Muh evil LGBT

Refutation of Jow Forums anti-gay "facts" based on biased 40 year old "research" compiled two decades ago by a bible thumping retard:,005.htm

Once again Jow Forumstards were wrong. How do people even believe the virulent bullshit posted here?

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Homosexuals in Sweden & Netherlands have on average higher depression and suicide rates than heterosexuals.

"Let that sink in"

More debunking

Wow that's awful; your point?

Initially mostly trolls who only wanted to get trolled and troll other trolls were here. But certain people felt accepted in the environment of the wild troll theories here so they stayed because the received hate everywhere else. Most trolls left in disgust in the meantime so barely anyone on here is left to tell them how stupid their ideas are.
If Jow Forums is a major source of information for you, you are bound to believe some of these things.

Before some retard posts it, this list of """facts""" is refuted.

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Nice source

Imagine being pro soupy poop sex

Imagine not understanding that homosexuality is not a choice

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I'm not clicking your links. What even are those websites... sounds gay.

>50 million faggots die from aids
>n-nothing wrong with this homosexual activity!

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Homosexuality is anything but innate and the recent discovery of the "gay gene" proves this (the gene is related specifically only to certain personality traits like openness etc and not homosexual behavior). It's a result of sexual trauma and a hypersexual social climate. Stop putting things in your anus. Stop tearing anal fissures into the walls of your colon and impacting feces into the bleeding wounds. Stop decoupling your sphincter from the rest of your anus.

1) dont have children
2) promote a lifestyle with implied lack of breeding
3) are upper class degenerates promoting a lifestyle only sustainable by the upper class, but completely life-destroying if performed by anyone else
4) are without exception malignant Narcissists looking for victim status despite their cushy upper class upbringing
5) are upper classers fighting for even more "freedom" for their already priviledged assess

... they are an evolved form of der coomer

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Being the victim of emotional and sexual abuse is indeed, not a choice

So you found a cuck. None of those are statistics ir primary sources.
If anything, you just demonstrated to will take any olive branch offered to you and stick it in the gifter's eye.

Nature hates you. It's why AIDS exists.

Fuck off sodomite. Repent before you go to hell for your blasphemy.

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Ultra KEK

The gay lifestyle correlates with massive risks for stds and early death. Gays are more violent to their partners and are less likely to be safe in sex.

>The gay lifestyle correlates with massive risks for stds and early death. Gays are more violent to their partners and are less likely to be safe in sex.

people who fall under the LGBTQ lifestyle are some of the most boring and uninteresting people I have ever met. They will never have real love, they will never have their own children, or have anyone carry on a lineage for them. They will all die alone in the end, or realize what a mistake their lives were and they will just kill themselves.

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