Japan/pol/ - War Crimes Denial Edition

Tokyo is the only city in the world with a dedicated group of Jow Forums users who have regular meetups.

Why is your city/country incapable of forming a Jow Forums community?

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Meetups have been held since the summer of 2016.

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If we did this in my hometown it would be infiltrated and subverted by glowing niggers in a month.

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I might be the only one from my country who frequents Jow Forums

What are you doing on pol, paki?

I'm a masochist

Is that a comic about the nazis or some shit on the table? Looks based

What percentage of them are gaijins?

Don’t even think about coming here if you’re a meth dealer though. We’ve got the market cornered.

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Website for the group.

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Because most of the stuff we would talk about is illegal? Better not go public with "wrongthinking"

Literally this, the entire group would be arrested for some hate crime in my nearest city.

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Reminder that japanese are really just blacks

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Didn’t know you guys had it that bad. Aren’t you supposed to be fairly un-cucked?
It is liberating to be able to discuss how the Jews are evil and controlling everything at bars without having to worry about thought-police. I even end up talking to locals about it from time to time.

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>"Seeking comrades"

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Well, I’m in San Diego if anyone wants to meet up.

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Cryonics healthcare right coverage or bust.



Where and when?
I even have a American leftist feminist as a fuck slave you guys could bully.

What is that for a book on the table? Pen & Paper?

who makes this cringeworthy shit?

We are not based nips. To many god damn mutts.

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Fuck off we’re full though

Not sipping on nigger whiskey?

Come home, Paul

I go to meetups every few months. I'm just too busy to go to all of them.

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Each is an eikaiwa ALT


Jews/glow in the darks. They've no longer the monopoly on culture or imformation and want to destroy us for it.

what? No one told me about this. I wanna be cool too. How do I get in? And you fags better not tell me to join a discord server.

It’s because actual Japs have their own chan, just like India does.

Prove it. I refuse to believe anything but english teachers come here

And what are you doing ? Besides drinking like any tourist i mean

Nah, Tramps, hills and faggots everywhere

>I smell a trap and not the food kind

Deviant art is.owned by wix.com which is owned by?... you guessed it
Avishai Abrahami, CEO of Wix. Wix Wednesday was a golden day for Wix CEO Avishai Abrahami, co-founder and CEO of Wix, a Tel Aviv-based company that offers a do-it-yourself website hosting service.

*Good kind

Wix is the only way I can build a website as i dont have hundreds of hours to learn how to build websites from nothing

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Sorry m8, wish I could beleive u. I'm far to familiar with the ○s to beleive this is mere coincidence

Also there's countless programs you can make sites with, which are available for free. On the off chance this isn't a failed honeypot go ask Jow Forums

Sorry about that.

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fucking based, I'll have to remember this in case my inner weeb will make me visit nippon

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Still need the tech support since I dont know what the fuck I'm doing. With 3 hours of free time off of work a day, I don't have time to go through every error that pops up.

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>hosting a site with a company based in Tel aviv

You see the problem right.

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every one in america knows they will eventually be found out. yup the government is going to link ips to addresses and everything you ever said here will be used against you. so i said nigger a few hundred times and may have called the quran a faggy book of sribbles dont we have freedom of speech? when did america become kike land? will we ever rise up and gas the jews? these are the questions we need to ask. and then your put in a special mental health facility for wrong think and have to watch blacked porn as part of your treatment

"Pol" is too close to "Poland" and nobody would like any of that.

>walfag btfo yet again
you're the ultimate loser, user. you lose before you even think of trying. please leave. its been too many years.

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oh and go ahead and blame it on your mommy and daddy. i know you will.

Cant do it.

What part of "I am of my own making" dont you understand, you dopey cunt?

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meetups are for normies

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I met a jew once that was redpilled on 90% of what pol says but he got all that info from some odd app where you follow your favorite ecelebs. I drop jew jokes on him often and he does the same it's nice

oh did you stop telling the story of how your mom and dad stole your social and you cant get a new job because your car?

They're setbacks that I can't do anything about since the people involved are destitute

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What a bunch of queers

>I can't do anything

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My President just passed laws that would make it illegal, essentially. Plus all the Jow Forums users in my city are brown/yellow/black/red people, I don't enjoy spending time with dependent peoples.