Romanian gangs are targeting young british girls. What do we do?

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Let them have them

Kill them all. That's always the best and only effective solution to all of this.

kys jose

Guns? no.
Knives? no.
Police? no.
Competent government? no.
There's nothing you can do.

Why are ethnics so rapey?

ugh, racist much?

Leave the EU to stop them getting in... oh wait that's not allowed because feminist lefties are insane

These are gyypos not Romanians

>t.romanian gangster

I am romanian, green eyed blonde, tall and whiter than 90% of pol, those must be subhuman gypsies.

Calling gypsys that commit crimes romanian is like calling turks that commit crimes german
Wait the media is doing exactly that
Fuck msm

I see the Pakis are finally getting some competition.

> 7:30 AM goto work
> Train station smells like piss
> Needles on the stairs
> Romanians lying on the floor beg for my (€)
why is it always stinking Romanians

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The thread is already full of romanians diaspora claiming that every romanian felon out there is actually a gipsy

romanians understand only violence and hunger

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Most likely gyppos

stop your racism bigoted asshole

As if Italians are a lot better

So, Romanians are White, apparently.
Other Eastern Europeans are still niggers though.

Eh, they're European enough. At least they aren't pakis

Oh shit nevermind those are turk roaches hit 'em with the raid

Gypsies mate

Romanians never dindu nuffin

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>have THOUSANDS of rapes and grooming incidents done by muslims for years
>ignore them and tell people that brought it up that they are racist

>some gypsies that are Romanian citizens not ethnically Romanian rape a girl

The absolute fucking state of

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>romanian child rape gangs
>25 years in prison

>muslim child rape gangs
>25 days

as expected of a caliphate

>this whole thread

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>some gypsies that are Romanian citizens not ethnically Romanian rape a girl
Romanians are Angels, Gypsy bad

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We shure are better since Italy is the first destination for Romanians, we have millions of them here

>t-they're gypsies, based WHITE romanians would never do that
>we're white r-right guys? Right?!


Yeah, but I did not say any of that tho. Are you pic related?

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Kill the government for betraying you, faggit

>Romanian gang

Got any names or pictures? Being awfully vague on details. Even a gang name would help.

>What do we do
Jail them for 25 years?


how much in debt you are? 100k?500k?
Or you just give up with studyng and healthcare?

What surprises me is the dynamic between Romanians I work with and Romanians that litter the streets begging.
Whereas one group seem very conscientious, kind-hearted and virtuous, the other comes across as parasitic.

Romanians, your gypsies keep getting out. Please ensure this stops.

the average faces of Romanians
white my ass, 99% of them look like this

>just ignore romanians raping 12 year old girls because muslims did some shit

How about we kill them both.


A literal non-country if poor criminals. No surprise you suck Romanian cock.

that is the Bucharest phenotype
heavy gypsy/arab influence

Stupid whores derserved it. If you are idiotic enough to message a Romanian, 12 or not, then anything that happens is on you

>these are romanians

Those look like Gyppos or Muslims, and Gyppos are just poos/muslims who got kicked out of their home for somehow being worse than the other people there.

>>just ignore romanians raping 12 year old girls because muslims did some shit

Show me where I said that, kike. Pic related.

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Now thats awesome I really should talk with these gangs.

Absolutely nothing. Do you want to be perceived as a racist?

They look like ordinary Romanians to me, and I've seen thousands.

Only like 7-10% of Romanians are even proper Europeans.

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>Eh, they're European enough.
>At least they aren't pakis
‘Romanians’ in the news is euphemism for Gypsies. And Gypsies are literally pakis.

Simple, have the state kill these fuckers in the most brutal and terrifying ways. The crime will stop very shortly after.

Anyone else find it odd they got 25 years yet shitskin after shitskin get slaps on the wrist
nm, I'm sleepy

They are shitskins you absolute mutt. But of course, no coincidence.

They are shitskins

It’s ok. He’s American.

Why are there so many slide threads pushing a Romanian theme now?
This place is a fucking circus.

How is this a slide thread?

that’s what i’m wondering. why don’t white/asian people rape like this?

>25 years
White privilege in action. If they were Muslims, they would never be released.

Seems everyone wants a piece of the British girls. Next stop, Eskimos use iglos for sex parties with British girls.

>Seems everyone wants a piece of the British girls
i dont

Everyone not white. Sorry, you're right.

Ever watch Rambo? Consider that course of action.

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They aren’t white.

Convenient to call gypsies Romanians while you call Romanians gypsies.
Mugshots and names confirm they are a bunch of gypsies, but let's call them Romanians to be PC.

Only one of them is a gypsy everyone else is a romanian.

we beat them to it

Cum zici tu tigane.

Gypsies arent the only ones to do crime bonzo


>be police officer in 1987
>arrest 2 men who were watching over 6 children
>children dont know what a tv or telephone is
>children tell they only get food as a reward
>take part in raid of related cult appartement
>find thousands of pictures
>the immages of the dead goat and the bloodied naked children who were forced to kill it can not be unseen...

audio book version here:

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sounds like that 12 yo wanted the dick.

Goes to park, REPEATEDLY, and gets raped REPEATEDLY.

hurr durr

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Do what you normally do. Nothing.

groom the boys


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May I remind you that for the large part Romanians arent white. Been in Englon, seen them.
They are filthy gypsy cigans.

Barely any had bright eyes.
Most had black eyes, black beards, dark skin.