Would you be concerned if your neighbor had this out on their front lawn?

Would you be concerned if your neighbor had this out on their front lawn?

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It's a red flag, but they could just be dumb. Investigation needed

What is that supposed to be exactly?

Howdy neighbour, like my new art installation?

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Keep your eyes peeled, Canuck. Watch out for any missions maps or walnut sauces


A pedophile symbol.

I called the police. I wonder what they will do.

What does that symbol have to do with love-making with kids?

Could be something or they could be ignorant and just like the spiral decoration. You need more data. Spy on them.

Arrest you for pedophobic thought patterns.

it's not even close to the actual symbol
I bet you think @ is the pedo symbol too

how fucking low IQ do you have to be to think that any spiral is a pedo symbol regardless of its configuration?

is it true that wearing red shoes is pedos signaling to one another.

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there is dreamcast here.

>Would you be concerned if your neighbor had this out on their front lawn?

Yes those pine needle trees are pretty flammable.
Most leaves just smoulder unless they are super dry but those go up like crazy.

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>tfw found out my grandfather was dinner m8s with the clintons, and a financial contributor to their campaign
he's a really good guy so I was really taken back from a family member dropping this to me. he's currently dying in hospice, and I don't know what to think. legit got the same feeling of wanting to murder peds that I got when I found this out. don't know what's up with that;just know he's buddy buddy enough with them to have multiple dinners with them? really freaks me out.

imagine not playing the superior fifth generation console.

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weren't they into triangles?

Ask the pedophiles why they chose it.

It should be triangular

No, I don’t believe in astrology

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Slightly above average. You need to be ableto:

>comprehend symbolism its applications both historically and contemporary.
>conceptualise symbolism, generalise newly acquired knowledge from the incomplete set of case studies access was available to
>analyse new problems outside of the scope of the newly formulated concept

Contact the FBI/CIA at your local US embassy

The way I see it, if there is 0.00001% chance that my call to the police will stop children from being raped in that house, I will take that chance.

The way I see it, if there is 0.00001% chance that my call to the police will stop children from being raped in that house, I will take that chance.

You must feel like a hero

Only if I see that he got charged with pedophilia.

Make sure to keep checking up with the cops. If theyre involved in this pedo ring (which they most likely are) youre going to have to take your evidence to the media.

Your tolerance is much too low in my opinion. That sort of tolerance level would require you to call the police on every single man you will ever encounter in your life, and then some. Personally I would settle for something in the region of 0.1% - 1% probability.

Why don't you profile your neightbour for us? That would be a far more reliable indicator.

You mean like this?

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it has to be triangle for pedo symbol

>call to the police
the police protect elite pedos, my northern leaf friend.

High tolerance, not low.

Usually, look up what FBI has to say about the symbols.

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What the fuck, Bill! I told you to keep the fuck off my driveway.


One symbol in a normal context doesn’t mean anything, it needs to be coupled with other signs

Don’t stress. The majority of Clinton associates are normies and as politicians the clintons will act normie. it’s just the inner circle which is messed up

He's not my neighbour.

My statement asked if this would concern you if your neighbour had it.

I'm not going to stalk him. The police will have to handle it.

It's a normal context to have a pedo sign in front of your house like a beacon?

>The police will have to handle it.
Good goy

The government will protect you

The other option is me spying on a guys house?

It's just a spiral. Punish the act not the symbol.

Youve already taken the first step

Hes got a goddamn spiral on his lawn! You need to stop him before more kids get hurt.

debian is my fav distro

Take your meds schizies~

Please don't kill your neighbors you stupid schizo.

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At what point did sacred geometry become pedophilia?

spirals that occur throughout nature; in plants, sea shells, etc.


Are you talking about that spiral but in a triangular shape?

>spying on a guys house?
thats more than the police will ever do. the police only give a shit about their paycheck. do whatever you want, nothing will change.

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Yeah, installing gaudy sculptures is pretty concerning.
> I wonder what they will do.
Tell you to stop calling the emergency line for your schizo bullshit.

thread is full of pedofags
OP you did good.

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>Chapman icecream
>chap is slag for a young boy

Why do these satanic pedophiles make it so obvious?

Its like theyre mocking me

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Where are the circular spirals?

What's the logo for little girl lover?

Curious, at least. Keep an eye out.

Try taking your antipsychotics and mind you're own damn business

THIS, for fuck's sake.

imagine being filthy gaijin who don't know the good news of SEGA

>Its like theyre mocking me
they are, and if you do anything about it the dumbfuck masses will ignore it or hate you for it. welcome to hell.

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If I saw it where I live? I'd knock on the door and ask them what it was. If they fed me a line of bullshit I'd escalate from there.

found the homeowner in question right here folks.

Well, I'm going to give the police a couple of days at least.

If it's real and cops are involved, bugging them about it may just get user targeted. Remember that dude in Midland, TX who had "secret police" come into his home after he kept reporting hearing people moving behind his walls? His house had previously been occupied by a guy that got busted for trafficking and it seemed to him that the operation was still ongoing.

You think you’re hot shit, don’t’cha

It's in my town, but not my neighbourhood. I saw it randomly. I'll give the police a couple of days to get back to me. I assume they will drive over and at least look at the symbol that I described and give me their opinion.

sure. only thing that will happen is you getting on a terrorist watch list. then again.. you're probably already on it just by posting in 4kangs

It's not saying much but it's not on the FBIs list.

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A lot of people don’t know it’s the pedo symbol so it’s understandable they would innocently buy it as an ornament. The symbols are usually attached to businesses or people to signal to (((others))), a house wouldn’t need to signal randomly unless they wanted unannounced visitors. Sure if the house has an owl or white rabbit stuff alongside then I would agree it’s a calling card. But I’ve seen that symbol on toilet paper before and not everyone whose buying that brand is a pedo

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Cops don't do shit but write tickets and file reports they'll do nothing with.

If you're sure this is a kid fucker symbol you'll have to do something about that.

Print out the evidence and hang up posters "it's okay to be white" and "islam is right about woman" style

The problem with this is that he then would know who reported it to the police. Not that this is a big problem but in the USA some countries have retarded and very authoritarian "standard of life" or whatever they call it laws

In mine you literally can't have anything outside your house except for a trashcan. Everyone is breaking the law because people have bikes, some work on their cars in the backyard, some have small stacks of bricks or a shed that they never "registered ". Piece of shit neighbors can make your life very hard. I know because I have a piece of shit neighbor that reports when my grass is 1" above the "acceptable" level, when I have a bike in my backyard or tools or anything really. It already cost me a couple thousands of dollars. His wife works for the county so he uses this and they "visit" me every week really. I had to hire a lawyer and really don't have the time to fuck with him because I can't do the same. I can't report his shit because it gets ignored.
I need to think of something to do to him and I don't have the time (I work 18h a day, he is retired) to do it also.
So I would be careful with knocking on their doors and asking them anything so he can accelerate. Be careful and first check your county's rules.

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Could play the part to find out if it's real or a mistake. Knock on the door. I think you and I have similar interests.

If they agree go American history X

Yes, it looks like a 6 too.. Is he/she or whoever weird?


user just saw it randomly in the world. Lives in the town but not that hood.

>If it's real
Probably isn't. OP is probably just a fag as usual.
>and cops are involved
Don't worry they aren't. Because a schizo getting triggered by a lawn ornament doesn't lead to anything.
>who had "secret police" come into his home after he kept reporting hearing people moving behind his walls?
Welfare checks aren't "secret police", they're second most common police action after responding to domestics.
>'ll give the police a couple of days to get back to me
They're not going to.
>I assume they will drive over and at least look at the symbol that I described and give me their opinion.
Then you're pretty retarded.

None of these. Not a one. Are you autists all symbol-blind too?

Did your sister cum?

Yeah i wouldn't bother. Don't stress him out. That's cruel. If he weren't in hospice I'd say tell him a little and ask him if anything weird ever went down.

no, i'd invite them over to play with my sega dreamcast since that's the logo

I think that some companies/people use this symbol and don't know what they are using, but at the same time they are a suspect unless proved otherwise. I think that OP is going to get ignored by the police though.

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