Aw darn! Looks like it's gotta be solar and wind then!

Aw darn! Looks like it's gotta be solar and wind then!

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Solar and wind both have larger carbon footprint than nuclear.

neck yourself

But nuclear is too slow and expensive. Checkmate.

>Cheaper than all the other sources except hydro
>We only have until 1976 to change things anyway or it's fucked.

you need all of them, solar+nuclear+hydro+grid storage

Paid for by the US of course, hehehehe.

Fuck the climate. We have to save the wales!

hmm and what if sun is not shining and wind is not blowing? during winter for example, when people need heating

>we made a whole bunch of expensive and time consuming regulations
>see nuclear is too slow and expensive

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exactly, free Wales! Fuck the monarchy

Cheaper, and the climate is fucked already. Only the west is trying to save it.

mass psychotropic aerosol seeding will merely convince us that it's a nice sunny day like today

LFTR is not slow or expensive but they don't want you buying your own power station for your home even though it saves a ton of energy and is super efficient

LFTR is the best, put one in your basement, the rest can be industrial use, leave the high pressure reactors underground shielded from ground water


is thorium still a meme or did they actually build any ?
i dont see them getting efficiently and safely miniaturized until they can be used at home but we definitely can replace regular reactors with them and they can double for water desalination.

What if they melt down? I don't want Chernobyls happening. I saw the HBO series.

>too slow

I propose we launch all the Jews into the sun to help increase solar output.

If they actually cared about the climate they wouldnt give such a fucking excuse.

The world is ending in 10 years.

Looks like winter months are going to get even darker here!

it just a part of the ''it's too late'' narrative. Gendl Turdberg is a project that popped after '''it''' was still on the agenda.
Now it is important that nothing can be done. After all, if something could be done. One of the first steps would be to stop high CO2 emission countries from importing people from low CO2 emission countries (but oh-so nasty in other ways, especially when it comes to plastic)

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I’m guessing that retard means it takes a longer time to build a nuclear power plant vs a solar/wind farm

Solar is the future. Get fucked shills.

>nothing can be done
oh well i guess i will live my life as i would have anyway then

Coal and nuclear are good.

Big Green needs mo money mo money mo money fo dem green projects yo

Educate yourself, sheep.

>25 died from acute radiation sickness
>1% (160 counts) death rate from thyroid cancer
>No evidence of thyroid cancer on surrounding republics
>No effect on malformation and infant deaths
>No heritable effects present
>No proven increase cancer rate on liquidators (cleaners)

>0 everything

Fuck off. I saw the horrors of nuclear power in the HBO show. Nothing you can say can convince me otherwise.

>you need all of them, solar+nuclear+hydro+grid storage
honestly nuclear would basically be enough. storage would be nice but not necessary

pretty much this
China is pooping out nuclear plants left and right, meanwhile our nuclear plant is being built by unironic pajeets and is already years behind schedule and over budget making it the 4th most expensive building ever built


>demographic shift
>mexicans watching over nuclear power plants across US
Makes my asshole cold bros

Gee, I wonder why they keep pushing forms of energy that will bankrupt the middle class and put everyone but the elite into poverty?

Aren't fingols superior to even chink people? Why poo in it?

coal is shit dude unless you wanna be china. even they are pushing to replace it because it's killing millions there long term

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>too expensive to save the world

Fuckyoushima killed a lot of people, but that's due to the evacuation order in a country ravaged by the earthquake and the tsunami. They should have told people to stay in one or two day, and then to evacuate.

Oh, so it wasn't "save climate at any cost" but "price tag matters" and "vendor brand matters". Thank you for correcting the record mister Goldbergstein.

>>too expensive to save the world

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Exactly, it is mentioned on that video.

>our nuclear plant is being built by unironic pajeets
We... we are not poo in loo, Sami-san.

that's a load of shit bruh fucktons died as liquidators and shortened lifespan from exposure in nearby cities (due to government incompetence) probably got fucktons more.
death toll is in the tens of thousands at least.
it's no excuse to not go nuclear of course because fossil fuel power production kills more every year and non-braindead reactor design makes all that shit far safer.

They bring hordes and hordes of poos, literally shifting them in every season to train them here at our expense for their own nuclear plants.

the workers are 80% indian

It’s hard to beat 0

They can't even run a tech support center. This isn't going to end well.

>that's a load of shit bruh fucktons died as liquidators and shortened lifespan from exposure in nearby cities (due to government incompetence) probably got fucktons more.
death toll is in the tens of thousands at least.

solar is the best (especially with recent advances making it super efficient).
but of course production fluctuates with weather and time of day which is why you need on-demand power to complement it via grid storage and nuclear.
if we get to fusion then we dont need even solar.

that's why the entire project is fucked + the unreasonable regulation and red take by the retards in the government

classic greens move
>we can't have this dirty nuclear power
>buy more oil electricity from russia instead

Jewish minds are so myopic and dumb.

But it has more investors goy, so we need you to support it.

Aren't the Germans working on cold fusion? Or was that a meme?

I'm sure I read about how they were building a prototype and the Americans demanded that Germany hand over the blueprints to their American "allies" only to get told to fuck off.

>solar is the best (especially with recent advances making it super efficient).
even with 100% efficiency it wont be enough it might be nice for places outside the grid but otherwise its basically worthless and a waste of time

>too slow

Yes it's slow when built by shitty compagnies that gorge themselves on public money like Areva. The chink can built those in 5 years instead of 10.

Come on goy, who wants energy to be cheaper???

Basically, let us know when somebody wants to manufacture nickel-iron batteries again. They're very common elements in the Earth.

cool, their short term greed will kill off any long term dominion.

And here I am thinking "research capabilities of and try solving issues surrounding geothermal power. That could actually be a fight winner, given that there's a couple geothermal power plants that actually seem promising. Wind and Solar are overmarketed tosh anyways that still have a boatload of problems to begin with."

This is a blatantly shoddy article. They presumably only use a single source for all of their claims, they use a potential 1.5 extra year of construction time as being worrying well above advertised build times, they list the cost of generating power without saying how much power is actually generated and without an in-text citation to how that cost figure was reached, and they keep going back to how much nuclear is a smaller percentage of power production without actually showing how much each source produces or addressing the factors that have limited the introduction of nuclear around the globe. This just throws a bunch of contextless figures at you and assumes that's enough.

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underrated post

The foot print requirement alone removes solar from the best, add in production pollution and it drops even more. Nuclear is by far the cleanest and safest source of energy we current have availabile which is why (((they))) have done all they can to stop the west from building them.


Without satan propping them up theyre literally all pygmies and inbreds of no concern

It that's true then we're simply doomed, and there is now point in worrying about it.

Well I don't like nuclear personally, but this is blatantly false. All you have to do is compare energy prices between EU countries that use nuclear as their primary source, and those that go for muh green energy, which pro tip, isn't green, isn't efficient, effective, sustainable, reliable, cheap, or any other thing one would expect of a viable energy solution, and even in countries that have nearly bankrupted themselves with it, makes up a very insignificant amount of the actual power produced. Exhibit A would be Germany. How's that working out? Meanwhile France uses nuclear, and it works. Nuclear power is works really well, except for the waste, for which there is no real solution for disposal, unless you put it in bullets and shells and discharge it all over the Middle East, like America does.

Fuck these people are retarded.

That explain a lot of the non-quality.

>Taking your meds

They're not stupid. They're brainwashing the goyim so their friends in the Big Green scam can get money on the way to UN Agenda 21 and the false Gaian new religion.

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Nuclear is slow and expensive because every time anyone wants to open a nuclear plant, the greens use regulation and lawfare to tie up the process for a decade

Solar and wind? Are you kidding? The ONLY solution is Communism. Only by giving me and my Jewish friends the ENTIRETY of the product of your labor, eating bugs and living in tiny pods, so we can fly in private jets, rape children, and eat steak every night, can the planet be saved.

i dont think you're up to date with the latest advances in solar. the footprint and pollution they produce for the lifetime energy from a panel is better then a nuclear plants + they're far more easily scaleble but we need something to cover the times solar cant which is why we need nuclear or\and good storage.
either way advancing nuclear is critical to move past earth.

>except for the waste, for which there is no real solution for disposal
There's no real "waste" in nuclear, only different types of fuel you can use in different types of reactors, so you just unload "waste" from one reactor and load into another. We're approaching almost 100% closed cycle now.

Says Rabbi Mohel, with a mouth full of baby boy benis.

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We built 60 reactors between the 1970's and the 1980's. Now Flamanville and that finn plant are disasters. We've become 3rd world, the skills are lost.

In Germany only 10 percent of the price of electricity is production costs. The rest are taxes, subsidies for renewables... Nuclear being too expensive is laughable.

Yep. Solar is useless and will never be a solution regardless of how much the technology is improved. I did the math on that shit when I was 15. It's useful only for niche applications. The problem is greenies don't understand science, and in most cases the solutions they propose would be a lot worse for the environment than what we already have of they were actually practical enough to implement, which they aren't.

Greenies aren't in it for the science. They're in it for the fame and fortune.

>The problem is greenies don't understand science, and in most cases the solutions they propose would be a lot worse
implying they dont know exactly what they are doing

Stop feeding turd world "people" and city people who all voted for Hillary.

Problem solved.

Nuclear too slow. Meanwhile sea pistons.

Sea pistons are going to slow down the moon and create even more climate change.

Nuclear energy with proper storage of waste is best energy. Nothing can beat it.

We must develop technologies that look to the obese to provide the heat and wind we so desperately need

I hate it when Jews are right.

Also Thorium reactors could be made to supply the entire nation in 10 years. Solar and wind is not that scalable.

and that simple fact is what they suppress, it is why they do everything in their power to suppress it, is basically infinite energy without rent or interest and expensive waste disposal, tesla was killed for less

>What about Nuclear
>Woah, slow down there. That costs way too much time and money. Shut the fuck up and eat your bugs.

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ok so according to her we are in emergency mode because we are doomed in 10 years

yet no mention of closing the borders because it is an emergency and no mention of nuclear
yea fuck off with this kike shit

>Thorium mumbo jumbo
Take your meds

You can't ask a Jew about death tolls that anti-semitic

working on it for 30+ years
Wendelstein 7-X is a stellarator fusion reactor

>too slow
>too expensive

these niggers are literally just pulling shit out of their ass and stamping it with their climate branded political science

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heavily underfunded though, for obvious reasons

>We have to treat the threat of Climate Change just like we treated the threat of the nazis in WWII
>but no nuclear this time

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Now that's a quality screencap. Some fantastic insights from this insider here.

A fantastic breakdown of the mindset of the managerial / clerical strata whom attempt to implement this anti-human worldview - but I'll still say I still believe at the top of their globalist pyramid are indeed kabbalist / satanic people who are actively looking to destroy the human spirit & our ability to reach the kingdom of God. I mean what is more ostensibly evil than trying to delete a culture or nations existence? If you remove all traces of history, ethnicity, religions & culture from a peoples they have no way of recognizing the Father & therefore no path to salvation - or even a path to better their own lives or communities. Eternal slaves to the beast.

The electricity itself is slow. You don't want a slow iPhone do you goyim? You just bought that xbox, you don't want dropped frames on your favorite video games do you?

flag checks out. Go burn some coal faggot.