Feminists attempt to co-opt NoFap

Read this article and try not to laugh. I dare you.

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>“I think the biggest issue is porn,” she says. “Porn is where people go to learn how to have sex, and most of the time the approach to sex in porn is built around the man’s pleasure. Even as a heterosexual woman, porn made me sexualize and objectify women … I also began to think of myself as a sex object, and that my value came from my sex appeal.”

>Kristel also cites the influence of pornography as a key driver of the trend. She says the unrelenting theme of male dominance, unrealistic body standards and the overly performative scenes made watching adult content a discomfiting experience for her. She claims that without pornography to masturbate to or compare her own experiences with, she is able to enjoy sex in a way that she wasn’t able to before.

Seems pretty based and red pilled. What's your problem OP?

The article literally says NoFap is bad when men do it because wanting to raise your testosterone is an evil thing to want because testosterone is linked to masculinity. But the 0.1% of NoFappers who are women are virtuous because porn objectifies women. What the fuck.

We'll see what happens then...

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I don't think it has any effect for women

they do this with everything

Lowers standards

>the guardian
opinion discarded

And? Does this surprise you? Those retards always try to steal good ideas, this one won’t stick to the left though because excessive masturbation is what (((they))) want

Lmao nofap cannot help women be more like men

Female value literally comes from their sex appeal. We only exist to multiply.

>the oft-cited claim that NoFap makes men more attractive to the opposite sex objectifies women and frames them as the “prize” in the game of who can hold out for longest
>makes men more attractive
>objectifies women

Go back to Facebook.

Why are women so concerned with being objectified. Is there something objectively wrong about them?

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>Lowers standards
I seriously doubt it.

Depends on who does the objectifying.

They saw a collection of men doing something outside of their control and compulsively infiltrated it. It's what they always do.You could have a group of men countinh stickbugs and as soon as there were enough men, women would start showing up talking about how much they've always loved stickbugs.

>romantic comedies give unreal expectations of a relationship to women
>porn gives unreal expectations of sex to men

No one has infiltrated anything though. They are just compulsory female fappers trying to quit

Instead of no fapping you should go out to a bar and start peeling off girls from the pack.

compulsive* lol

Instead of going to a bar you should create art and meditate

Its like they are programmed to seek any self help male space to make it about themselves, criticize and destroy.. WTF does fapping have to do with women? the whole point is saving your seed/semen.

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And both are produced, financed, and mass-marketed to/forced down the throat of the general population by Jews.

5% women. lol.

nofap for women, aka an average month for any woman.

There are more porn addicted women than you'd think. Almost every girl I know watches porn.

I was having trouble with premature ejaculation and masterbation actually helped with it.

Usually I try to either have sex or masterbate twice a day. If I am ejaculating that often I feel like I can choose when I COOOOOOOM when I'm fucking my gf.

Oh and I didnt practice trying to lazt longer while having my wanks. I'd go as hard and fast as felt good. I think that made vagine feel slightly less stimulating in comparison which also added to my stamina.

Maybe that will help some guy

>premature ejaculation
No such thing. You are meant to spread your seed. There is no "too soon" when it comes to this imperative.

funny, most mainstream porn is pretty 50/50 and tries catering to everyone.
yeah there's humiliating shit for women. Femdom exists too, big deal.
That goes for the general amateur stuff in mainstream too.

You're not really going to find as much as she's implying unless you start going into specific fetish/sim stuff, or real dark underground shit.

>I was having trouble with premature ejaculation
Premature ejaculation isn't a real thing. It's a bullshit myth created by con artists. The faster the better as far as evolution is concerned.

It's just a stupid news article meant to generate clicks. It's not necessarily true.

>new craze where xyz is doing xyz. Click watch these ads or miss out!

Oh you can take some pride in your work and enjoying giving her multiple orgasms.

>being pent up and sexually frustrated makes you seem more attractive

Shit, is that what I've been doing wrong this whole time?


>5% wahmen
>Bother to make article
>Jow Forums shill shilling
Yeah sage this slide thread

>Oh you can take some pride in your work
Ya... No, I don't really care honestly.

>muh female orgasm
no such thing. Been there done that.

>I also began to think of myself as a sex object, and that my value came from my sex appeal.”
What do know, porn does teach you something.

>desensitizing your dick to real vagina is good
>at least I last longer!
por ques los dos? Just get your stamina up while retaining the amazing sensation of a wet slippy vagoo instead of your poorly lubricated hand

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You know they are much more docile after they are giving a good fucking. Usually without having to say a word she is straight to the kitchen afterwards and baking and cooking.

Maybe that's why women arnt fulfilling their traditional roles anymore. Men arnt living up to their half of the bargain.

Sounds like she likes being punished and thus watches degrading porn

In the 1920's we had flappers
In the 2020's we're gonna have nofappers
How odd.

My women are so docile that after fucking I give them a twenty and they leave.

My woman came with a dowry.

Youre all useless faggots

When muh no fap turns into vigilante action against pornographers Ill pay attention
Fucking losers

>after they are giving a good fucking.
Sex isn't even that great, really more of a chore past a certain point. Oh great you feel agitated and then you bust a nut and get sleepy! Isn't it wonderful?

What about cam girls?

That slapping and spitting shit is so tryhard

This town needs and enema

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so she just wants to lay there like a dead fish?
fine by me

Iv had periods of feeling like that. Your test might be low. You need more sleep and exercise.

Try making love

Bull fucking shit

have sex

>Try making love
*BARF* There's no meme that can express my discuss.


women, let me explain this clear for you.
besides your vagina, you have no worth to a man, how about you fuck off and leave us alone and go have an original thought of your own....oh yeah!....that's right, you can't, you've got to take everything a man does and make it all about you, even celibacy (women keeping they're legs closed, lol right)

I just like good old fashioned missionary. Doggy style, cowgirl sex my dude. I dont need freaky kinky fucky shit to be pleased or to please my girl. Maybe every once in a while yank her out of bed and pin her up against a wall and fuck like that to keep it interesting...I really dont get some of these weirder fetishes though

To a woman

This is a good thing. Everyone needs to disconnect from (((porn))) and embrace self-discipline, especially women

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>not understanding the awesomeness of love making

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>She says the vast majority of her viewers are based in the US, with a smaller but significant following in India.
Why are poos so beta that they will flock to literally any white woman?

>To a woman
Nah, after you can see all the stupid tricks women play to be sexually attractive, most look kind of pathetic and barely fuckable.

>>not understanding the awesomeness of love making
This board is 18+.

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Imagine the smell.

But maybe it can help them be more like real women?

wait a minute...
>5% are """women"""
How many of that 5% are trans-women?

I'm an atheist.
Also my partner of 7 years was a virgin. We plan to get married. Might be a humanist ceremony though.

maybe this will help somebody:

occult view on no-fap:
audio book version here:

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>I also began to think of myself as a sex object, and that my value came from my sex appeal.
It's incredible that there are women who think anything else. I have a theory that nature made women less introspective than men so they can avoid the realization that they really are just sex objects.

no-fapping is now a dark corner of the internet according to the guardian


How is that "instead of no fapping"? That goes hand in hand with it. The challenge isn't "No Cum November"

Anywhere you dont upload your passport to have your ID verified is considered a dark corner according to mongs.

post the link you stupid inbred nigger or get off the fucking internet

>What the fuck.

Men = bad.
Woman = good.

This is their narrative, everything else is just there to confuse you about their intentions. Just like all the confusion on how MSM reports on race is erased as soon as you accept the formula is just:

White = bad.
Nonwhite = good.

Same with straight vs non straight. All they do is align the spin to fit these maxims and any inconsistency created be damned. All this bullshit about "feminism cares about men too" or whatever is obscurantist drivel.

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Yes, because they know their only value is as objects and they know most of them aren't worth shit.

450,000 members? NAAAAA

4500 maybe. They fucking inflate the numbers too god damn much.

Women cannot understand not being the center of the universe

This, we've all seen this feminist spiel before.

I support women’s no fap. It makes chicks horny and increases my chances of some poon.

>learn sex from porn
i miss u hitler

This was the funniest part