Back in the late 2000s i was in love with a woman and she was too. We talked about having kids but she was scared because she thought i would leave her and she would end up being a single mother. I would tell her "why would i leave you when im madly in love with you"(sounds faggy but i was in love with her).

So work got in the way and hanging out with my friends was too much for her. After 4 years she ended up dumping me. I did everything to get her back even made my self look like a fucking idiot(thank you rom com movies) so i finally just gave up.

So back in 2012 i creeped on her facebook and she was dating some nigger who he had a kid. The nigger looked like cj from san Andreas but was bald, had a fucked up hairline and was chubby. She was so proud she was dating a nigger had it full blast on facebook and everything. This was back when interracial porn was starting to get popular so i guess she probably fell for the meme.

Yesterday i creep on her facebook and she had a kid with the nigger but the nigger wasnt in the picture no more. No pics of the nigger, only pics she had of him was the baby shower and one of them together and thats it. I looked at the niggers profile and he stated he was single.

But looking at her profile i noticed for some reason she was proud of being a single mother of some nigger kid. Nothing but "im happy you came into my life" post, the im proud single mom shit. What she fear the most of being single mother happened but shes proud it happen. I noticed this trend with coalburner single moms. Like if its cool to get pregnant by some nigger, get dumped and be single mom with a biracial kid. I noticed this too with single mothers on twitter too.

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they also do the whole "my kid looks exactly like me"

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c u c k e d
op is gay

Of course they say they are proud after the fact because they’re trying to save face. Her life is over and she’s trying it hard to accept

every woman thinks she'll be the one to 'tame the beast.' they're as racist as us but they're full of hubris too. it's a form of manifest destiny.

The hot stove much be touched again and again, to make sure it still burns.

There is no other way. It is the curse of women.

>So happy you're in my life...
Is what they tell themselves to keep from falling apart in panic and despair.

This. They know they fucked up. It's all cope.

Just fapped to this thanks op

This. Almost every single mother I know admits they date scumbags because they have some weird savior complex. They sincerely believe they will somehow turn the thrice convicted felon with 3 babies from 2 momma's into a good house husband.

3 years later, they're still paying off the auto loan on the car their ex bf driving and is now using to hook up with baby momma #4.

And in about 5-10 years. She'll quietly go down a bottle of pills to end her suffering as her son Jamal is in Juvi for didu sumfins.

yup. i think even through their small, simple brains, they understand what a disaster they've done. i think in most cases, the more they post that shit on social media the more despaired they are, like a proportional reaction.

same thing with women who do too many abortions starting support/advocacy groups.

you know this shit with interracial breeding is only ike 20 years old. this shit was NOT happening even in the 80s and 90s. this is a disaster going on right now, a slow motion genetic holocaust on european people.

i hope to god something can be done, because if it continues it truly is a genocide

It is extreme cope. They are copeing to the highest degree. Keep tabs on her, give it maybe 5-10 years before she does the predictable option. That said coalburning is a sign of poison in a society. The poison has set in firm in our society. The only way to reverse such a course is war, the end of media and the revocation of women's rights.

>bald, had a fucked up hairline
This doesnt make sense

whats fucked women defend single mothers and blame the men but they only blame white men or spic men. You will never hear a woman blame a nigger. Women should be shaming single mothers but they dont.

like this

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I say send her coal burner memes and get her to give up her nigglet sub human for adoption.

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It's fine, they are making their bed. Stay the course men, there is a way out of this filth. Bide and train, only then will things change when things go hot. We must persevere as this societal poison has already set in strong.

yeah a lot of people in general do this. like, everyone knows they are a dumpster fire and would be better off committing suicide, even they know this, so they put constant effort into attempting to create some kind of social proof or validation that can make them avoid actually doing it because as shit as their lives are they are more afraid of death. which is a mistake on their part.

Interestingly within the black community the issue is recognized and has been gaining more attention in recent years.
It's white women that see it as an exotic thing to do.

>You will never hear a woman blame a nigger.
It would be racist to point out facts user.

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Absolutely based

Get a good job, marry a young white woman, have four or five kids with her, and leave the trash in the past.

White women with niglets need to be gassed. They get the rope

It is the sign that they have no self worth, so they look for social worth by fucking niggers and once they get pregnant, then they wear the atrocity like a proud battle scar of how progressive they are. It's the way they were raised and their parents should be rejected from society. When I see a coalburner, I think, "Wow, I really want to torture your parents to death". Honestly, they have betrayed their sons and daughters.

>I noticed this too with single mothers on twitter too
heres another one

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good on ya m8
bi-racial children belong to no group fully and suffer because of it and their mothers can experience martyrdom by proxy. it's also an act of virtue signalling in a mk ultra culture.

>he’s so good y’all

congrats you made a coal burner when you threw away your son to the niggers for parties and degeneracy

Because alot of women that fuck blacks, or anything else that isn't a white male. Subconsciously use that love interest, as well as the children as a fetisized object. Only to show other people how tolerant they are and how their black baby is "cute" and "progressive."

Bingo. This phrase is all cope to preserve ego.

It's has to be some kind of amazing gift to their life, if not, and they saw it the way it really was, they would probably kill the kid and themselves. If you look closely, you'll see that does happen sometimes, but most women can't be introspective enough to see it.

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Imagine how low that dudes self esteem is

My mom did this too with White trash. It's the basis of her life. All her dogs are rescues and she kept trying to hook me up with pregnant teens to "rescue" them.

Got super pissed when I married a virgin who didn't need saving.

She is fucking 60 years old and still looking for "bad boys."

No joke. This is a real person. She is that crazy.

It's called coping. She knows she fucked up, she's trying to save face because she knows people make fun of her for her mistake.