Stop talking about Greta

Don't focus on the greta psy op.

Stay focused

Post red pills

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>Save the planet, drop social media
Social media uses gigawatts of electricity to run its server farms, for no other reason than to promote narcissism.

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>post red pills

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Für alle Deutschen welche an Prophetien/Schauungen/Visionen Interesse finden:
>Der dritte Weltkrieg kommt!
>- Die Prophezeiungen der Maria S. -

>Prophezeiungen zum Dritten Weltkrieg

>Chronologie des III. Weltkrieges

Chronology of 3rd world war roughly translated:

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>Don't focus on the greta psy op.

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>Stay focused

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Is this true?

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Greta too shall pass

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That dude is bas.....

This. They're going to killed Greta soon so that they can blame it on the chans.

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Greta IS a redpill, you retard.
How do you think the average normal person (who is already trying to do their bit for the planet) feels about being called an ecoterrorist by a jetsetting teenage Pippi Longstockings with fetal alchohol syndrome?

>jetsetting teenage Pippi Longstockings

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