Why weren't there videos from inside the 2015 Bataclan terrorist attack in Paris? The attack went for over 3 hours

Why weren't there videos from inside the 2015 Bataclan terrorist attack in Paris? The attack went for over 3 hours.

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It was a cmaera free zone user jeezy.

>French language but that the all conspiracy theory

They confiscated all phones?

Nobody put a phone in the ass ?

not everybody thinks "hey im about to die, instead of calling my mom im going to film some gore."

The police probably seized all of them so the french people wouldn't see the mutilations.

It's 2019. Nothing is more important to young people than being internet famous.

>film some gore
Retarded leaf being retarded. What about people thinking "I want to leave proofs behind me"?

Yeah, that's what you'll be thinking about while you're playing dead, listening to the sounds of camel fuckers stalk through the building for three hours putting bullets in everyone left alive, praying the cops show up before they make it to you.

>What about people thinking "I want to leave proofs behind me"?
I can guarantee you the only going through their minds were SHITSHITSHITSHITIMFUCKEDFUCKFUCKFUCK.

And nothing else.

Weren’t some of the victims tortured? I read reports they were castrating some of the men. Probably why any footage was seized.

There was talk about genital mutilation and stuffing in victims mouths etc.
But whether that actually happened or not is something we'll never know. They put the lid on it immediately and are never going to lift it.

they tortured the people inside. police doesnt want you to see the videos so you dont chimp out.

The police are there to protect the status quo. Nothing more.

mossad dont allow video of their operations

The documentary "Nos Amis" is pretty good. It's about the origins of the Eagles of Death Metal, with accounts of the massacre from the band themselves.
>that part where some dumb French cunt anchor asks a clearly traumatised Jesse Hughes, openly weeping on live TV, if he's in favor of gun control now, and he verbally bitch slaps her across the room
>"Did your French gun control save a single fucking person in that theatre? I remember the heroes running in with their own guns to stop the monsters inside. Until no one has guns, everyone should have them."
>the part where the guitarist describes taking a wrong turn during his escape and locking himself in a bathroom, then mistakenly revealing his location to one of the shooters who spent the next couple hours trying to get into the room and kill him, eventually detonating his suicide vest right outside the door when the cops showed up

Did they mention the guns came from Obama's "Fast and Furious" operation?


F&F is the gift that keeps on giving.


they don't want to see torture videos of women getting their tits cut off and men getting their balls cut off and placed into their mouths. It may show a group of people in a bad light.


snopes says false


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Why there are no more islamic terrorist attacks? After that everything went flat and now those cucked countries are importing immigrants like crazy.

The caliphate kind of went to shit, argie. There's a lull in them right now because most countries don't want to touch any of the survivors of it with a 40.000km pole.
We don't even want their fucking kids here.

>can no have people seeing of this will make them have racism honhonhon

jesse hughes also said that he believes it was an inside job, that some of the attackers were working at the bataclan.

What do you think would happen to the average fucking shitskin living in the same neighborhoods as these cunts should glorious full HD footage of "caliphate warriors" high on benzos and cocaine cutting off cocks and showing them in them owners mouth while praising allah and declaring the end of the west come to light?

The police are damage control. Making damn sure evidence like that never comes to light is a prime example of damage control because the police do not want to have to deal with an enraged public cutting off sandnigger cocks and feeding them to their owners in retaliation.

Some of the cops commited suicide after seeing lots of women with dozens of extras vag’s thanks to a machette.

I am know this is what would happen 50 Tarrant overnight probable

sloppy job mossad

Is that what happened on the inside?

is that was those attackers did after the initial shooting in the theater? i never heard they did any of that shit
crazy. for me it stopped at they went in, shot a bunch of people, cops showed up and they went poof

Ah the leftist propaganda website "Snopes"

No thanks, not interested in fake news.

We'll never know because any evidence is long gone and will never see the light of day.

For once, it was not mossad

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Based putin is actually a massive piece of shit, news at 11

that's what i figured
i wouldn't put it passed crazed shitskin jihadis to do stupid shit like that but they definitely wouldn't be touching dicks, even if just to cut them off for torture
thats more spic cartel shit

One thing is for sure. They were high as fucking kites on benzodiazepines and cocaine while carrying out the attacks.

No, they used the same security cameras as the Eipstein jail.

I would love to see that. A man almost die because someone pointed an illegal gun at him and nobody had a gun to shoot him due to gun controls.
>Do you want more gun control?

Every one cuts off dicks.

And evidences are gone for good reasons I suppose. It would be illegal to think otherwise.

>good reasons
I'm not seeing reports of you burning down certain parts of Paris or Brussels, so I suppose mission accomplished.

Pic related is from the Algerian war against the French in the late 1950s. Beheading and stuffing the genitals in the mouth of the victim is a jihadist tradition. The rumors are true. This is what they did to these French. And the French still won’t vote le pen.

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Ho, God, that would be terrible. We would reduce crime by 80%, welfare spending by half and stop terrorism for a few thousand displaced people.
A real crime against humanity.

>We would reduce crime by 80%
By burning down a significant portion of your country.
And we can't have that, don't rock the boat, protect the status quo.


>everything is mossad false flag
I want all after-2016 schizos out.

Exactly. They are as French as you and I. They may say they hate France and the French, and they may say they are not French and they want to fight France, it don't make them any less French than you and I.
We are all together, united against hate and the worse part of history, the holocaust.