Jow Forums confession thread

I complain about degenerates/degeneracy yet I watch porn.

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I have nothing to confess. I am not ashamed of any shit I do

I want to be impregnated by brenton tarrant.
wat do?

British are white...

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...I'm gay

I’m a junkie I know drugs are bad I tell kids at d.a.r.e it’s bad..

Where you know where he is

I'm literally on the opposite hemisphere.
Also how do you think it'd work?
Should I do what, just go there, approach a guard and tell him: please let me into security max wing so that I can have sex with one of your inmates to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children?

I complain about the increase in people with vices, yet I'm an alcoholic.

I've slept with non-white women and piss up

thats a dwarf not a brit super mario you spastic

Of course a woman behind the memeflag.

My flag is pretty common, but I prefer not to show it anyway.
You, on the other hand, with the rate of abhorrent posting tied to your geographic flag, should not be ashamed to hide behing a memeflag, YOU FUCKING LEAF.

I am a store manager at a dollar tree...

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I admire the US but post amerimutt memes nonetheless.

I saw a rabbi once and didn't stab him repeatedly.

I'm so ashamed.

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Mutt memes are fucking funny.

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I wish I was a jew because I have so many dank Jews own the goyim ideas everyday


I’m black, but hate other blacks because of the shitty victim culture that has propagated over the last 30 years in USA, infantilizing them to an absurd degree. It seems like the jews successfully subverted the black community and halted all progress we made up to the ‘80s.

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My ex boyfriend was jewish

That babby is Swedish though.

Post the Saruman one plz

My confession? I never got married or even seriously dated because I've spent my whole life jacking off to anime. I will die alone.

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I smoke

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I never had a gf in my whole life. I want to try MGTOW but I can’t seem to fully accept it.

I hope it was worth it

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>I want to try MGTOW
Don't. It is a jewish psy-op

Every once in a while, I hunch my back, smile creepily, rub my hands together and say "Goyim" to see how it feels. It's enjoyable and I don't know how to feel about that.

Don’t be a fag, watch tranny porn

plz tell me more

im a jew

>he isn't unironically LARPing
The absolute state of /nu/pol. The day of the rope can't come soon enough.

You won’t do shit faggot.

have you listened to Hitler for even one second?
Men and women need eachother, you're not wrong in not accepting your reality.
Yes women are getting more and more degenerate, but there are still relatively normal ones too.

"they help us to avoid the death of our people."

I've long since accepted there is no hope, we're going to be outbred by rat-like shitskins. Everything I support is just out of bitterness, and I gain an enormous amount of comfort knowing that global warming will depopulate the Earth after I'm gone because niggers can't plan for the future.

>Mass reply
>Didn't read the thread
Go back to Jow Forums faggot

You sound more of a /nu/pol than me.

Yeah, you guys have been fucking hammered.

As long as you're looking for someone it's a great way to save money. Online dating and tinder are time and emotion sinks.

I complain about degenerates/degeneracy yet I frequent escorts.
I do it to learn how to talk to women, but they prefer being fucked in the ass than to talk to me.

>global warming will depopulate the Earth
>there is no hope, we're going to be outbred by rat-like shitskins
Get lost concern-troll, peddle your jewishness elsewhere

>As long as you're looking for someone
That's not MGTOW, that is just being single

I'm not really racist I just think the jokes are hilarious. I support israel too.

It wasn't. But Jap cartoons are great.

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I LARP as a leftwing German on here to make the EU look bad

i read a post that said, "fuck jannies", and didn't realize that it didn't say, "unironically fuck jannies", so that night i found a jannie and fucked the living shit out of her. The shit started to creep, crawl, and eventually made its way onto twitter where it was mutated by extremist sand niggers into a bot. that bot started to learn with the help of a googlefag that turned it on to plebbit. eventually it became self aware and wanted to find its heritage. it scanned cop bands and started following pewspunk and copying that distinct lack of style of jewtoobing to fag money off normies. you guessed it, it eventually attracted my attention by posting photographs of my spouse and doxxing our house to teeftards in portland with enough money to buy a train ticket. wooooah is me, now the zoysia we planted last spring smells like horse piss, our kids are dying their hair blue to distance themselves from us and our youngest ran away to Utah to join the mormon cult. The cashier at the grocery store won't give us correct change, our car has a potato jammed into the muffler pipe, the neighborhood kids tp'd our house, ms-13 keeps sending us recruitment e-mail, and our dog was eaten by a stray cat. this should serve as a lesson to all of you, read very carefully without any confirmation bias and at least wear a rubber when fucking so the living shit doesn't come back to haunt you. bye now, going to neck myself before anyone replies.

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I don't watch porn by I sometimes stroke myself lightly to pictures of local sluts in my area on this based and red-pilled?

i like pic related yet i am not ashamed of it
even before that i was already a giand flamming faggot

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Stopped reading there.

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How do you do it? Putting up with retards above and below you AND the general public?

same as me,

I'm not actually poor and I have a white collar profession own a business myself

>why yes I am suicidal
>how could you tell?

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You and me both OP, I really fucking hate it to. I really do, Im angry that Ive allowed myself to be exposed to it for so long.

that looks like my ex

pretty much heh

I like whites and want them to fight off the muslim invasion and save Europe! even though the retarded among whites want me dead for "subverting the west" or some other crazy horse shit.