Why the hell is over a fourth of Jow Forums Greta spam?

What are they trying to slide so badly?

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this board has gone to shit for a long time now, it's a full of bait threads and glow threads

have shills even heard of subtlety?

That WOULD explain it.

Just wait until her plane home crashes, the martyr/lol threads will be epic.

It only gets worse friend
I don't know how anyone can defend the sad state this board is in at the moment, there is very little information that can be learnt here and people here are more likely to reply to some gay twitter screencap then any post that someone actually put effort in.
Every year it gets worse
I hope something happens that makes this place shut down and something better takes this place, this place just sucks in time and energy and for fucking what just to see the same posts over and over again.

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I guess its the greta fans, who like her tiny hole.

Noone care for Greta
They're slide threads

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But what are they sliding?

Nah, the main cult is her fronthole, not the political gibberish. Look at this tiny cute titters. I see the climate circus as one big sex show. First that democrat US horse, now this sweet cunny of greta.

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Jow Forums has been under a sustained and persistent coordinated attack since like 2012.

>What are they trying to slide so badly?
Probably nothing. The last couple years has mostly been preemptive sliding and just retards who can't get a (you) on /b/ posting shitty bait here for attention.

i have literally never heard of this girl outside of Jow Forums

they're simultaneously shilling greta and sliding other things

Anons are faggots who have no intellect or restraint anymore. Fucking newfag brainlets destroyed this board.

i only check in once in a while for habbenings

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This x100

Manufactured enemy like AOC.

Jow Forums is constantly under a coordinated attack. The problem is is when they arent busy being obvious newfaggots forget the sort of budgets that have been proven to be thrown into shilling and assume most posters arent in fact coordinated shills. Thats why its best to called everyone a shill even if they arent paid and are simply ignorant plebs they might as well be shills for helping the shills via their own stupidity.


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The fuck? She's frontpage of all normie news. That's some dedicated autism.

always and the jannys are apart of it

Ugly ass foreign teenager bitch.

>What are they trying to slide so badly?
Biden&co corruption being exposed.

Because this board is a honeypot


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Fucking jannies sitting around looking at BBC memes spilling shit on their fat belly rather than deleting this shit.

the shilling, agitprop from many groups, some paid, some not, and the amount of monitoring this place, is incredible.

this place even to this day is targeted. i dont think you fuckers realize how scared the boomers are of this place. even in the sorry state its in.

i have only seen four really dope threads in a couple weeks, and yet i still come back just for those. times were even a year and a half ago where youd get one or two threads a day with juicy shit.

i havent given up on this place

>the boomers

Sounds like you are one of the shills yourself

It sure has been relentless, it's amazing how many shills are out there.

Coincidentally, Vice just did an article about how the “far right conspiracy cult of QAnon” is tearing families apart.

It's because this place has long been compromised. The "megathread" style pins should have been a dead give away. Even normies don't give a shit about this little retarded puppet. It's being forced here to disrupt any actual conversation on potential happenings.

Some of these are serious end-game redpills, but 95% are totally goofball misdirects.

Pretty smart tbf

yeah, the shills do say kike and boomer every other post.


It is really smart because anyone who’s unaware of the 10 or so redpills in there is gonna assume anyone who says something like this is trolling.

Why couldn't they find a better looking kid?

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I've hidden like 100 Greta threads in the last few days. It's getting really fucking old.

Why does this image prove it was Q?

I don't think so

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Oh shit...the boomers will be back. Maybe this time we can get some soccer moms to show us their flabby meat sacks.

Not even just Jow Forums but even Jow Forums /fa/ Jow Forums and fucking /tv/. Fucks sake

They just keep flooding in. Meanwhile, moderators are busy deleting Strike Witches threads on /a/, random posts on /vg/, random posts on /co/, random posts in the Pokemon General on /vp/, and random posts on /v/ while letting Jow Forums get flooded to death with Greta threads.

What the hell is going on? How long until this thread is deleted as well while Jow Forums continues to be flooded?

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Just sperg that don't know how to use the catalog. Jannitors will fix it

Jow Forums is fighting the active memory-holing that (((they))) want to apply to Great

We are winning this one!

Can you provide links? I can see Jow Forums clearly getting flooded with Greta threads but I'm not seeing any flooding happening on /fa/, Jow Forums, or /tv/.


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>caring about families

Just go look right now on almost every single major board there is atleast one thread on Greta or climate change

Sitewide spam operation

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I remember threads on /qa/ discussing how the Coomer meme was a spammed Discord attack. This one feels like that as well but ramped up to 100.

The coomer meme is actually good though

The Coomer meme is trash as are all Wojak reskins, that Coomer meme could have went to something original but instead it was slapped on top of a Wojak

Every major western media outlet and then some has put out shit about her UN speech, sailing, and more like late night interviews, daytime talk shows, radio

God forbid people make Wojak memes

>Every major western media outlet
Yes, climate hysteria is being pushed really fucking hard right now. This little bitch is the spokesperson for whatever nefarious reason.

Why the hell was she even allowed to speak at the UN at all? Why is she OPENLY supported by Soros, and literally NOBODY is denying it?

this. theyre quick enough to usually 404 any thread pointing it out yet cant find the time to delete the duplicate spam greta threads. its the jannies.

how many are shills bumping shill threads while to keep alive, tho?
very few threads you can say for sure are organic
its' all so tiresome

The more they shill this autistic cunt, the more they red pill the normies.

Just checked Jow Forums and found 8 Greta threads just from looking at the gallery images

7 Greta threads on /b/

>The coomer meme is actually good though
No it's not.

2 climate change threads on /v/

4 Greta threads on Jow Forums

1 Greta and 2 climate change threads on /sci/

1 Greta thread on Jow Forums

It’s literally influence engineers turning poll into controlled opposition as usual. Who else would fight against a global environmental project.

A teenager told off the world, too care about the future, to undo the damage done by greedy Jews and you mock her?

>muh global warming isn’t real

Who the fuck do you think wants you to believe that? Surely not the corporate kikes in oil companies who are sucking the very life of our planet for profit.

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2 Greta threads on Jow Forums

hurrrrr durrrrrrrrrr george soros not globalist jew hurrrrr durrrr

Kill yourself swine

1 Greta thread on /qa/

1 Greta thread on Jow Forums

All Epstein threads are being deleted this is a purge mods are banning every useful thread and spamming greta threads

Jow Forums is always under "attack". People can post anything, but coordinated spamming can be considered "attacking" the site.


Its always been the mods

No. just normal Jow Forums autist fixating on the latest topic, just like the bugs, joos, and nuclear war

Jow Forums is always under attack 24/7/365 you get used to it.

14 Greta threads on Jow Forums

>latest topic
>Nothing to see here goy

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Jow Forums, much like western civilization, is always under attack.

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Probably one of the most important posts in this thread and doubtful many even read it. Such is the state of Jow Forums sad.