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Who said that quote about not getting neither freedom nor safety if you give up safety for freedom?

Mel Gibson would disagree

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She's right and HK protest's are Gay Ops.

>“Violence breeds violence,” she lectures. “Find me one case where violence led to a solution.”


>white roastie going to foreign country
>city trying to fight law that allows a dictatorship to put city natives into contcentration camps for wrong speak facing the death penality
>lecture them in a foreign language how they're supposed to live
>"you guys I think saftey is more important than freedom"

The audacity of that cunt.

Look at the nose on that one!

Behead the bitch

It's funny how these types forget the only reason we havent had a major war since ww2 was mad theory and capitalism.
Naieve ideologies mean nothing sadly.

not white, it's just women mindset
for women safety is everything, since they are vulnerable

Chinky mad
Enjoy the trade war, yellow jew

Ben Franklin

Lol, you ever say that shit around me and Ill fuck you up and youll never walk again

>“Violence breeds violence,” she lectures. “Find me one case where violence led to a solution.”
lmao what a stupid child

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She's right, freedom is risky, and can be unsafe. That's why we should make society like a giant prison where we have to ask permission to take a piss.

Should say American woman instead of white woman so I can really SEETHE

She's probably a Chinese plant regurgitating lines. There's no conviction in her voice at all.

Meanwhile the chinese government begs to differ and uses violence too. But it's bad when you fight back I guess.

>Woman willing to trade sovereignty for security, or even the illusion of it
This is unironically the default setting. They should not be allowed to vote.

T. Seething roastie

This. Subservience is their natural role, giving them the vote was a mistake.

Honestly think it's hilarious how virtuous whites are now going to all the shitholes we've always told them are shitholes and only now seeing that these places are shitholes full of shit people but they think they have some sort of moral and divine right to do something about that.

If you a hand on me I’ll send you to grave than I’ll fuck her sister

If you lay a hand on me I’ll send you to grave than I’ll fuck her sister

Even white people implicitly recognise Hong Kong is Chinese clay, these protestors are a bunch of stooges run by US & UK intelligence agencies, it’s all so tiresome.

Glad it didn't say Jew otherwise we would have a headline

The nose knows

Abduct her
Force her to have sex with dogs.
Upload to youtube.

>CIA agent telling CIA agents what to do

Jews living in HK should be expelled from the country, pronto. You just know some shekel-grubbing heeb is up there in his villa on the Peak pulling all the strings.

>"Find me one case where violence led to a sol-"

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>that nose
>sandrat facial structure
>lecturing other races about anything
That's a jew, non-boomer white women don't lecture non-whites because they know they will get hit for it.

I've heard enough, time to rescind universal suffrage.

Reconquista, Charlemagne's war, the liberation of Greece. The list goes on.

Every major conflict in the history of the world?


No, fuck you, slut, there are things more important than freedom...truth, family and God. Safety is for weak people. Truth especially is what you should uphold over freedom.

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Foreign visitors: we just want to go home, you mob give us so much pressure

Nothing can change the fact that Hong Kong is part of China

>White Man speaking

>not just hitting that cunt in the face

they think it's because of their
>lets be hippy dippy friends holding hands and singing kumbayah by a campfire while not accomplishing anything tangible but feelyweelys and tears
nonsense, they live in a completely different world from the rest of the planet and don't realize how different shit can be even just down the road.

I'm part native, native enough to have status and get benefits, but I've got pale skin and dark blue eyes. I have a hard time even going to the reserve my family is from without getting into fights and having to carry a weapon in case shit gets real. shit can get real very fast, even on the best reserves. My reserve was one of the better ones, but it wasn't uncommon to hear about shit that goes down at other rez's, from the horses mouth. (No, not Horses Mouth, he just sells weed)

They have no fucking idea how dangerous the rest of the world is outside of their comfortable little gated communities and sprawling suburbs.

Yeah sure sometimes you hear on the news about some tourist that wandered 5 steps out of a "safe" tourist area, and was found a weel later in 9 pieces, or the shit the cartels get up to in south america, but they've had it so good they have zero frame of reference to be able to understand the fire they're playing with.

To a woman, safety is indeed more important than freedom.

Only a kike whore would have such hutzpah.

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Put that kike in prison, and tell her it's what she asked for.


Here's a personal favorite:

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Thats your average woman, and a reason why we can't have nice things.

Don't underestimate the ability of western women to completely misunderstand social cues and absolutely fuck up a situation.

t. nigger

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Jesus Christ, is there any nation tackier than Burgerland?

LIHKG says she's probably one of those Russian girls who comes to Asia to work as prostitutes:


Nope, the law was intended to extradite criminals back to the place where the crime was committed to stand trial. And only if the crime was recognized both in China and Hong Kong. And only if the expected jail time for the crime was at least 7 years, by Hong Kong law.

A misogynist pig.

classic white women

This is the second White woman who is apparently against the idea of protesting for freedom

What causes this?

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Her English is too good for a Russian prostitute. Also a Russian prostitute would never care.

Honk Kong is part of China, Jow Forums
Get Laid

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>not white, it's just women mindset
>for women safety is everything, since they are vulnerable

It depends, a woman would back down from a fight when insults are flying, unless she was ghetto, but most women are lioness when it comes to protecting the young, even if we use non-violent means:

Prince Edward locals bravely rescues youth, everyone please hank them
【9.22 Prince Edward following】Police abusing arrest, brave locals rescue young man
香港大紀元新唐人聯合新聞頻道 (Hong Kong Epoch Times)
CHIWAI CHAN 2 hours ago 2:51 PM 2019-09-23
Translation: Because of quota, black cop loudly say just grab a few, aaaah Hong Kong become black cop heaven aaaah, more horrifying than imperial Japanese army, Lee Rock Times
- What happened: police was caught saying, "just grab a few", and they try to move in to grab a white shirt clad teenage boy who was just crossing the street, a local housewife hugged the boy and held onto him, others join in, preventing popo from their kidnap attempt.

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Go back to the kitchen

To be fair, she's a woman and has never had to fight for any of the freedoms she has. All she has to do is bitch to men about not having enough rights and men will give her more rights. So of course she thinks safety is more important than freedom.

>The video ends with the woman saying that she would rather go back to South Africa if this is what she was going to be living with for the next few years.

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The Chink encounters the Eternal White Femoid.

I mean even in context, the Chinese had a big problem with protestors thirty years ago

Then they killed all the protestors and the problem was solved for decades.

Doesn't that prove violence works?

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That’s womansplaining

Its an ugly jew and youre a retarded toddler

Fight me too.

Its a jew, classic false flag user
Open your wrists

The correct answer was hitting her very hard in the face causing her to run away crying.

By not violently revolting right now you are deciding that you prefer comfort and the illusion of security to risk and death
Everyone in this thread is I bet

This is the pathology of the expat. She sees both the government and its people clashing, and she decries that both sides are wrong but loves this vague idea of "Hong Kong." To her, Hong Kong is not the government OR its people, it's just some magic Asian idea she left her homeland to partake in, it's consumerism and rootless experiences.

fuck off insect


Your mum is gay OPs

I bet she posts on fucking /trv/

A foreigner arrested at the Lai King Station by the police

Is David Edwards a white man? I could feel his exasperation through the headline.

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>What causes this?
/trv/ aka autists with passports

Back to the drawing board glownigger

>CIA agent telling CIA agents what to do


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The nose says it all, as usual.

That nose

White Woman is right

That’s how women think which is why they shouldn’t vote

>“Find me one case where violence led to a solution.”
Join, or Die.

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valid. good post for a leaf.
extra hyper cringe. i want to apologize to HK now for that stupid mouthy cunt.

idk, what was the american revolution? if that stupid bitch had her way we'd still be sucking the royal cock and pissing ourselves in fear. can you imagine how entitled you have to be to go to another country and lecture them?

also she looks like a kike. nose knows.

The baizuo are at it again!

>"Safety is more important than freedom"

The single greatest argument for removing women's rights ever. An argument straight from the source to boot. Women cannot handle freedom, it only burdens and confuses them. Once you know this all of their contradictory actions make sense. Gays+women and islam can peacefully co-exist, police kill blacks for no reason, #metoo, etc are all extensions of this retarded mindset.

Look at that fucking nose HAHAHAHAHAHA

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No, you see it didn't lead to a solution. The final one was stopped by the juden and their pawns (see unwitting white nations).

Consensus is a total myth, there is always some kind of violence going on

>Make peace make peace

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great post