't think he's on meth. He's a clinical psychologist, he's getting high on his own supply.

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No, it came from jews.
If their was a religion version of communism, it would be christianity.
Just like communism, it's a con designed to get people to believe everyone reciprocates when in reality jews don't and get ahead because of it.
You need to stop believing 'treat others the way you want to be treated', and start following 'treat others the way they treat you'

No shit. JBP is a liberal and one of the cornerstones of the "alt-right" is anti-liberalism.
>I didn't sleep at all for 25 days
....because of 'cider'

this is the greatest philosopher of our time

isn't he on rehab right now because of diacepam abuse? top kek i guess he didn't wash his penis

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remember how he tried to trick Jow Forums into becoming addicted to benzos?

yeah he's such a tricky little jew

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This guy gets it.

Petersone is one of the most positively influential figures in modern history. Thinking the the vitriol on here stems from the envy that he got things figured out much more in-depth than everyone here.

Jordan Peterson is an enabler of the fringe, whether he likes to acknowledge it or not.

>a fucking polacken nigger
the eternal enabler of the jew

He invigorates vital, but athropied, parts of society. They are only "fringe" because they were recently rejected by the upper class.

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A). how high was he during this performance?
B). why is OP literally always a faggot?

he would rather you become a slave to pharmaceutical drugs than embrace the natural beauty of fascism.

>spotless room
>clean penis
>dirty soul

where are the marxists peterstein?

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he already tried all the legal drugs, he moved on

>Jew say bad things about people who want their country to be like Israel
More news at 9.

Weed whacker. Benzo basher. Liar. Jew. Father of a grifter. Liar.