The absolute state of American national debate

>taking writing course on US Space Age
>first day of class, professor asks "why only white, Christian, men landed on the moon?"
>read poems about the moon, they're actually just bitching about muh government spending money on NASA instead of black people and dem programs
>watch Apollo 13, professor asks again "why doesnt this movie show minorities?"
>reading articles about lunar poetry, author says Neil Armstrong planting a flag and using the "gendered term mankind" is problematic
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST what is wrong with this country? Race gender race gender race gender, it's all people ever fucking talk about here. This is genuinely going to tear the state apart one day I swear to God; its brought up everywhere and for everything, its shoved down our throats at every corner, and worst, you Yanks are exporting this shit abroad too. Another eyeroller was in a Medieval history class and in the first day the professor asks "was medieval Europe 'white'", what the fuck kind of question is that? It's not about it being white or not, but the very fact that this question is even conjured up and discussed is a fucking eyebrow raiser, it's like asking "were Iberians predominantly brunettes?" from my foreign ass point of view. How do you get to the point where this question is even considered important to the topic? Why is the USA so God damn obsessed with Race and Gender?

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Maybe you shouldn't have spent the first 100 years after your Civil War teaching how the South dindu nuffin and slavery was actually good for the Ameriblacks? Reap the whirlwind and all that.

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this isn't even Jow Forums with dates, this is entirely about modern politics

>"gendered term mankind"
>WTF dont use a sociological term referring to a scientific species AAAAAAAA
I can usually tolerate this shit but what the fuck

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It would be interesting to discuss American academia though, and the whole race thing is definitely rooted in the USA's unique history which led to a very different outcome from Brazil's race relations

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You're living in a great time, historical events in the making.. The second Civil Rights Movement. You should enjoy it and be proud of your fellow countrymen. Hate and bigotry have no place here.

Bruh, its doing the opposite of progress. Constantly bringing up racial division entrenches the concept of racial identity even further. In Brazil everyone got Blanda Up and dont care about race anymore, you are "white" even if you're a swarthy Arab or 1/4 black and 1/4 Mulatto in ancestry, it's far more fluid and not at all the Stark lines you see in US (and Canadian and Australian) societies.

Not anymore it ain't, nigga
We've imported American race relations and our racial democracy has gone down the shitter
Blame evangelicals, PT and the military for allowing this shit

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All revolutions require strife. What you describe are simply the death throes of the old bigoted system. You'll see. The new age will be a beautiful and wonderful thing. You will love the new world we are creating. Join us. Help smash racism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny and all forms of bigotry and hate... Then you'll be fulfilled... You will be truly happy when you're one of us...
One of us...
One of us...
One of us...

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Are you in HS?

>In Brazil everyone got Blanda Up and dont care about race anymore

Lol this is bullshit.

The racial democracy is total myth because race always had hierarchy in Brazil. Mixing of peoples does not eliminate discrimination or racism. It just leads to slightly less negro/indian mixes shitting on others for being more negro/indian looking even if the latter guy is actually more white then the former.

Always remember that you're better than they are, OP. They certainly remember it, and do their best to make you less than you could be. If you allow yourself to forget that you're they're natural superior, they win.

Daily reminder that Karl Marx gave up on a workers' uprising in the USA due to the inescapability of gender and race politics

Ohh boo hoo stop crying phuck boi.

Karl Marx was a USAboo

>you Yanks
Wait, are you taking a US history based class in another country?


Huh, didn't know about this.

I see nothing wrong. Previous history lessons frame the moon landing as a victory for the human race, one people on earth. But now we know thats not true. The only race to meet the achievements is the white race. By asking these questions, your professor is rightfully pointing out that shitskins have nothing to do with it. Thank god for the liberal education system for demonstrating white supremacy

An English class on space travel... wtf

Not only was the moon landing engineered by white men, but the father of the U.S. space program was a Nazi who was in the SS.

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And this is why the US can't send a men into space anymore.