Anyone else been pushed to the point where they now unironically want our species to go extinct?

Anyone else been pushed to the point where they now unironically want our species to go extinct?

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No that's kind of drastic. You should get help

I believe that a new kind of human could be created that would be better

we should do that but of course it would be some mutt tranny android

its never going to get better

A little if they can’t see what’s happening they should go extinct

im waiting for that since the 2012 bullshit, still hoping.

You’re thinking of (((their))) new human
I was talking about my vision here

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I didn't until I started working in IT Support then it pushed me over the edge and I hated the human race

I've been pushed to the point where I just want to coom.

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lol if you havent had this opinion since you were at least 5 years old then you are a massive faggot retard
humans shouldnt exist ever, and shouldnt have existed for millions of years. humans destroyed mars, and they will destroy earth, fuck humans.

>destroyed mars

please elaborate, I have heard this floating around before

im thinking about making a doomsday device with a string and paperclip

Theory says it's where we come from. We fucked it up so bad, (probably the niggers) that we had to leave and went to earth.

we're just animals op, we will go extinct sometime. Everything dies in the end.

was there but its pretty pathetic. you are just depressed and full of FEAR. humans are awesome

Fuck off mars-fag, my ancestors were from Venus. Fuck your dumb planet

not full of fear just feel hopeless for our future, Europe is ruined, the UK is ruined, Chinks are taking over, niggers are running riot, islam wont fuck off and whites are now mentally ill shooting each other or turning into trannys or just dont care altogether about any of this

Things always go from bad to worse. I'm gonna miss you fuckers. big time

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at least in a few million years the next animal will take over. Unfortunately probably another Hominoid.

tits or gtfo

same thing always happens, niggers overpopulate, and then they nuke the world because thats what niggers do

you realise that means earth is a tranny?

*Macgyver theme intensifies*

But your vision, which i assume is the right vision, can never be achieved.

Oh but it could

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if it's either extinction or globohomo I have to choose extinction

>Op can't get a girlfriend
>Wants humanity to suffer for it
Fucking kek

What's with the increase of demoralization shills lately? I'm never giving up, go eat jamal's dick schlomo

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We need to stop fucking around and play the long con and get one of us into the white house, get access to the nuclear codes and launch all of them across the globe and end this bullshit once and for all. I'm fucking tired of this meme planet, lets do it boys

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so did nietzsche

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OP's life is just a low budget Evangelion