The political left, coupled with modern media...

The political left, coupled with modern media, have proved to be the largest and most successful machine for right-wing radicalization in history. Singlehandedly they have awoken all of us - they spit on Europe, defile our ancestory and attempt to cause racial divide between different European ethnic groups. In the span of two mere decades, we have been denied our heritage, our pride, and now finally, our homes. Their lies plague our everyday life, and we cannot go a mere 5 minutes without seeing their propaganda or revisionism. They have created a league of males, most of us fighting age, and expect no retalliation for the rape of our history and homelands. They expect us to bow down and thank them for it, and accommodate their every need, even if it is on a whim.
The Black Sun will rise, and I guarantee you, the harsh awakening of several hundred million whites will leave a bloody mark on human history. We have the blood of conquerors in our veins - from savage barbarians to cunning strategists - the most feared and brutal nations in history.
We cannot lose, for our will is iron, and our determination unbreaking.

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There's literally 5-10 million of us already eager to spill blood, amd this number will only grow.
I can't wait till their faggy "crisis" hits and suddenly people will have nothing to lose.

It’s true but do you really need to add the images for an implied threat of violence?
It makes us look bad

They want you humiliated, castrated, derided and extinct whether you post images or not.
They've tasted blood and the only way to halt and repel them is through massive, unprecedented violence.

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today we numbering around 25 million monarchists in brazil thats fucking double we had 2 decades ago during the referendum
I can only imagine the number of natsocs

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>ITT: cringe


Speak for yourself and yourself alone, faggot.

based kiwi its the darkest before sun rise

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>"So Americans. Have you taken your German lessons?"

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>scared nigger
the time is nigh...

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Listen Chang, memes are fun but you're sitting in front of a screen growing more repellant by the hour. Go take a bath, and get some pussy.

Low-quality shills

Sorry about your guns bro I hope you had a boating accident before the ban. I was almost going to move to nz before the new law's came in. Honestly mate I know how you feel. Anyway now I'm planning on moving to America... your right about TV and Communists. They are pushing hard now

I became a believer in God after digging too deep into pizzagate. Already knew about the detrux affairs.

Still remember the google map images of "kindergarden" with spirals and metal enforced windows. Sick fuckers. Cops are terrible.

We litterly dont need to spill blood, we win if we live without sin, and always speak truth. I mean it. But ofcourse, there must be military sanctioned court martial for the high level politicians and elite who plotted this treason and sedation.

>ching ching

Tired arguments, faggot.
Go outside for a walk - it's not just behind a screen. And you know this - topics that would be absolutely forbidden years ago are now being discussed out in the open.
People are waking up to the lies, and since peaceful discussion has been made impossible, violent revolt is inevitable.

Can't wait to see you hanged.

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donkeeeh shaun?

No blood spilled yet. Does it feel like we're winning to you?

Something has to change. Hopefully November 2020 is the catalyst if the Left refuses to accept the results.

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Too bad your country is 99% atheist

I cant wait to blast some millennial communist hipster cunts

>we don't need to spill blood
I can only hope it wouldn't come to this, but if the need arises I'd rather drown the world in it and doom myself for eternal damnation, but at least give a chance to my children and loved ones at living.

These beliefs are causing your unopposed extinction.
If you speak the truth you lose your job, social circle, ability to receive payments, and ultimately your family.
You'll be speaking your truth alone, unknown, in a padded room if they get their way.

Shutting Leftist academics' mouths is what excites me the most. That's the heart of the rot and I cannot wait for it to be wiped clean

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Hail Victory

> This level of faggotry

It could only be a swedcuck

I will first kill my personal enemies and then kill every libtard teacher i know in minecraft when the boogaloo starts


Speak for yourself alone.

Journalists too

Flag makes sense

Well, obviously I don't include subhumans like yourself in that, nigger.

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LOL shut the fuck up pussy you can hadrly get out of bed yet you think you're some genetic superman? Haha, what a delusional faggot

How many personalities do you have?


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Shills use this flag a lot, both to discredit this country's rightist reputation and to reduce critical assessment of what they're saying, i.e. o make you lower your defenses by making you think you're listening to a based Yugoslav.

They're doing us a favor by making us immune to counterpropaganda and demoralization tactics.

I'm tired of being called white washed, fucking tired of it. Both heritages of mine are Mexican, but both disregard me as one of their own. I hope a lesson is taught to them, and you whites are the only ones capable of doing something about it. Godspeed.

>genetic superman

what a laughably indoctrinated response

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nigger, kys


it had to be.

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Suck a cock you faggot

Why don't you go cry some more about Tryone stealing all your gfs and assfucking them?

You people are beyond fucking pathethic

It's coming.

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Eurasian man pls go.

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You can't radicalize rationality.

You can only be radicalized Leftward since their beliefs are objectively incorrect.

>I'm a 1+1=2 extremist, I've been radicalized by mathematicians

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This is essentially the battle leftists have - they want the rest of us to disbelieve reality, and believe them instead.
They're asking a species who's entire existence is predicated upon noticing and reacting to dangerous patterns around ignore the dangerous patterns around them.
They can yell and scream and holler any invective they want - but they cannot break baked-in evolutionary hardwiring. This shit *will* blow up in their face soon.

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>I sleep
>she left
>I wake
>still in nightmare

We'll pray for you

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It starts with your friends and family. Redpill them. Arm them. Train with them. Know what you're going to do when the time comes, which won't be long.

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Ye, we'll gladly sign you off into a mental institution, where you belong.

Before you talk about bloodshed, and want to exert your will outwards... Ask yourself, have you even gone a single month without fapping/watching porn? No, didnt think so. So dont talk about bloodspill.

Of course I have. I've fasted, abstained, slept rough for weeks and also been in a lot of shit as a bouncer.
Don't project like this.

We are the lions to come.

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Funny thing about war - it's often the guys you don't think have the balls to do anything, that do what is required. The loudmouths tend not to be the leaders.
Don't assume because people are jacking off to videos of your wife taking bbc that they couldn't participate very well when push comes to shove.

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>They expect us to bow down and thank them for it, and accommodate their every need, even if it is on a whim.
But do they? Our jewish owners bring millions of blacks/muslims into white countries and expect us to do nothing? Really!? That would be a pretty stupid assumption that we would just lie down and take it.

It's far more likely (((they))) are doing it to make us snap so they can then herd us into a 21st century crusades. Where we then go fight more enemies of the Jews for them. These "Islam Is Right About Women" threads instead of "It's Okay To Be White" shows that they are trying to funnel us away from the correct path of white autonomy towards a jewish desired path of conflict with blacks/muslims.

Jow Forums getting in the way is a minor speed bump they are now trying to ensure doesn't affect the outcome of their plan. They just need to direct us towards islam/muslims/blacks and away from (((who))) brought them here to start with.

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>This is essentially the battle leftists have - they want the rest of us to disbelieve reality, and believe them instead.

and the radicaliztion process requires a huge amount of resources and money, you have to control schools, universities, television, social media, government etc.

they would have you believe that a few guys with frog avatars are "radicalizing" people.

Champ nofapper for five years here.

Dew bist gut mine nier

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How'd you lose your arms?

Extremely based, Brazil. Your people would do well under an Emperor who loves his people. I wish you the best. Perhaps we shall both have Imperial ambitions in the future.

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You don't understand, 90% of this war will be won by getting yourself properly alligned, always speak truth, have children, be a rolemodel for other people of your tribe to rally around. Violence is that tiny brief explosive part that occurs at a specific moment. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Also I have been in many fights and violent altercations, not as many as bouncer user ofcourse, 99% of our times are spent not using violence. Thats why I ask, if you don't have the self-control to go without a month without pornography or consume alcohol, maybe you should sort yourself out before claiming to be ready and fit for a violent war that may not even happen. Stop fantasizing about that magical DOTR that will fix everything. You need to fix yourself first, then raise your kids right.
Based and good job, also fasted 10 days.

I don't necessarily disagree with you, however, when the shit hits the fan it's sometimes the people you least expect that pull of the most interesting shit.
During times of peace, however, yeah - get your fucking shit straightened out so we can avoid a repeat of the current nonsense we're undergoing.

The fake media will constantly make you feel defeated and out numbered. It’s the only weapon they have but surprisingly effective. Why do you think the media spreads stories of attacks on people wearing MAGA hats? It’s because they don’t want people to discover that they are the majority

How can you outbreed third-world garbage that traitors brung in and then subsidize, at a rate of 300k a year? That's a whole city.
How will you breed when your women have been brainwashed to hate you, and kids?
How will this strategy win if your kids are sure to be indoxtrinated against you in schools, and likely made into whores and gays or trannies?

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based leaf