On that Islamic shithole


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wow, germs are really kaput


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we need that to b 90%+

Waiting for my train rn, seems about right to me what this article says.

Would you like us to start another war in the middle east? That ought to shake loose a few million more refugees for you to work with. Just say the word and we'll do it.

Mashalla my children of Allah. Repopulate and teach these non believers a lesson.

not anytime soon, we have other plans for you now

>when whytes think theyd win any sort of race war

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Germans are too far gone to suddenly wake up from today's situation. Like most of France, they were indoctrinated to a point of quasi no return after the end of ww2. To them, "human rights", "tolerance", "antiracism" (i.e. self-negation and fighting against the interests of your own race) is a religion.

That being said, Germans still pride themselves as being #1 auto constructors in Europe and being the leaders of western europe. They also generally love order. I wonder if they're suddenly going to react when even their economy goes to the shitter worse than it did pre-Hitler era.

Because make no mistake...Importing third worlders also brings 3Rd world conditions.

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Migrant background includes EU countries


Go back to your homeland, sandniggers

Slaves of Judea you mean? But krauts seem to be asleep so I guess it's Jahwe-/God-/Allah's will if you please..

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Allah has no children you dumb larper.

wake up germs, pls :'(

And when all of the white money is gone how will these people survive?

oh look, another german hate bait

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being this delusional lmao

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سوف تتوب على الله في أوروبا. سيكون العيد إلزامياً وسيتم حظر لحم الخنزير. سوف تجني اليوم الذي تهين الإسلام!

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That includes Poles, Romanians, French, Austrians, Italians, Bulgarians, Latvians and even Brits.

Under US census rules, Germany is still 96% white.

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Le 42%

America will surely offer gibs to New Africa too!

Sheepshagging/tribal wars/incest.

It includes EU backgrounds and you're still a shill

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>The German census does not allow residents to declare their ethnicity. Hence, whilst the 2011 census states that 2.7 million German residents have at least one parent from Turkey, this may not be a true representation of the total ethnic Turkish population. In 1997 the former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl had already stated that there were 3 million Turks living in Germany.
4 million (2011 Embassy of Germany, Washington, D.C. estimate)
Turks alone are approximately 5% of the population.

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it's even worse

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>this invisible border line

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Actually, we are allowed to ask where people are from. We don’t ask bullshit like “what race are you”.

Turks and Kurds have a fertility rate pf only 1.8 in Germany and many move back to Turkey.

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I mean they literally pay kikes because they're sorry. They deserve to be destroyed.

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the hypocricy. burning the flag of a country that gave you a better life. you muslims are trully unworthy.

The kikes are the ones destroying them, dumb ass.

archive.vn/MjlNG - “Americans Need A Dose Of German Guilt”

archive.vn/WdvRK - graph about the Jewish written book "Germany must perish!"

archive.vn/NHYvt - graph about various Jewish authors calling for the genocide of Germans

liveleak.com/view?i=aec_1508296335 - "White Genocide Is Real - In Their Own Words"

archive.vn/mtBhY - “Germany: Nonwhite in One Generation”


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Don't other Europeans count as "migrant background"?

I mean, most Germans are half Russian anyways so it's not much of a change.

daily reminder all nations will be destroyed in the end, end goal is one country, there wont be any germans or japanese, just humans

That woman is very nice. Are they common in baguette land?

enjoy your caliphate i guess


Statistically though a Polish/German is counted as "migrant background" too. The commies like conflating it with Arabs and Blacks because it lets them demoralize the population by saying it's already over.

Nice source faggot.

he's a larping faggot. his arabic makes no sense.

>migrant background
You do realize that also counts people of full European background?
My mom is Dutch and my dad is German, they grew up in cities 15 miles from each other, yet I count as a "migrant child" in those statistics.
For my American friends that's like saying you are a migrant child because your mom is from Iowa and your dad is from Nebraska.
Makes no sense.

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hitler just did a 360 in his "grave"

This is the future Germans wanted.

out of joy cause he was jew

nah, thats the profit capitalists wanted, more workers, more consumers

كيف يمكنك أن تقول هذا الأخ؟ أنا من مدينة أغراباه الأسطورية. الكنوز التي صادفتها من السفر الصحاري الكثيرة سوف تجعلك في حالة رعب

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Iowa and Nebraska are full of spics.

>Iowa and Nebraska are full of spics.
I mean we are talking about the US so that's a given.

I know a girl who takes care of kids and she told me that one of the muslim kids says like how he beats his mom like his dad and called a kid a faggot
Another story is one of the maltese kids just calls the black kids niggers

I'm just depressed

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>58% huwyte

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Sand nigger

Looks extremely based and fun

>no roasties around
>tribal chants to keep the blood flowing
>no fatties due to constant exercise

Not even counting the many other based things islam brings

>traditional families and values
>spicy food
>strong communal society

Good damn you fucking evil fucks

Non believer.

you're not cooling anyone achmed

Welcome to 90+% of Jow Forums and the west

S to Shit in you're stupid book

Allah was born from a pigs ass

That was fast and we moan about amerilardia while this happens in all over Europe.

Quit larping fag

من الجيد معرفة أنني مؤمن بالله. ستعاني الكافير في الجحيم عندما تموت وحيدا على فراش الموت. الله وحده يعلم المستقبل.

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Yes, that doesn't make it any better. Or haven't you met the average Romanian intellectual, yet?


Your delusional , on the day you die may you're entire construct based on a false prophet blow away in the wind like ashes

That was uncalled for :(

Germany was 65% women 35% men after ww2, so women actually had to compete hard for males. Thats why nudism and BDSM became large things in Germany.

Fortunatly Merkel solved this by importing millions of Muslim chads to make dating normal like other countries.

In America, that 5-10% became over 50% in two generations. It began with fringe-ish European groups (Irish, Italian, Polish), and now we’re on our way to being 25% beaner.

Germany has a problem. Deal with that problem as though it is already dire.


لكن من هو الذي سينزل إلى السماء؟ ستندم على نشر هذه التعليقات على الإسلام وستدفع ألف رأس في جهنم الكفار

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Fuck U Americunts

Die Israel

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This has nothing to do with racemixing, arabs breed alot.

>Germany has a problem.
Yes. And this problem is called Murrica and its toxic influence all over the world, including Germany.

So you're puttin on a face and smiling but in reality you know whites would win?

He's telling the truth.

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However I read "Stop It"

More like Jewish' will.

Those names are all code for the Jew. Hence why their ancestors are the ones the narrations follow.

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Okay Jew. Like how a backwoods redneck will tkae pride for the achievements of others from his race instead of becoming as great, or greater, than those he takes pride from, so does anyone who posts pictures like this.

The Jews literally have no one however.

i dont have an s key so im going to press g for gamer


lmao 58% white

Yes we do.

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