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we fucked

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Is he king now?


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where the FUCK is dominic cummings now?

brexit cancelled

Its the EU's fault that 40 hours a week doesn't always cover the food bills

Its the EU's fault I pay bank charges when I can’t cover the bills

Its the EU's fault my rents gone up again

It's the EU's fault my youngest couldn't get into the local school

It's the EU's fault I’ll never own a home

It's the EU's fault my eldest still live at home past their teens

It's the EU's fault the kid got stabbed in the park the other night

It's the EU's fault my parents couldn't see a doctor for 6 weeks

It's the EU's fault I cant find them good social care

it's the EU's fault the main road into town is congested every morning

Its the EU's fault I spend fifty five pounds on train tickets each week

You idiots done Chicken Littling yet?

I'm a Leaf in Britain: please give me a quick rundown. If Boris is committed, he can quite easily draw this out and force the issue to be "socially" decided in an election, no? Does he have any feasible way in the next three weeks to make it clear that the people undermining Brexit are banking shills who are opposed to democracy?

He wont have sex with you mate

who /cavaliers/ in next civil war lads?

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Correct user fuck the eu

I'm a tourist in Britain. Spent 46.50 for a 7-day tier-3 pass.

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yes. yes he is.
He is the living embodiment of Hobbes' absolute monarch

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why is the BBC acting like labour has just won an election wtf?

lib dems are ahead of them in polls anyways

He speaks for parliament, which is supreme. So yes.

Fuck Cavaliers mate old range rover are the weapon of choice for the rebelion

John Bercow's Jewish by the way
>Bercow was born in Edgware, Middlesex, the son of Brenda (Bailey) and Charles Bercow, a taxi driver. His father was born to a Jewish family and his mother converted to Judaism. His paternal grandparents were Jews who arrived in Britain from Romania a century ago. Having settled in the UK, the family anglicised its surname from Berkowitz to Bercow.

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>the living embodiment of Hobbes' absolute monarch

Typical jew, making himself more important than any speaker has been. Trying his hardest everyday to stop the referendum result.

Relax, he was busy freeing Timmy, but now he's on the case.

nigel farage @ 9:31AM tweets - thank baby jesus the guy giving me a lot of money has been cleared so i can keep getting money.

nigel farage @ 11:01AM tweets - fuck the only person trying to deliver a no deal brexit and the will of the people.

fuck farage.
Civil Contingencies Act
>The Act empowers ‘Her Majesty’ by an Order in Council (in ordinary times, this means senior cabinet ministers) to issue sweeping emergency regulations in any event that ‘threatens serious damage to human welfare’ or ‘serious damage to the environment’ or ‘war or terrorism, which threatens serious damage to the security of the United Kingdom’ (section 19).
>Emergency powers can be triggered whenever the governing authorities, acting in the name of Her Majesty in Council, are ‘satisfied’ that an emergency has occurred, is occurring or is about to occur. The regulations can suspend, modify or override any other Act of Parliament, with the sole exception of the Human Rights Act 1998 (Walker and Broderick 2006: 44–5). Even statutes regarded as essential to civil liberties and basic constitutional rights – such as the Magna Carta 1297, the Bill of Rights 1688, the Parliament Acts 1911–49 and the Representation of the People Act 1983 – can be swept aside (Walker and Broderick 2006: 192).
>Regulations can last for up to 30 days, and can be renewed. They must be laid before parliament ‘as soon as is reasonably practicable’ and shall lapse after seven days unless both houses of parliament approve them; but in the meantime their effect is immediate. Moreover, even these limited provisos would mean little if parliament could not or did not meet. Moreover, the Secretary of State has the power to rule whether an event or situation poses a threat to human welfare, and to amend the Act itself, subject to subsequent parliamentary approval.
>Although the Blair government presented the Act as one concerned primarily with responding to disasters, the 2003 Queen’s Speech specifically referred to terrorism, and the proposal was also driven by concerns about civil unrest

Not really. Parliament will refuse to allow an election, and will soon enough pass a motion of no confidence in Boris. A Remainder will be installed as PM, and Article 50 will be withdrawn.

The long march through the institutions by Jewish internationalists and their Marxist pawns was completed decades ago. No institution remains untouched, all have been subverted. No matter where you turn you will eventually run into a Jew or a commie with the power to overrule you.

The enemy is now in complete control, the native British population continues to shrink as it ages, we are 12 - 15 years away from native British kids being a minority in the under 5's age group, and once that generation hits puberty all bets are off.

White British natives who love their country cannot and will not win a national election ever again, that ship has already sailed, the referendum result was the last gasp of a dying people, what they say is true, since 2016 11% of Brexiteers have died of old age, another 3 years and that number will rise to 18%, meanwhile May, Boris and Javid keep the door wide open for legal and illegal immigrants knowing that they are killing their own party.

You see the party does not matter to the Globalists, it is a suit they wear, a flag they wave in order to get idiots to elect them into power, they will crash their parties and anything else into the sea if it means the end of Britain.

London has gone
Birmingham has gone
Manchester has gone
Leeds has gone
40 other towns and cities have gone
Parliament has gone
The supreme court has gone
The police have gone
The press has gone
The military has gone
The intel services have gone
Academia has gone
Industry has gone
Patriotism has gone

Britain is no more than an edifice, all the pillars have been removed, the foundations have been eroded and now we are seeing the first signs of plaster falling from the ceiling.

Get your hard hat and brace yourself, it's all about to come crashing down and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. like a condemned building it must fall, keeping it up is no longer an option.


There was another nation that flipped between monarchy and kritarchy: Israel.

t. the Book of Judges

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Bojo said we are leaving still....

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>lib dems are ahead of them in polls anyways
Westminster voting intention
... if held after the deadline for Brexit has been extended beyond 31 Oct:

LAB: 25%
CON: 22%
LDEM: 21%
BREX: 20%
GRN: 5%

Westminster voting intention
... if held after the UK revokes Article 50 and remains in the EU after a period of extension beyond 31 Oct:

LAB: 26%
BREX: 22%
CON: 20%
LDEM: 20%
GRN: 6%

Westminster voting intention
... if held after the UK has left the EU without a deal on 31 Oct:

CON: 37%
LAB: 26%
LDEM: 18%
BREX: 6%
GRN: 6%

all via @ComRes, 18 - 19 Sep

I'd lick her feet

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ooh i saw this earlier

fuck off you fat old slag stop spamming subversive text or ill have your saggy fucking minge sheathing a spike before sunset

you cunt
>CFI works to promote its twin aims of supporting Israel and promoting Conservatism. With close to 2,000 activists as members – alongside 80% of Tory MPs – CFI is active at every level of the Party.

Friendly reminder that an English and a Northern Irish court sided with the government on prorogation and Maugham the rat had to go crawling to the jocks for a bailout.

Farage's interests begin and end at his ego.

This is why Elon is going flat out to get to Mars. He wants to build New Rhodesia.

...basically our War Measures Act. But no emergency or terror attack has occurred. This is a constitutional, parliamentary, legal matter. Not an emergency measure.
That's bleak, mate. Powerful bleak.

brexit is unlawful, null and void

in theory, if boris refused to ask for an extension in october he would be replaced by a temporary PM. This would not be a Tory, it would be up for the opposition to make a majority. They will likely not let Corbyn be PM which will trigger a general election with the court or maybe even the queen requesting an extension

>Commenting on the Supreme Court ruling, PM Boris Johnson said:"Obviously this is a verdict we will respect, we will respect the judicial process.

UKIP is dead lads. Let it go.

can you imagine if Boris got that awesome power and just used it to override the fixed term parliaments act. What a man he would be

Britian is dead desu

Farage isn't in UKIP anymore.

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Parliament holding the keys to calling its own election is an enormous power that I didn't quite appreciate when it was introduced. It goes against the principle of a parliamentary system kept in check by an executive.

waiting around for a solution to drop out of the sky doesn't work
being a renegade and throwing away the rule book just to make any headway whatsoever doesn't work
what's left?

ComRes are known for weighing in favour labour. I think any election will be very unpredictable.

watchin footy
sinkin pints
havin a laugh


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parliamentary democracy IS ALIVE!!!!!

The government chooses what qualifies as an emergency. A terror attack or natural disaster wouldn't be necessary.

So he would have to fall on a sword in the hope of things playing out that way...he can't simply call a snap election RIGHT NOW and let it play out? Also, the leader of the official opposition becomes PM? What is that about the opposition needing a majority?

And, should a general election occur, by what means can they permanently "withdraw" article 50? I thought an escape route from the EU was written into their national law?


Parliament needs the monarchs permission to form a government or to use her army.
Typical boomers taking advantage of a dozy old cunt, probably cashing her pension for her too

simple as

>remainer on LBC saying the ruling was too lenient on the PM
they're still so salty regardless of today's ruling lmao

Then some stooge brings a court case against the government and Lady Hale again orders that the government's orders were unlawful. Parliament resumes its seats and ignores the Queen and PM.
It's been subverted. You can't win.

Basically the only thing "illegal" was its length. Johnson can prorogue parliament again if he chooses.

in the past fortnight there has only been one poll with LD ahead of Lab

Exactly so britian is dead


Everything touched by the Blair creature is rotten.

Since the so called Glorious Revolution, Parliament has decreed that the Throne is its prize to award to whomever it chooses, and the Monarch serves at the pleasure of Parliament.
I'm not making this up, this is the background under which James II was replaced by William III of Orange. The English Civil War was a long process by which the Monarch's dick was removed permanently.

lmao so Remoanermongs hate democracy so much that they even politicised the courts to undermine a democratic result they didn't like. We need an inverse of 1917 - oust the Marxists from power and promptly massacre them.

benin pls

That's why that vague language sparks rage in me. That could be expanded to refer to anything. *Teenager appears on press docket* "Climate catastrophe is an emergency!"
All right...shut it down, boys!
...except are there not specific measure for when the leader of the party loses his seat? I think it's a great tool to offer a "democratic" reset without the *direct* interference of, in the UK's case, the crown.

Just take the blackpill

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'oo wil tin da beenzs if we brexit britun?
Luv beenz propa britsh grub phwoaar

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Am I a nazi?

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Hunt was also warmongering on radio 4 this morning for an Israeli directed war with Iran.

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Boris could prorogue Parliament multiple times. It would be up to the Queen to refuse each one. In that sense today's ruling was BS, if their argument is 5 weeks was too long for just a Queens speech then it was up to the Queen to question that & refuse

stop feeling sorry for yourself.

King of the gypsykikes

Remember when Corbyn said this?

what does tier 3 mean


Tory conference next week is going to be fun

This is your reward for WW 2.

You could have joined us. we could have been great.

enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The army still answers to the Queen. I know it'd be insane and unprecedented but we live in insane and unprecedented times.

Getting raped by Russians doesn't sound great.

noffin lyk a good sosij ruuhl dipped in beanz on a saterdeh moarnin wirra cuppa tae an a can o caarrliin'.

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>uh uh uh free markets? uh uh uh diversity? we have to stop the commies? uh uh more immigration?

And it's wrong to protect Israel against Iran aggression because...?

Don't take it too hard, just keep your eyes on the horizon for what comes next. The idea of Englishness will live on in our hearts, for the time being, until the time is right for it to emerge again. This is no different from William the Bastard bringing all his Frenchy faggot knights over the water in 1066. In time England prevailed.
Now, it is a little different actually since this is an actual population replacement rather than just a change of noblemen. We might need to decamp to Mars.

All they'd need to do is get control of the major media outlets. After that everything would be easy. "zone three" within London. There are different zones in the tube to determine how much you pay. Zone 3 reaches pretty far.


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*hands half of europe to the soviet union*

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Nazis were even more prone to sperging out than Wilhelm II. There's no relying on those people.