Holy shit AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA shitposter in chief

holy shit AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA shitposter in chief

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What a clown

The chad twitter troll, the virgin black face

i wish i could just rape that twat greta

>checks flag
>age of consent checks out

awwww you seem upset. Did your daddy fuck you? Did you love it?


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>cope posting circa 2019

more brainwashing sponsored by socialism

What a horrible actress, first time I've tried to watch her. Who writes her bull shit?

In Spain you don't even need to be Socialist to be a brainwashed drone

>implying she's not a synthetic humanoid with a cybernetic neural net with preprogrammed responses to external stimuli

trump should call her school and report her for skipping

whatever spook

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robots don't go to school.

Seethe, cope, and dilate.

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so funny xD i hope he sends more of my money to israel and saudi arabia now!!

put a Whig on.

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I would do unspeakable things to her tight lil body.

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>Save the planet, drop social media
Social media uses gigawatts of electricity to run its server farms, for no other reason than to promote narcissism.

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I'm always surprised at how he expertly plays on people's psychology. He turned her serious and gloomy demeanor, which is where 80% of her power comes from, into something to be embarrassed about. Too bad she's too autistic to be flustered by it.