Why do women dislike white guys now?

Why has our sexual market value plummeted so much Jow Forums? Why don’t girls like us anymore? Why do they prefer black and brown men

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Hi ricecell

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Social media has given them more validation than they could have dreamt of which is destroying the general well being of macro gender relations

Because all white guys have become cucks, whether they want it or not. If you can't say what you want, think what you want, dress the way you want, you're a cuck. White guys are cucks.


This kike thread again

I blame it on the appearance of trannies.

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Women just realized they're on the hook for accidentally destroying western civilization by the birthrates and the replacement, so they're teaching their white men to be conquerors again by denying them everything. Attention being only the most visible form of hatred.

It's not us they hate, it's themselves they hate.

White men, re-read the first chapter of the Christian Bible. Women are the snake. You give her the keys to your throne, she will set it on fire and make the men deathmatch for rights to her womb.

This is human DNA, the anomaly to explain is how civilization existed in the first place.

Wake up white man, your civilization was taken away from you.


because most western white men are pussies and soft. there are no real "men" in the west. to much pampering and comfy.

Great thread OP

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because woman looking for strong men and we are domesticated pussys

A lot of it is propaganda from Jews mass porn consumption lowers testosterone etc try during a few weeks of no fap see the difference white women will want you .

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white men don't have the pipe and can't lay it down.

Yep, and retards will still reply. Worthless little fuck makes this thread every single day.

They don't.

We have to take a page from Islam.

Islam was right about women. At least in part.

Keep them pregnant and in the kitchen making sammiches.

I was sent to Britian for a month last year for work, every white male was short and skinny, soft skin, no scars, no masculinity in their eyes. soft timid hands. franky there was not a man anywhere. the white woman flocked to me, its as if they detected a predator near them and it turned them on.


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jew shill detected

Remove flag, friend :^)

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Bait thread but I’m dumb so I’ll bite anyways. I live in a city where the majority is black people. Even then, white men are still seen as the most attractive

Wow, that single image of a interracial couple is so convincing

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They don’t. Fuck off kike

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What type of cuck posts non stop inforgraphs on this shit

Bs every black man there has a small Harlem if white gfs. All white girls want a black Guy

You are one pitiful piece of shit. Do humanity a favor and just kill yourself. There is nothing in your future.

Jews using shabbos goyim to exact their revenge and fulfill the prophesy that they are God's chosen ppl and the goyim are their servants to rule over. To do this they must mongrelize they other races; their biggest threat being those of European ancestry.

>Why do women dislike white guys now?
They dint dislike white guys. They dislike sperg tendencies lime you clearly have.

Have sex, incel!

all girls want my creamy load in their meat pockets

you dont know what youre talking about

Obvious slide thread is obvious but message for all the angry zoomers who don't realise that this is a psyop:

White men are the most desired men on earth. If you are even remotely attractive then go to Brazil and see how many 8/9/10s ask you for your number. They will tell you they LOVE how white your skin is. Do the same in India. Japan. Southern Europe. Mexico. You poor souls have been tricked into thinking you are undedsirable becuase the women in your own country are going through a period of fetishising dark skinned men (which, incidentally, is a product of globalisation and music/fashion trends, not due to illuminati or soros or whatever distraction bullshit) but the reality is the even the women in your own country want have kids with, and spend their lives with, a man who shares genetic traits with themselves. This is a fundamental genetic imperative and interracial marriages will always be the exception. Yes, many young women will want to date a dark skinned man in their youth. Its edgy, its fashionable, muh ex bf, and it will torture daddy no end. Why is this surprising/disheartening to you? Women are promiscuous and excited by novelty, hence why you as a white man can go to the Philippines and absolutely slay the local populous every night.

These kinds of threads, along with the:
"BBC" spamming
the "___ are not white" threads
"why are white people so ___"

It's all aimed at disrupting your sense of place and purpose. Do not pay any attention to these threads my dudes, for they are propaganda. They are Russian in nature and they work to disrupt western unity.