Land of the free

>Land of the free
>Forced to join military and go to war
What did America mean by that?

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nothing because they are gay

Bob Dylan on the road again

>>Forced to join military and go to war

thats a human rights violation

The "draft" is unconstitutional as fuck, but forcing the goyim to fight is more important than upholding the constitution.

In my opinion: if you can't gather enough volunteers to effectively fight your war, it probably isn't a war worth fighting.

>freedom isnt free
The draft (conscription) was suspended a long time ago. The US figured out that a smaller force, that is well trained and equiped is far better than a force of sheer numbers.
Historicaly in the US all makes 15-50 are considered part of the Militia. As the age of adulthood drifted up, so did the draft age finally settling at 18.
Currently at 18 EVERYONE must register for the draft, including women (equality lol). But the idea of a militia is now a bit of a taboo outlier.

those are FALs
arent those australians

Well, you're free to kill your unborn child or to "marry" another man and fuck him in the ass. It's what the founders wanted

Those aren't americans. Maybe aussies.

Who gives a fuck, talking about America supposedly being free but forcing citizens to go to war

>Only men forced to go
It's male privilege. Women didn't have the freedom to do that

god bless america, land of the free *claps*

Oh yeah?
Then tell me, why do they have those Vietnam choppers and look like they are in Vietnam?

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The American government has practiced conscription from the American Revolution onwards.

It should be re-instated so that we can reduce the number of neurotic crybabies who are pathologically afraid of firearms.


That's right goyim, die for Israel or you're a neurotic crybaby.

every body had hueys and chinooks back then. american wer selling these things to everyone

>why do they have those Vietnam choppers?
Because Bell Sold the UH-1 to other countries
> like they are in Vietnam?
Because there are jungles in lots of places?

They are using FAL rifles and none of US army gear. This is most likely Africa.

>fighting for Israel
>in 'Nam

>Forced to join military
there's literally NOTHING wrong with this

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The draft should only be used when defending the home land not foreign intervention.

Based Finland!

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Perhaps not, but were Vietnamese peasants a threat to Americans an ocean away? I'm sure the arms industry made a nice profit though.

civis pacem parabellum

It's nam, it came up Australians first because I'm in Japan and Google serves images based on location.


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Same thing other countries do when they require several years military service for every male citizen. At least the draft hasn't been used every generation X will get out of it for sure, it will be z and millennials getting drafted.

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>Same thing other countries do

The difference is Americans like to scream about muh freedums at a near autistic level when in reality they are not

Freedom isn't free ricenigger. We have to fight for zog if we want our "freedom"

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>Australians in Nam

Did they kill gooks with shitposting?

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it means we do not force military service like euro cucks or asian cucks. we only activate the draft when needed.

>straight to cuck posting
This is your brain on porn

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