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>when you eventually realize that freedom only actually means (((freedom)))

OP is being ironic but there really are tards here who will defend the ((allies)))))))

Poor lads...

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They were sold out by their kike puppet leaders.

lazy slide, Schlomo.
Report, lads.

Obligatory video Greatest Generation&playlist=recommended

Is this some sort of art piece. They look so young. I feel like someone photoshopped their faces. That corporal looks like a child.

Fought for a paycheck and died for less than nothing.
Thanks for the niggers assholes

Dios mio

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I guess burgers were always mutts.

The issue here lies not with the soldiers - both sides were told what to do, and simply did it. The issue lies within the politicians and generals. They saw that worshipers of Moloch were being slaughtered left and right by Europeans, and in an autistic fit of rage that can only be compared to a downie shitting on the wall and biting his wrangler - decided to attack en masse against a well composed opposition. It was only when the number of allies exceeded the point of no return, that Germany lost. Think of a tard wrangler being overwhelmed by a troop of spergs.
Blame not the men who stared death in the face, but blame the hand that forced them into that position

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Just imagine what would have happened if Hitler had won the 2nd World War. The ultimate utopia. The ethnostate. The protection and sovereignty of Western Civilization. The purity, sanctity, integrity and dignity of Western Culture. One day we will rise from the ruins of our cities. We will revolt against the disgusting disgraceful dehumanising leftist establishment and we will achieve Hitlers dream. We will say to all those who driven to divide us, that Europe belongs to the Europeans.

Would they have done it if they saw the world today? Trannies, fags, mutts, degeneracy, niggers... what the fuck did they even fight for? Freedom? They've disarmed us or are actively trying to do so, they've put us in massive debt, and increasingly they're taking away our rights to object to any of it. Medieval peasants were more free than us debt slaves.

>if hitler won
Probably would be shitty as well, but at least laws would have been in place to promote white lebensraum in africa instead of the other way around

Thanks for your service. You guys were heroes in a way almost impossible to understand. Germany and Sweden l-love you the most.

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What’s the deal with ethnicities and cultures mixing in the Russian Federation? Will Russians from the Baltic mix with the people from the Caucuses and further the people further east?

Medical science and vaccines would have been inevitable and thus they would out breed and outnumber European settlers. Tragic reality.

If Hitler won we'd be too busy colonizing Mars for the Reich to notice the shitty parts. Which would mostly just be less degenerate entertainment, what a tragedy.

We have pro-migration, tolerance and multi-culti government(Putin too, he is totally brainwashed soviet bastard). 70% of Russians hate migrants and caucusian and don't want to see them or contact them. That's all, my burger friend.

>doesn't realize what an impact economical incentives can do to marriage and birth rates
Niggers today are propped up by laws from state, not magic.
Boomers would however still come about post-war so things would still turn shitty

Africa has always been a beautiful, rich land ruined by the niggers infesting it.
Just look at what europeans made of the land before getting backstabbed by racetraitors

That's where boomers came from....

Lol he really does come of as some sort of Chechen bitch

Just look at those faggots pieces of shit who ruinned Europe and US

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No, its real. They were 17 and 18. Wasted and lost for the jews. I can't watch ww2 docus any more. Its too depressing.

I mean, all humans originate from Africa. The only difference is that 60 thousand years ago we (Europeans & Asians) migrated further north and advanced.

I don't feel bad for the Boche, but it's a shame that we went to war with Japan and did nothing about the Soviet Union.

This was the hardest redpill for me. My grandpa was a WW2 vet and such a kind man. He died years ago without realizing what he & millions of others had ultimately done.

I used to think Vietnam was the ultimate shill war, but clearly it was WW2. Everything went to shit after that. Post war babies grew up to be commie hippies & all the degeneracy/social degradation that came along with that, Jews subverted television & movies, porn started ramping up, sex work, etc.

Worst thing we ever did.

thanks for all the junk food. especially spam and american cheese.

>I used to think Vietnam was the ultimate shill war, but clearly it was WW2.

WW2 was like a sportsball event to them where they were competing against the "krauts".

The holohoax narrative wasn't put into play until the 1970's.

The best thing about the end of "western" civilization is that anglo country did this to them self.

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Dont swallow the black pill yet. If ww2 veterans should have done anything its probably should have been harder on boomers. Were in this situation now for thr same reason every other empire falls. Victory defeated us. Life in post war usa was so good people felt empty because there were no struggles. So faggy sjw kids tried to fight the man. Hitler was right. But imagine the world we could have had if the usa stayed true to itself

Even General George S. Patton was forced to go fight the international jewish banker wars.

Talk about having no play alone at all.

Freedom yes bring (((freedom)))
meaning world banks and OPIC control of your resources....

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Nah, we did it to you. Stop deflecting you dirty krout - no one likes you.

Nope, plenty of "older" looking 15 and 16 year olds snuck in, recruiters and such did plenty of looking the other way because they needed fighting bodies.

Let's see what was gained buy ww1 and ww2.
2/3 white male population of Europe killed or maimed. global banking cartels centralization.
A global army payed for by us and ran by Jews.
A Jewish home land. Oh and perma victim cards for the perpetrators.
yea your grandpa got fleeced. But hey he got that 1957 Chevy and that pine house with the white fence and a pension.

The jews are very thankful for our sacrifice too. The most loyal allies we could ever ask for.

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Why do some look 15.


Absolute cope

To be fair the Japanese Empire was also a major contributor in the opposing side to the American, British and Soviet