Why is Jow Forums deleting posts that critizes greta thunberg?

I have noticed Jow Forums is removing threads that criticize her while they let the ones that encourage people to follow her.

Is sweden that influencial that they can pay Jow Forums to censor any critics towards greta thunberg?.

Jow Forums has always been a place where people can express their opinions but it seems sweden has paid them or something happened. Maybe Jow Forums has been threaten with shut it down if most posts criticizing her continue?.

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Young people can't vote exactly because of protests like these that they make due to being retarded.

Jow Forums is owned by merchants

But why is Jow Forums deleting posts that criticize greta thunberg?.
Who is behind making Jow Forums to start deleting posts just because they criticize her?.
Is it sweden and their dark influence?

Greta has a very professional publicity team. It's possible they've coopted a janny.

As for greta, she doesn't actually care about the environment. The organization she does PR for (We Dont Have Time) is trying to make bank from carbon credit trading. Their 2-step business model* involves:
>1) passing legislation to create a cap-and-trade marketplace
>2) building a social media/rating system to evaluate public and private sector entities on their carbon footprint. Those who rate poorly will have to choose between getting carbon-taxed to death, or paying for carbon-offset credits.

their promotional video:

Since Greta's handlers will control both the carbon credit market AND the social media that ranks everyone, they'll always win and can do shakedown operations whenever they want.


*This scheme only works on liberal Western democracies. Countries like China or India would just laugh Greta out of the building.

They're also deleting their own threads when they can't hold the narrative.

So is sweden that evil?.

I have noticed that they use bots to downvote comments when people ask who are supporting her. Specially in reddit.

I have seen comments totally downvoted because they asked about her backers.

Sweden is truly an evil country that hides behind false humanitarian pr to climb at the top of the UN.

Because it's too excessive that's why

One thread got deleted when I implied that "gretas" handlers were fucking the distrubed little boy.

To me it's excessive seeing greta thunberg everyday on the news and moaning and using her emotional blackmail to get people in her pockets.

Why nobody says who are the people financing her?. Why greta thunberg says she is on her own when it's not true.

Is sweden that evil country?. Because it seems they are smooth cheaters, manipulating everything behind the scenes. So coward. So dishonest. So evil.

Because you like most of the cock smokers here don’t check the fucking catalogue. Then of course, your next natural move is to make a grand conspiracy about it. When in fact, 20+ threads about FAS girl is really spam.

Why can’t you redit and cripple chan faggots understand this ?

This poster sure is organic i tell you whut. He talks like a real board user and everything.
>cock smokers

Truth hurts don’t it nigger.

you're on the wrong level of irony shillberg, PR ruins your mind you know?

>Democracy is the planet's biggest enemy
Wow they're not even being subtle about it anymore are they? When the FUCK are we going to start shooting journalist scum on sight?

>Why is Jow Forums deleting posts that critizes greta thunberg?
We only need about 20 or 30 of them on the catalogue, OP.


What, you think Croatia doesn't have it's share of disingenuous Soros payed globohomo faggots?

Just recently there is the case of a journalistic scumbag (who as it turns out isn't even a Croatian citizen) who openly mocked and derided the sacrifices of our soldiers in the independence war and then got assblasted about "muh tyranny" when a court forced him to pay a fine for it.

Sounds intresting source? If it's real then im guessing it's probably index hr

Dude you can’t just “co-opt” a jannie. Well, at the very least it is extremely difficult.
You do realize jannies go through a vetting process that rivals your potus? Only the creme de la creme even apply for the position, much less get considered.
Couple that with the insane salary & benefits, and you’ll see why special interest groups don’t even bother

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This happens during every propaganda push or narrative operation. people were getting banned for derailing and criticizing "Q" threads when they tried to push it here

It's bigger than Sweden.

Because New Janny is a nigger, a commie and a propaganda-pusher.

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These threads are shitposted. Same thing happened when every other thread was about AOC


>encourage people to follow her.
i dont think i have ever seen this unless your counting the shtposting.


>Save the planet, drop social media
Social media uses gigawatts of electricity to run its server farms, for no other reason than to promote narcissism.

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>But why is Jow Forums deleting posts that criticize greta thunberg?.
I dunno, maybe because there's already 20 threads doing the same exact thing?

Maybe they need to make a sticky, devoted to criticizing her.

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Yup you’re at least 80% right.
It’s like people don’t understand this place or something.
I’ve done it too (not Greta but other times)

What? I haven’t seen one thread actually supporting her. What Jow Forums are you on?

Remember user, that’s okay as long as you make a regular donation to your local synagogue

Because Jow Forums is controlled by Stratfor for the globalist cabal. Seriously.

Make a /greta general/ you fucknut. Woud do it, but I started to mentally filter threads with her retarded countenance

Seems just the opposite to me. Q threads were shilled and banhammered relentlessly, hence why most people don't even mention Q when sharing breads.

Probably because they’re trying to keep this board from turning into a Greta Thunberg board.

Cesorship is not cool and if Jow Forums is deleting posts that means sweden's tentacles are behind it.

Sweden is a farce. They are not the humanitarian country the claim to be. And greta thunberg is authoritarian.

She has no idea

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>It’s like people don’t understand this place or something.
almost like Jow Forums has been getting assraped by clueless newfags since 2015

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>t. Sweden

Because what kind of fucking loser gets so worked up over a kid? Go harass someone your own age.

Or maybe because we don't need thirty threads about potato girl shitting up the catalogue.