Redpill me on jews

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They have the highest IQ

I know Internet in Shithuania is slow, but come on.

go back and ask reddit


they like money and degeneracy. they like to infiltrate cultures and subvert them by pretending to be the host nationality (hence no jews in china, etc.) they also like bagels and foreskin

They are less than 2% of the US population and more than 50% of the top 1%

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They are comparatively rare in world-class hockey.

Some have been observed playing golf.

As of typing, it is unclear if any Jews are currently orbiting distant stars.

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It has been said that they enjoy a good baby foreskin to munch on. They also seem to enjoy money, a lot! Pic related

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Take your meds schizo

Heres your redpill. The real jews are black men!

Take your sex incel

They love sucking little boy cocks.

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Who doesnt though

>(hence no jews in china, etc.)


>What are kaifeng Jews
>What are marrano Jews
>What are donmeh Jews
>What are daggatum Jews

You are incredibly naive.

they have ruled the world for over 110 years and have a self inflicted god complex, see everyone other than them as potential slaves and don't like working at all, would rather exploit non jews, they are parasitical by culture and nature, they stink and marry their sisters.

google "Samson Option" right now

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Getting fired for making a toy to mess with. Fired for racism no less. Good luck getting hired again after that.

>>What are kaifeng Jews
>>What are marrano Jews
>>What are donmeh Jews
>>What are daggatum Jews
well, what are they? i've never heard of any of those rare jewkemon species

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I would believe you if their SAT scores supported that.

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They wish for a world where the Talmud is fact, in which the gentile is a subhuman dumb beast aka a nigger, they want to turn all of mankind into niggers then rule over them forever. No progress just simply torturing niggers until a meteor hits this rock. Jews are the most destructive lifeforms that have existed on this planet.

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>unfolded paper clip is antisemitic because it's a trianglr acording to the far left
>people also think random triangles are also a semetic symbol

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